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Selphids are one of the Races of Innworld. They are basically parasites, as they can't live on their own, but need to take over a body, which they can control freely. They are more commonly known as "The body snatchers of Baleros".[1]



A Selphid's true form consists of a dark green and yellow semi-fluid wriggling mass of tendrils, with orange blood.[2]

Selphids by JohnDoe

Physical Qualities[]

Selphids can infiltrate the stomach of a body, their tendrils stretching throughout the nervous system and wrapped around some of the organs. They can infiltrate the body of the living as well, talk with their host and control them forcefully if they want.[2]

Selphids can regenerate from injuries to their true bodies, given time.[3]

Deceased Bodies[]

It takes Selphids some time to assume control of a deceased body, as they have to remove the blood and several organs. They take on the attributes of their host. They rarely breathe when they don't speak, and also blink less than normal people. When the body becomes too damaged, they have to change, as healing potions do not work on dead flesh. An unconscious Selphid more or less resembles a dead body.[2]

In dead Human bodies, the skin and the insides of the body becomes completely white, as they are bloodless.[1] Other organisms occupied by a Selphid are similarly and recognizably pale, such as Drakes, Lizardfolk, Gnolls, Raskghar etc. They don't compose as quickly as regular corpses, but over time, Selphid bodies develop a distinctly "dead" odour.

Living Bodies[]

If a Selphid possess the body of a living person it would make the both of them very powerful, as the Selphid has the ability to stop bleeding, move a body when critically injured and heal each injury with such precision. Additionally, having both the Selphid and host working together would give them a body, with two minds, each with their own set of Classes and Skills. Of course, the Selphid would be dominant in this relationship, given that it could take control anytime.[4] The longer a Selphid spends in someone's body, the more connected they are, understanding their host's feelings. The term for this is Unification.[5]


Some Selphids have grown old as Dwarves or half-Elves.[6] Additionally, the Wasting has shortened the lifespans of Selphids.[5]


They are able to eat anything that the other races can. They can also eat carrion insects and corpses as well.

Special Abilities[]


Selphids can force the host bodies of both the living and dead to performing great feats of strength that are normally not possible. This is done by performing a phenomenon known as Hysterical Strength, which exceed the body limits for a brief period, to push a body’s muscles and nerves past their physical threshold. While the other species can do it in times of dire need, Selphids have no such limitations of the mind and can do it whenever they please.[4]

Disease Resistance[]

Selphids do not grow ill from most disease, and are unaffected by some bacteria.[7]


Selphids can combine into a psychic collective called a Mind. Minds are hive minds and have access to the memories and experiences of the Selphids they're made up of. They are telepathic and telekinetic.


Rampaging Limits[]

Doing a Rampaging tear apart the body’s muscles and burns the nerves. While doing so to a living body would be painful for the Host and leave them in pain from torn muscles, a Healing Potion can be used to heal the Host. Since Healing Potions don't work with a dead body, an overuse of Rampaging will degrade and break the body down far, far more quickly.[4]


Selphids are susceptible to poison.


The Selphids are currently being afflicted by a disease known as the "Wasting". Symptoms include chronic pain and slow disintegration of the body[8]

Behavior and Culture[]

Selphids tend to stick together and support each other out of necessity after the end of their Empire.[9]


They have set a rule that no body they snatch is allowed to be alive. Breaking that law is punishable by death or exile, and the only escape is to give up one's individuality to join a Mind.[5] The other races remember the oppression under Selphid rule and the Selphids remember being despised and hunted after their regime was overthrown. For that reason, Selphids police themselves and fight anyone trying to inhabit a living body.

Still, some Selphids are willing to make exceptions to that rule, mostly for reasons of self-preservation:

  • Okasha was allowed to remain inside Geneva Scala's body with Geneva's permission, as Geneva would otherwise be quadriplegic. Okasha was later replaced by Idis, with permission from higher-ranking Selphids who are hoping that Geneva might save their race from the Wasting disease
  • Jelaqua temporarily hid in Moore's body after the corpse she jockeyed was too badly mutilated to support her. She left Moore quickly for a new body, and pledged all witnesses to silence about the affair. Her ride had been in consent.


Around 10,000 years ago the the Selphids of the Magus Kingdom of Azervrish, the last nation of the Selphid, enslaved any race they could find under the rule of a powerful [Archmage], until an alliance between various nations and their host slaves destroyed them.[10]

Back in those days, many Selphids had classes like [Controller] or [Overlord].


Many members of other races don't regard Selphids as people.[2]


  • They have knowledge about arteries, veins and bloodflow, as they have seen them and felt how they move.
  • Okasha had shown that Selphids that inhabit a living body can hear, if they listen, the announcement when the Host gains a new Level and Skill.[8]
  • Okasha had wondered if their ancestors, when they still possessed living people, perhaps not controlled them but worked with them.[4]
  • The Bodies of Fellden is the largest Selphid-only company in Baleros.[7]
  • The bodies of warriors over Level 30 are worth their weight in gold among the Selphids, as the bodies of higher-level people become strong as steel, even after death. [11]
  • Leaving a body to rot is done to those Selphids deem useless, not to their friends or enemies. It is the biggest sign of contempt from Selphids.[11]