Shield Spiders are one of the most dangerous monsters found in the Floodplains.

Appearance Edit

Shield Spiders grow to nearly three feet tall and have a black and silver carapace.

Background Edit

Shield Spiders are large spiders, which can be found in the Floodplains. They are notorious for tracking and killing their prey across thousands of leagues, making it almost pointless to run from them.[1] Nests of Shield Spiders are covered with a camouflaged layer of dirt and sticks that collapses when the prey walks over the nest. Normally, they come in nests of at least fifty, or as many as three hundred.[2]

The Adventurers Guild of Liscor has a bounty on them of an average of eleven pieces of silver per Shield Spider slain and will pay more for their bodies.

Power/Abilities Edit

Shield Spiders are considered to be a Silver-rank threat, while a nest of them might even lead to the notification of a Gold-rank team. Their carapace is extremely tough and can resist acid and steel blades, while there bite is so poisonous that not even a Healing Potion could cure it.[3]

Weakness: Edit

They are weak against fire.

Trivia Edit

  • The Antinium hate spiders; even the dead one's make the Workers very agitated.[4]


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