Rock Crabs by Enuryn

Rock Crabs by Enuryn (commissioned by Pirateaba)

Rock Crabs or as they are officially known as Hollowstone Deceivers, are monsters that can be found in the Floodplains.

Appearance Edit

Rock Crabs are, as the name implies, crab-looking monsters with an outer shell made of stone. Their shells can be as tall as two persons on top of each other, and with a diameter just as wide.[1]

Besides two claw-like pincers and two dark antennae, probably their eyes, they have "countless" crab-like legs on which they can move quite fast.

Rock Crabs give off a loud clicking when they run, both as they pursue their prey or flee from their enemies. When in distress, they emit a noise like a extremely large cricket, except with a lower frequency, echoing from within their shell. [1]

Habits Edit

The crabs usually hide in their shells, looking like lone boulders, and only show their appendages when some prey has come near enough to easily grab; then they rely on their two pincers to inflict wounds or snapp off body parts.[1] They are described as solitary hunters and favor to hunt solitary prey as well, using several strategies:

  • Sitting still while an unsuspecting prey moves close, then attack with surprisingly fast movements.[1]
  • Slowly advancing while still staying hidden, then attack once close enough.[1]
  • Following their prey on short distances, dragging their shell with them. If such a hunt proved unsuccessful, they return to their base.[1]

They avoid settlements, but occasionally attack lone houses.[2]

They don't travel much in the late autumn, as opposed to other seasons.[3]

Background Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • They can be warded off with thrown Amentus cores, since they are especially vulnerable to its poison.[4] They also can't handle loud piercing noises well.[2]
  • Hunting packs of low-level goblins can take out Rock Crabs, but will take casualties.
  • Krshia referenced them as Rock Hiders in an early chapter.[3]


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