Saliss Oliwing, also known as Saliss of Lights, is one of the most powerful Drakes in Izril. The highest-leveled [Alchemist] in all of Pallass, and perhaps the world, Saliss is also a Named Adventurer, as well as Pallass’ only permanent resident Named-rank adventurer in the entire city.

The ‘of Lights’ of the Saliss of Lights Title comes from his ability to prepare hundreds, perhaps as many as a thousand alchemical weapons, that flash and explode like fireworks, but instead of crackling sparks, they explode into clouds of shining particles, crackling thunder and conventional explosions.[1]

In Volume 7 it was revealed that Saliss is secretly a Turnscale that individuals himself/herself/themselves as the opposite gender, with an alter ego that identifies as Onieva Oliwing.

Appearance Edit

As Saliss Edit

Saliss has dusky yellow scales, and a slim body.[2]

As Onieva Edit

Onieva has a tall slim body, with a unique coloration of rose pink and cobalt blue scales.[3]

Personality Edit

As Saliss Edit

As Onieva Edit

Background Edit

Saliss regularly spends time in Pallass' prison cells when caught walking around naked. Rufelt and Xif both commented on this offhandedly, implying that Saliss rarely is clothed.[2][4]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Saliss is a powerful individual, even by Named Adventurer standards.[5] Saliss possesses one of the highest, if limited, combat potentials in the world, assessed by Grimalkin as stronger than himself, if Saliss were catching the [Sinew Magus] unprepared.[6] He also stated that if Saliss could destroy an army if prepped,[1] and might actually do some damage to Cognita.[6]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Alchemist] Lv. ?[5]

Skills: Edit

  • [Eyes of Appraisal]
  • [Flash Hands]
  • [Flash Sparks]
  • [Remote Explosion]
  • [Slow Toss]
  •  ??? - A number of Skills that makes his scales resist hazardous effects like fire, acid, poison and cold.[5]

Possessions Edit

Anti-[Appraisal] Ring: A Ring made of a Ruby mixed with Truegold. At its center, where a gemstone might go, it has a black, faintly luminescent sigil traced in it that looks like a stylized crossed-out eye. It is enchanted to protect the user from [Appraisal] like Spells.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • His surname was revealed in Ch 7.02.
  • It has been mentioned by Xif that there is an adventuring [Alchemist]-Specialist of even higher level than himself, which implies that Saliss might be this person.[8] This was later confirmed in Ch 7.02.
  • It has become evident that Pallassian residents avoid the topic and prefer not to talk much about Saliss, or his heroic achievements.
  • Saliss is the first person to ever laugh at Erin's inn name.[5]
  • Saliss is the most annoying Drake in the entire world, at least in Erin's view.[5]
  • Some people believe him and Erin to be quite similar. As Erin is Liscor's Crazy Human [Innkeeper] so is Saliss Pallass’ Crazy Drake [Alchemist].[5]
  • Saliss is rumored to have the highest attacking power in the world.[1]
  • Since Saliss worked for over thirty years to prolong/restore his Grandfather's health, Saliss can be estimated to be about fifty years old.[9]

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