The Ruins of Albez are ancient ruins of the past, that has became a breeding ground for Monsters and used, and may still have, treasures. It is located in the Northern part of Izril.

Overview Edit

The Ruins of Albez sit at the heart of what had once been perhaps a magical kingdom, a community of mages, ancient citadel, or something else entirely - the exact details are lost knowledge. The entire area has several dungeons, is saturated in magic and thus attracts monsters and adventurers. Entrance to the area is regulated by the neighboring adventuring guilds, so that groups of adventurers may "book" the ruins for themselves.[1]

Powerful enough or large enough groups of adventurers are still supposed to find large challenges in the "deeper parts" of Albez.[2] The silver-ranked Horns of Hammerad were able to recover artifacts and wealth even though the ruins were rumored to be "tapped out".[3]

Before the (second, and much larger) accomplishment of the Horns, Albez had become an uninteresting spot for adventurers, as it is known as a dangerous spot that offers little in the way of reward. Long ago "picked clean" by treasure hunters, Albez was thought to be an unprofitable, dangerous place to venture.[4] It has been mentioned that gold-rank adventurers considered the ruins to be "tapped out"[5] and that "no one's pulled a haul out of there for years".[6]

These differing views of the Ruins of Albez can be seen as a minor inconsistency; however the Ruins of Albez are likely just a bronze-rank or low silver-rank dungeon. A gold-rank team probably sees them as not worth their time, which explains the opposing opinions on them.

Recent activity Edit

When the Horns of Hammerad battled a Lich in the grounds, Ryoka delivered them potions to the battlefield. This earned her their gratitude, and later lead to Ryoka getting to know Ceria and Calruz.

Later, the reformed Horns of Hammerad acquired a treasure map in Liscor, and after many setbacks they could find an entrance to one of the unexplored ruins, where they faced the Flame Golem of the long dead Warmage Thresk and secured a large treasure and a Magical Door.

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