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Sammial Veltras, though prefers to be called Sammy, is one of Tyrion's children and Hethon younger brother.


While he is small for his age, he is rather fit.[2]


His guardian, Ullim, considers Sammial to be too wild.[1] He eagerly speaks about his thoughts, which displeases his father,[3] cries a lot when he doesn’t get his way, threw tantrums, and can get so angry that he would even beat up someone five years older than he is—or attacking a feral dog with a stick. He would even try to punch his enraged father in fury.

He also doesn’t seem to show respect to his family servant, and when he hold a grudge at someone, he will not apologias to them even when he knows that he is in the wrong and would attempt to strike at them.[2]


His mother died four years ago, when Sammial was not even six years old.[1] As that event made Tyrion more belligerent against the Drakes, the Veltras brothers rarely saw their father afterwards, too.[4]


There are only rare occasions when the two young Veltras boys ever see their father. The story records them listening together with their father at a bedtime story (about the 2nd Antinium War),[3] at another occasion Tyrion finds them hidden under their beds during a magical lightning attack at their family caste, instigated by True Oldblood Drakes from Manus.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]

Sammial is very good with most athletic things. His [Fencer] instructor even said that he was a natural with a sword.[2]


  • [Lord] Lv. ?


  • ??? - Aura Skill of Rage were the User will manifest as a prickling, painful sensation onto others.[2]



  • (To Tyrion) “My name is Sammy! I keep telling you and you keep forgetting!”
  • (To Tyrion) “It’s gross! I want to be Sammy!”
  • (To Jericha) “Shut up! I said, I hate you! Go away! You’re not my mother! You’re just a servant!
  • (To Tyrion) “I hate you! I wish you’d died too!
  • (To Jericha) “I want to see a Goblin! Why don’t we kill them, Jericha? They’re Goblins.
  • (To Hethon) “I don’t care. I hate her. She’s boring and windy and she cries. I thought she’d be exciting.”
  • (To Ryoka) “Oh. No wonder Jericha smacked her. Okay. She should have been beaten twice as much!”
  • (To Ryoka) “Thank you for saving me, Miss Ryoka Griffin. I promise to behave.”
  • (To Ryoka) “But I’m a [Lord] and you’re a Runner!”
  • (To Ullim) “I hate my boring lessons! I told my [Tutor] I wanted to see Ryoka! So I did!”
  • (To [Healer]) “What’s that? I’ve never seen that before and I’ve seen her naked!”
  • (To Oesca & Ivenius) “He lives on a big cliff place. He has a pet…buddy. It’s this giant, furry thing that looks like us. It’s called a monkey. He can climb up the cliffs. And he throws poop at bandits.”
  • (To Ryoka and Oesca) “I’ll go too! Ryoka, you don’t take me to interesting things! I wanted to visit the garden! Let’s go, Oesca. And get your friends. Plays are interesting! That’s what Ryoka told me. If she lies, we’ll blame her.”
  • (To Ryoka) “It’s not fair! I like the people here! Like Uzine! And Uzine! And mostly Uzine, but also Oesca! Can I take her with me?”

Chapter Appearances[]

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