Sage's Grass, also called Sage Grass, is a famous magical plant and an integral component in many magical recipes. It is sought after by [Mages], [Alchemists], [Witches], [Tattooists] and generally any class that worked with magic.[1]

Biology and Cultivation Edit

It grows in clumps in some meadows and forest clearings. It's long leaves are red and green.[2][3]

Sage's Grass needs fertile lands to grow, but also ambient magic. It feeds on that Mana of its surroundings, which is then stored and amplified inside the plant.[2]

While it is not the most magical stuff, large concentrations of Sage's Grass attract monsters, and it turns animals that feed on it into more monstrous versions. Thus, inattentive Farmers of Sage's Grass need to watch out for dangers: normal rats can turn into monstrous rats and then turn into a plague that also infests other crops.[2]

It grows abundantly in the Floodplains.[4] Other areas rich in Sage's Grass are the Himalt Swampland near Reizmelt, and Celum where Wailant grows it.[2] But the grass also grows in small amounts at various places near Riverfarm.[5]

History Edit

Sage's Grass was created and bred, according to Octavia's knowledge, more than 5000 years ago by a [Sage] (hence the name), and obliterated the need to kill Unicorns or other magical creatures for their magical properties. It was, as one of the rarest magical components, traded for gemstones in these ancient times.[3]

A long time ago, the ancient [Stitch Witch] Belavierr traded a perfect Cloth-Warrior to a [Sheik] for three seeds of the Grass, then hoarding that grass for its power.[6]

In contemporary times, collecting and selling wild Sage Grass pays in coppers per pound at the Celum Adventurer's Guild.[7]

Usage Edit

  • Sage’s Grass Water, which is produced by keeping Sage's Grass in a nutrient solution, can be used as a booster component in potion making, especially healing potions.[3][6]
  • Wiskeria used some handfuls of Sage's Grass for her magical soup intended to strengthen and mend the community of Riverfarm.[2]

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