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Seborn Sailwinds is a Drowned Man merged with a Crustacean, and a member of the Halfseekers, a Gold-rank Adventurers team.


He is a tall, gaunt man covered in a shell across half his body. One of Seborn's arms is segmented with dark fungus and a crustacean’s pincer instead of a hand. The other one appears to lack these fish-like aspects, which allows him to hold a dagger with it.[1]




Powers and Abilities[]



  • [Blur Leap]
  • [Cat’s Evasion]
  • [Divine Intuition (Weak)]
  • [Flurry Blades]
  • [Iron Will]
  • [Leap of Death]
  • [Lesser Resistance (Blades)]
  • [Rearward Cut]
  • [Shadowsteps]


  • His surname was revealed in Ch 6.16.



  • (To Erin) “I’m not a fan of cheese. Cows are…odd creatures. We don’t have things like them in the sea. Do you have anything less cheese related?
  • (To Jelaqua) “We were betrayed once. But remember what Ukrina said? ‘If we do not give other species a chance, what hope is there for the rest of the world?’ Once more, Jelaqua.
  • (To Jelaqua & Erin) “Bad idea. Lots of monsters like water and it’s a nightmare fighting them in those conditions. Take it from me. There’s a reason why I left the sea.
  • (To Jelaqua) “Because you’re an idiot?
  • (To Erin) “Let’s just say that they reminded us we’re not alone. It’s not pleasant, being called a coward.
  • (To Erin) “They’re the ones who never stopped diving into the abyss. Some of them are heroes. Most are just insane.
  • (To Erin) “We truly were thankful to meet you. Keep a table open. I still like seafood, you know.
  • (To Jelaqua) “You do it. I’m sick of idiots around here asking if I’m sick. I hate landlocked idiots who’ve never seen the ocean.
  • (To Moore) “We’ve been here for months, Moore. We need to get to work. Or what are we? We’re adventurers and our Captain’s missing.
  • (To Rufelt) “Tastes just like something I’d get in a port-city bar. Better, actually. The glass is clean.
  • (To Garia) “Did someone say [Pirates]?
  • (To the World) “I wasn’t a sailor. I was a [Pirate]. A member of the Undersea Crews. And I’m here to advertise my team. Hire the Halfseekers. There. I said it, Jelaqua.
  • (To himself) “Finally, some good food.
  • (To Moore & Ulinde) “I wish I were back at sea. Then we could just sink the bastards.