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The Sedolis are one of the smallest factions within Wistram Academy.

Background and Policies[]

The Sedolis are Golem-makers. They are the same group that [Archmage] Zelkyr had once been part of. Although they are in decline, they still a strong group. They maintained and made new Golems, often selling their work.

It say something that with the many factions within Wistram, and many kinds of [Mages], that the Sedolis were only ‘weird’. But there were indeed creepy. The hallways of the academy where they’d staked their claim were often littered with unfinished parts of Golems. If someone walked into some of their storage rooms where finished projects from masters or journeymen were kept—they see dozens of mannequin-like figures. Who of course, followed you and stared at you. The worst ones asked questions, at night.

The members themselves are also considered creepy due to their obsession with Golems. Half of the students would ask whether their nude Golems look natural. And the other half move about or just—stand there. Watching.[1]


Known Members:[]

  • Tiktal - Faction Head
  • Zelkyr (Formerly)

Known Earthers:[]