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=== Classes/Levels: ===
=== Classes/Levels: ===
* [Hunter] LV. ?
* [Hunter] LV. ?
* [Receptionist] Lv. ? (-20)<ref>[ Chapter 2.10] </ref>
* [Receptionist] Lv. ? (–20)<ref>[ Chapter 2.10] </ref>
* [Warrior] Lv. 4
* [Warrior] Lv. 4

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Selys Shivertail is a female drake that works as a [Receptionist] in Liscor's Adventurer Guild.


Selys' body is covered with light green scales.



Powers and Abilities


  • [Hunter] LV. ?
  • [Receptionist] Lv. ? (–20)[1]
  • [Warrior] Lv. 4


  • [Fast Stitching]


  • She and Hawk used to date for two weeks before they broke up.
  • Her grandmother is the Guildmaster of Liscor's Adventurer’s Guild.[2]
  • Her surname was revealed in Chapter 1.39.


  • (To Krshia) “She’s insane. They’re going to kill her. It’s going to kill her.”
  • (To Erin) “Yeah! You look like you’re overwhelmed. Need a friendly tail?”
  • (To Erin) “It’s all he likes to make. Couldn’t he try something else when he’s courting? But no, it’s all carrots. Carrot pies, carrot soup, carrot salads, raw carrots, noodles and carrots, carrots baked into bread…”
  • (To Erin) "We don’t lay eggs. We’re descendants of Dragons, but only in some ways. We don’t lay eggs or hibernate. We. Are. Not. Lizards.”
  • (To Erin) “You stroked his tail? Erin! It was only a first date!”


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