Scalelings, also known as Children, are little white monsters that take the shape of children.

Appearance Edit

Scalelings are shaped like children of Gnolls, Drakes, and Humans, except for their monstrous details of bright yellow, pupil less eyes and unnaturally long limbs.[1]

Background Edit

Scalelings are horrible apparitions, shaped like children to lower their victim’s defenses. They normally prey on people at night, where their monstrous details, like eyes and limbs, are harder to pick out.[1]

They live in nests, and should anyone upset it, they pour out, shouting and screaming and attacking anyone.

Power and Abilities Edit

Scalelings are very strong, as a wave of them can push back high leveled [Guardsmen] with terrible strength and ferocity.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • In Human lands, Scalelings are known as Children.[1]
  • When no one is around, they don't look like other races children.[2]

References Edit

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