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Impression of Salazsar, city of gems
by mg

Salazsar, also known as the City of Gems, is one of the six Walled Cities located in Izril.


Coat of Arms for Salazsar in tower shield format, by Enyavar


Salazar is built into the side of a mountain, and grows larger as it mines further in. It is extremely vertical, with a multitude of towers supporting platforms and walkways. Higher levels in the towers indicate higher income or status.


Public Buildings:[]

  • The Drake’s Pearl - Brothel[1]
  • The Ancestor’s View - Restaurant[1]


Wall Lords & Ladies[]

Salazsar is ruled by sixty or so Lords and Ladies of the Wall.[2]

Known Wall Lords:[]

Known Wall Ladies:[]


Rather than maintain individual standing armies, the Walled Families pay into a fund called the Gem Regiments that trains and retains different elite military forces that can be hired by any Walled Family or recalled by Salazsar as necessary.[1] The individual hiring specifies the desired regiment, the length of service, the desired number of forces, and the duties that will be carried out and receives a contract for that force. Some known Gem Regiment forces are:

  • Occum Swords
  • Erchirite Spears
  • Rubirel Guard




  • Salazsar is the "premier Walled City, the hub of Drake civilization and an icon of the continent", or so Ilvriss claims. Considering that he is one of its Lord of the Walls, it is very likely that he is simply biased.[3]