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Salii is a Drake [Secretary] that lives in Pomle.


She has dusty, brown colored scales.[1]


Salii is a determined, clever hard worker. She is driven to becoming the highest-level [Secretary] in the world, and is committed to staying in Pomle and making it a better place. She is very perceptive, having noticed something strange about Iratze and the other Earthers.

Though she respects Orjin's authority, she is often exasperated by his indifference and will not hesitate to go behind his back to implement changes in Pomle.


Salii originally comes from Zeres, where she served as a [Secretary] under its best commander. Eventually, she became the best [Secretary] in Zeres, and likely the best on Izril. She worked in Manus, Fissival, and Salazsar, only for a year or two at a time. She was known for taking on the hardest jobs and leaving as soon as she got things in order and it became easy. Her reputation spawned the expression 'got a Salii' for when someone finds a diamond in the rough.[2]

Salii came to Pomle approximately five years ago to challenge herself as a [Secretary] and level. She selected Pomle as it would be a nightmare for any [Secretary], [Overseer], or [Manager]-class.

She spent 4 years proving that she could survive so the [Martial Artists] respected her, all while learning how Pomle worked, and figuring out how to do double-entry bookkeeping for an entire nation on half a sheet of parchment, before she start.[3]

She started to organize things and help Orjin, the Strongest of Pomle, and was listened to by the populace because her ideas were good ones.


She helped organize the Conference of Pomle took place after Flos made his declaration of peace.

During and in the aftermath of the Tiqr war, she organized 60,000 refugees in Pomle so that they would be able to fend for themselves.

In the months following, she made a number of further changes in Pomle, including setting up an economy for Pomle and upgrading Pomle's oasis so that it would not run out of water. She organized the construction of fighting arenas with a scrying network and betting system with the assistance of the Earthers Iratze and Raul. She also purchased land that was previous part of Tiqr from the King of Lamullt, expanding Pomle.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Secretary] Lv. ? (50+)[3]


  • [Memo] - Due to her high level, Salii's Memos are priority-delivered to anyone she wants, including monarchs.
  • [On The Job Training For Services Rendered]
  • [Spiritguard Deflection] (Can block a wind-slash with her clipboard.[4])
  •  ??? - Can copy any object of a secretarial nature, like paper and sometimes ink,[4] once per day, even from a distance.[1]
  •  ??? - Knowing when magic [Messages] are exchanged that concern the User interests.[5]



  • (To Orjin) “I’m a [Secretary], Orjin. It’s my job to know things. I have Skills and contacts.”
  • (To Orjin) “It’s a way of life! I mean, a cult! It doesn’t have to make sense, Orjin!”
  • To Orjin:
    • “Orjin, you’ve told me every day since I came here that you don’t care about managing Pomle. ‘I’m Orjin. [Martial Artists] come and go. They train or die. It is the way Pomle is.’ Why do you care now?
    • “Stop, stop! Aright, I’ll show you! Don’t you dare throw me! All my good paper is attached to this clipboard!
    • “I want to be the best in the world. So I came here. I’m leveling. I want to become the highest-leveled [Secretary] in the history of this world. I came here because there is no worse place for me that I could imagine, besides organizing Creler eggs.”
  • To Orjin:
    • “Do you have any objections, Strongest of Pomle? I’m here to serve. I am Pomle’s [Secretary]. Just say the word.”
    • “I got you to do something at last. I’ve won! I’ve won!”
    • “Cause and effect is sometimes better than preemptive efforts. Rather, in some situations it is better to build trust by proving you can back up your claims. In other cases? Stop a fire before it starts. But I was also saving up gold.”
    • My Level 50 Skill was different.”
  • (To Orjin) “Good. Then you’re not a giant fist attached to two legs. I never thought you were, but at least you know what you did. Do you regret it?”