Rxlvn is a potent alcoholic Antinium beverage, produced by the Liscorian Antinium.

Properties Edit

Rxlvn is a black, savory liquid.[1]

Rxlvn consists of alcohol, soporific agent and paralytic agents.[2] The paralytic agents include mushrooms, serpent venom and a small dose of Shield Spider venom.[1]

Becoming drunk or even tipsy is difficult for Antinium, without help of Rxlvn.[3]

It may be classified as poison by some.[4]

History Edit

The Antinium did trial runs on their own workers to adjust their formula, before they started to inquire about marketing it to other races. The first bottle that Klbkch tested on a Gnoll, Drakes, Humans and Goblins, had different effects on the recipients, based on a single shot: The Goblins passed out almost immediately; the Gnoll, Humans and the Drakes became completely drunk and first went into a state of recklessness before also passing out. People with [Alcohol Immunity] may savor the taste of Rxlvn without such dangers. The liquid Klbkch presented in the first trial run also had foaming qualities.[2]

Erin much later considered serving and/or selling Rxlvn through her inn.[4]

Klbkch then tried to peddle the drink to Rufelt, who couldn't deny it had potential.[1]

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