Serafierre val Lischelle-Drakle, more commonly known as Fierre, is a Vampire and a member of the Drakle Family.


Fierre is shorter than Ryoka (by a good bit) and slimmer.[1]She is wrapped up in layers of dark clothing, which also cover her hands, and even wears beneath them a hat on top of her black hair.[2]

Being a vampire, Fierre has pale skin, red eyes, and sharp teeth.[3] Although she is already in her mid twenties, Fierre looks only like she's sixteen.[1]



Despite the fact Fierre doesn't really age due to being a vampire, she chose to appear younger when she first came to Reizmelt and over the years slowly made herself grow older to avoid suspicion.[1]


Powers and Abilities


  • It was revealed in 6.00 that she is a vampire.
  • A long time ago Fierre had many brothers of which now only two remain. One of them is Rivel, who still lives with her, and another one that has already moved away.[1]



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