Saliss Oliwing, also known as Saliss of Lights, is one of the most powerful Drakes in Izril. He is the highest-leveled [Alchemist] in all of Pallass, and perhaps the world, and is also a Named Adventurer, as well as Pallass’ only permanent resident Named-rank adventurer in the entire city.


He has dusky yellow scales, and a slim body.[1]



Saliss regularly spends time in Pallass' prison cells when he's caught walking around naked. Rufelt and Xif both commented on this offhandedly, implying that Saliss rarely is clothed.[1][2]


Powers and Abilities

He is powerful individual, even by Named Adventurer standards.[3] Saliss possesses one of the highest, if limited, combat potentials in the world.Grimalkin assesses him as stronger than himself, if Saliss were catching the [Sinew Magus] unprepared. He also stated that if Saliss were prepped, he might actually do some damage to Cognita.[4]


  • [Alchemist] Lv. ?[3]



  • His surname was revealed in Ch 7.02.
  • It has been mentioned by Xif that there is an adventuring [Alchemist]-Specialist of even higher level than himself, which implies that Saliss might be this person.[5] This was later confirmed in Ch 7.02.
  • It has become evident that Pallassian residents avoid the topic and prefer not to talk much about Saliss, or his heroic achievements.
  • Saliss is the most annoying Drake in the entire world, at least in Erin's view.[3]
  • Some people believe him and Erin to be quite similar. As Erin is Liscor's crazy human inkeeper so is Saliss Pallass’ crazy Drake [Alchemist]. [3]


  • (To Pallassian Guards) “I just misplaced my clothes! It was an accident! I would have put them on. Eventually.”
  • (To Erin) “Miss, no force on earth could make me put on pants.”


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