Saliss, also known as Saliss of Lights, is Pallass' Named Adventurer.

Appearance Edit

He has dusky yellow scales, and a slim body.[1]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Saliss regularly spends time in Pallass' prison cells when he's caught walking around naked. Rufelt and Xif both commented on this offhandedly, implying that Saliss rarely is clothed.[1][2]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Grimalkin assesses him as stronger than himself, if Saliss were catching the [Sinew Magus] unprepared.[3]

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Trivia Edit

  • It has been mentioned by Xif, that there is a adventuring [Alchemist]-Specialist of even higher level than himself, which implies that Saliss might be this person.[4]
  • It has become evident that Pallassian residents avoid the topic and prefer not to talk much about Saliss, or his heroic achievements.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Pallassian Guards) “I just misplaced my clothes! It was an accident! I would have put them on. Eventually.”

References Edit

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