Selphids are one of the races of Innworld. They are basically parasites, as they can't live on their own, but need to take over a body, which they can control freely. They are more commonly known as "The body snatchers of Baleros".[1]


A Selphid's true form consists of a dark green and yellow semi-fluid wriggling mass of tendrils, with orange blood. They infiltrate the stomach of a body, their tendrils stretching throughout the nervous system and wrapped around some of the organs. They can infiltrate the body of the living, talk with their host and control them forcefully if they want. But this process is permanently.[2]

If the body they infiltrate is dead, it takes them some time to assume control of the new form, as they have to remove the blood and several organs. They can take on the attributes of their host as well. They rarely breath if they don't speak, and also blinked much less than normal people. When the body gets damaged, they have to change to a new one, as healing potions don’t work on dead flesh.[2]

In dead humans bodies, the skin and the insides of the body becomes totally white, as they are bloodless.[3]

Around 10,000 years ago the the Selphids of the Magus Kingdom of Azervrish, the last nation of the Selphid, enslaved any race they could find under the rule of a powerful [Archmage], until an alliance between various nations and their host slaves destroyed them.[4]

It is said that possessing the body of a living person is too dangerous and powerful. The Selphids would have the ability to stop bleeding, move a body when critically injured and heal each injury with such precision. Two souls would inhabit a body, each with their own Classes and Skills, making an army consisting of such warriors nigh to unstoppable.[5]



They have set a rule that no body they snatch is allowed to be alive.


  • They have knowledge about arteries, veins and bloodflow, as they have seen them and felt how they move.
  • Okasha had shown that Selphids that control a living body can even hear, if they listen, the announcement when the body's original owner gains a new Skill or level. [6]
  • Okasha had wondered if their ancestors, when they still possessed living people, perhaps not controlled them but worked with them.[5]
  • The selphids are currently afflicated with a disease called the "Wasting".[6]
  • The bodies of warriors over Level 30 are worth their weight in gold among the selphids. Something happens to people as they level. They change. Even in death, bodies like that are as strong as steel. They don’t break. People moving long after they’ve taken wounds that would kill them, even if their hearts have stopped. [7]


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