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Seborn Sailwinds is a Drowned Man merged with a Crustacean, and a member of the Halfseekers, a Gold-rank Adventurers team.


He is a tall, gaunt man covered in a shell across half his body. One of Seborn's arms is segmented with dark fungus and a crustacean’s pincer instead of a hand. The other one appears to lack these fish-like aspects, which allows him to hold a dagger with it.[1]


Seborn has a straightforward personality that causes him to not mince his words. While not entirely emotionless, he is deadpan most of the time, in sharp contrast with his more emotional teammates. He usually plays the straight-man, but will occasionally join in their antics. While he shares the Drowned People's dislike for pirates, he gets along with Wailant Strongheart, though was still obliged to punch him the first time they met.[2]



Powers and Abilities[]



  • [Anchoring Stab]
  • [Blur Leap]
  • [Cat’s Evasion]
  • [Divine Intuition (Weak)]
  • [Flurry Blades]
  • [Iron Will]
  • [Leap of Death]
  • [Lesser Resistance (Blades)]
  • [Rearward Cut]
  • [Shadowsteps]


  • His surname was revealed in Ch 6.16.



  • (To Erin) “I’m not a fan of cheese. Cows are…odd creatures. We don’t have things like them in the sea. Do you have anything less cheese related?
  • (To Jelaqua) “We were betrayed once. But remember what Ukrina said? ‘If we do not give other species a chance, what hope is there for the rest of the world?’ Once more, Jelaqua.
  • (To Jelaqua & Erin) “Bad idea. Lots of monsters like water and it’s a nightmare fighting them in those conditions. Take it from me. There’s a reason why I left the sea.
  • (To Jelaqua) “Because you’re an idiot?
  • (To Erin) “Let’s just say that they reminded us we’re not alone. It’s not pleasant, being called a coward.
  • (To Erin) “They’re the ones who never stopped diving into the abyss. Some of them are heroes. Most are just insane.
  • (To Erin) “We truly were thankful to meet you. Keep a table open. I still like seafood, you know.
  • (To Jelaqua) “You do it. I’m sick of idiots around here asking if I’m sick. I hate landlocked idiots who’ve never seen the ocean.
  • (To Moore) “We’ve been here for months, Moore. We need to get to work. Or what are we? We’re adventurers and our Captain’s missing.
  • (To Rufelt) “Tastes just like something I’d get in a port-city bar. Better, actually. The glass is clean.
  • (To Garia) “Did someone say [Pirates]?
  • (To the World) “I wasn’t a sailor. I was a [Pirate]. A member of the Undersea Crews. And I’m here to advertise my team. Hire the Halfseekers. There. I said it, Jelaqua.
  • (To himself) “Finally, some good food.
  • (To Moore & Ulinde) “I wish I were back at sea. Then we could just sink the bastards.