Sir Selentierre is the breakfast [Cook] at the Headquarters of the Forgotten Wing Company.



He learned to weather the moods of the rich and powerful as he became a [Chef], and puts on lots of effort with his current employer.


In his youth, he picked the ingredients he needed himself from Baleros’ jungles. He is a master of presentation and few [Chefs] in the world could arrange food on a miniature scale like him. He won an award in Fraerling-circles for that, and is held in high esteem by Niers Astoragon himself.[1]


He served with the Forgotten Wing Company for nearly a decade and then, nearly two years in the past, started being the [Chef] responsible for the breakfast menu in the citadel of the Forgotten Wing.

His current partner and apprentice is Mixasa, a [Sous Chef], but with technically more levels than himself.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • [Pictorial Chef de Entremetier], Lv. ? (derived from [Cook] and/or [Chef])[1]



  • (To Mixasa) “We’ll go with Breakfast Course #8. I’ll arrange the salad. You handle the sauté. I want it out in four minutes!”
  • (To Niers) “Your breakfast, Lord Astoragon.”


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