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The Seven are the seven most capable and loyal subjects of Flos, the King of Destruction.


The Seven were once King Flos’ personal circle with whom he consulted and relied on. They were his generals, his leaders who each managed part of his kingdom. They were the strongest and best of his subjects and there names are known across the world.

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There was no history of them before Flos named the first four. And then he slowly added to their ranks. The number has no meaning; if there were another worthy of it, they would have been eight. As it stands, they might as well call themselves the Five, as two of the seven perished before the King went into his slumber, or now the Four, as another died.[1]


The Seven were chosen because they excelled beyond all others at some aspect.


Name Title Race Position Status
Gazi Pathseeker The Omniscient Half-Gazer Scout Active
Takhatres Lord of the Skies Garuda Unknown Active
Mars The Illusionist Human Vanguard Active
Amerys The Calm Flower of the Battlefield Human Mage Captive
Drevish The Architect Human Architect Deceased
Queravia The Gambler of Fates Stich-Woman Strategist Deceased
Tottenval Blooming Plague Beastkin - Fox Gardener Deceased


  • Orthenon could have been a member as well, but as the King’s steward, he can't leave his side.[2] More TBA From Chapter 8.62 K
  • Gazi is the weakest of the Seven, among the living and the dead, as she is the lowest in level and the least able.[3]