Riverfarm is a human village, located on Izril.

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Riverfarm is a small village of around sixty souls, most of whom live closer to each other. They inhabit an area of farming land fed by a river, hence the name Riverfarm. The people here grow crops and raise animals. They have two [Blacksmiths], and a dedicated person to go and trade for them at a town, that person having the most skill at buying and selling.

The people in the village live together in large families. The children often go out to learn jobs in other towns as they grow, or manage the family business. It’s rare to see a single new face in a month, let alone a group of people aside from Adventurers or Runners now and then.[1]

Riverfarm is rarely attacked by monsters, with the exception of Goblins, though, which are the only real nuisance for the village. When they are being sighted, the village immediately collects money from each inhabitant to raise a bounty and, then, requests for help from adventurers to dispose of them. However, it always takes the adventurers a few weeks to arrive.[2]

Geography Edit

RiverfarmArea Map

A map of the Riverfarm area after the War against Rags (Artist's rendition)

Riverfarm inhabits an area of farming land fed by a river. There is a mountain near the village.

There are clay deposits around Riverfarm,[3] as well as ore or mineral desposits several miles south of the village.[4]

The town of Filk is 32 miles away,[3] while the town of Bells is also over 30 miles away.[5] Lancrel is to the north of both Filk and Riverfarm; while Heldeim is east of Filk, but not very far away. The now destroyed village of Windrest is fourteen miles east of Riverfarm.

Note: All other named places in the map to the right were not pinpointed in their location, future chapters might place the towns/villages elsewhere.

Invrisil is by far the largest city "close" to Riverfarm, lying in the northeast.

Note: Invrisil is close enough that Laken Godart could arrive there during his winter expedition from Riverfarm to Invrisil, within two days. Depending on the means of travel and the state of the snowed-in roads, a distance of 50 to 80 miles would be reasonable here. However, Invrisil is far away enough that Riverfarm is outside of Magnolia Reinhart's immediate sphere of control, which would suggest a much longer distance - maybe 120 to 180 miles.

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Former Inhabitants Edit

  • Calop (Deceased)
  • Fulca (Deceased)
  • Till (Deceased)

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