Roshal is a city or empire located in Chandrar. Roshal is mainly known as the polity backing the Slavers of Roshal.

Background Edit

Roshal, which is infamous of its slave trade, is recognized to possess enough prowess to rival Wistram, but unlike Wistram, which is purportedly neutral but still political, Roshal is known to not take any sides in any matters.[1]

The port-capital of Roshal is Lailight Scintillion, on the south-west coast of Chandrar. It is also called the Market of Fables and regarded as one of the world's wonders. Foreigners are cautioned not to cross the slavers and not to look too deep into the shadows of the place.[2]

Notes Edit

  • While this has not been outright stated, it may be speculated that Emir Yazdil Achakhei, the wealthiest [Slave Lord] of the known world,[3] is an influential figure of Roshal if not the ruler of the place.

References Edit

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