Rodivek was the former [Mayor] of Hewlat.

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Nothing is known about the town/city of Hewlat, aside from what can be deducted from Rodivek's situation:

Hewlat[1] was large enough to be called a town and to have a [Mayor] (instead of a [Village Head]), but Rodivek treated [Councilwoman] Beatica of Lancrel like an equal. The reason for this might that he was eighter a lower level [Politician] or that Hewlat was in an otherwise lower position compared with Lancrel.

Hewlat was attacked by Rags' Goblins (or possibly, long before that, by Tremborag's raids) and hit hard enough that its citizens fled to Riverfarm and didn't see a possibily to return, even more than a month after all Goblins were driven off. This speaks towards Hewlat not having had a wall for protection, and being mostly in ruins now.

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Rodivek was the second leader of the dissatisfied "townfolk" who were prominently rallied under [Councilwoman] Beatica. They argued for better treatment for the displaced citizens and not to be divided into the various [Laborer] works available around Riverfarm. Their protests didn't sit well with [Steward] Prost and [Lady]] Rie.[2][1]

He argued fervently in favor of a lengthy process to prove the innocence of Elmmet.[3]

During the Witch and Fire Crisis in Riverfarm, Rodivek led townsfolk into and then along the river to escape from the firestorm. Two thirds of the people who went that way, perished, Rodivek along with them.[4]

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  • [Mayor] Lv. ?[1]

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  • (To Beatica) “But we have the classes they don’t. [...] Don’t you think it’s slightly unfair that so many of us have no say in how this place we’re building is developed?”

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