Runners deliver messages or objects for money.

Regulations Edit

Rule 21 of the Runner’s Guild states that any Runner affected by spell or Skill may refuse to provide services and cancel any request made. Also, it says that anyone who attacks, hinders, or otherwise alters a Runner in the course of their duties can be banned from receiving or requesting any future deliveries.

Leveling Requirements Edit

Unlike [Warriors] who level up faster if they kill stronger enemies, [Runners] level up based on how far they’ve run, and how challenging it is to them.[1]

Known Runners Edit

Street Runners Edit

Street Runners are tasked with messages within the same city. This is a job for poor, slow and low-level kids, mostly.

City Runners Edit

City Runners are tasked with delivering messages or objects between cities - either directly to the recipient, or in a bulk of mail to the receiving cities' Guild where Street Runners can distribue it further. They may also deliver to people outside of cities or to other meeting points. City Runners usually have a rather limited operation radius that they stick to.

  • Alevica (operating area unknown)
  • Charlay (around Walta)
  • Fals (between Remendia and Liscor, around Celum)
  • Garia (between Remendia and Liscor, around Celum)
  • Luan (water-based, around Telanqual)
  • Persua (formerly between Remendia and Esthelm, currently around Invrisil)
  • Ryoka (formerly between Remendia and Liscor, around Celum, currently around Reizmelt)

Couriers Edit

Couriers are tasked with deliveries of high urgency on a much larger scale than City Runners - usually continent-wide.

See Couriers#Known Couriers

Messagers Edit

[Messager] is also a delivery-type class, but they usually travel on horseback and are employed within military organizations, like the Veltras' cavalry or the Order of Clairei Fields for example. It thus seems that [Messagers] are not employed by Runner Guilds.


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