The Shield Kingdoms (also called Shelter Kingdoms[1] or Shield Nations[2]) are an ancient institution of Chandrar.

History Edit

Once upon a time, the Quarass and the other Shelter Kingdoms were each powerful empires, capable of challenging Dragons.[1]

The Quarass and five other tribal leaders are part of one of these Shelter Kingdoms. In recent politics, the voice of the leaders of the Shelter Kingdom hold sway over a great deal of eastern Chandrar.[1]

Four Shield Kingdoms still remain, sometimes waning in power, but never erased.[3] Germina is one of them, and the Quarass, thanks to her inherited memories, is capable of still remembering the purpose of the Shield Kingdoms and who their foe is.[4]

Speculation: From Chapters 4.06 KM, 6.54 K and Chapter 6.55 K it seems likely that Dragons are what the Shield Kingdoms shield against.
Note: Paranfer, capital of the Blighted Kingdom, is also called a Shield City. This might be unrelated to the Shield Kingdoms.[5]

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