The Silverfang Tribe is a Gnoll tribe led by Krshia's sister.[1] A part of the tribe is resident in Liscor and is led by Krshia.

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A decade ago, part of the Silverfang tribe arrived in Liscor under the pretext of facilitating trade, while their true purpose was to acquire information or objects of value to improve their tribe’s standing. The decennial gathering of Gnoll tribes involves bringing a gift to be shared with all Gnolls, and the Silverfang tribe hoped to gain something of true value to improve their standing and influence at this event.

Under Krshia’s influence, the Gnolls began pooling their profits and purchasing magical tomes from every shop they could find. They gathered many spell books together—most containing Tier 1 to Tier 3 spells—in the hopes that they might offer them as a gift to the tribes. All in hope to be able to train their own [Mage]'s.

Chronology Edit

The Silverfang tribe in Liscor suffered a major setback when Lyonette destroyed Krshia's stall, inadvertently destroying the stored magical books. As a result, Brunkr, nephew of Krshia, sought revenge, leading to a clash in Erin's inn.

Ryoka Griffin later comes to relieve the debt owed by Lyonette to the tribe, offering a repayment of even greater value.

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