Selys Shivertail's Leveling History.

Leveling History Edit

Chapters Classes/Levels Skills Additional Information
Ch 1.21 N/A Revealed

[Fast Stitching]

Ch 1.44 [Hunter] Lv. ? N/A It was shown that she had "few levels" as a [Hunter].
Ch 1.45 [Warrior] Lv. ?

[Hunter] Lv. ?

N/A It was stated that Selys became a [Warrior] after Skinner's attack and gained levels in her [Hunter] class.
Ch 2.09 Revealed

[Warrior] Lv. 4

[Receptionist] Lv. below 20

N/A Selys told Erin what Level she has as a [Warrior].

Moreover, she explained that due to the small size of the guild she will likely never get past Lv.20 in her main class.

Ch 5.16 S Revealed

[Soldier] Lv. 1

[Receptionist] Lv.18

N/A Selys revealed that, due to the mandatory training that all of Liscor's citizens have to complete, she became a Level 1 [Soldier] in the past.

Furthermore, it was discovered that she has 18 levels in her main class, though hasn't gained any additional levels for probably 8 months.

Ch 5.17 S [Heiress] Lv. 4 (+4) Obtained

[Increased Income]

[Lingering Presence ]

Ch 5.18 S [Heiress] Lv. 6 (+2)

[Receptionist] Lv.19 (+1)


[Legacy Whispers: Heartflame Set]

Ch 6.17 S Revealed

[Heiress] Lv. 8


[Heiress] Lv. 11 (+3)


[Everything Has a Price]


[Shadow of His Name]

Revealed to have been a Lv. 8 [Heiress], but that she hadn’t gained any Skills.

Leveled [Heiress] 3 times becoming Lv. 11, and Obtained a Skill and an Inheritance.

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