Skills, like Classes, are a function that exists within the System that governs Innworld.

Overview Edit

Skills are magic-like abilities that are intended to exceed one’s limits, such as allowing someone to transcend their hardest strike and turn it into something even stronger.[1]

Skills are more basic with lower levels and gain power or larger scope with higher levels. When attempting to influence other beings with high levels and/or skills, the effects may be lessened or canceled.[2]

Skills can improve one’s ability greatly and even give them the means to do things they would never be able to do normally, like fish, work metal, or even fight. But a Skill improves on what was already there. For example, if two [Warriors] with the same levels and Skills fought, the one who had trained longer and had more actual combat experience would inevitably prevail. Similarly, if someone had [Basic Cooking], but they had never made food, all their cooking would be just that: basic.[3]

There are many types of Skills that not only affects the user's body but also their possessions, companions and bounded creature, other living beings like people and plants, building structures, transports, one's territory and even battlefields.

Obtaining Skills Edit

To obtain Skills, one needs to have at least the basic of knowledge of said skills, or by having fulfilled some type of requirements. When these condition are fulfilled, one will obtain the Skills when they either get a Class or level their Class,or by advancing their knowledge of said skills.

Just like Classes, most Skills are acquired often in line with the user’s desires.[4] One can also receive rare Skills for every 10 levels of one Class leveling.[5] And again just like Classes, one can cancel the obtaining of Skills.[1]

Learning Skills Edit

Less common, perhaps even a secret to the System, is that Skills can be learned and the System tells them that the Skill is "Learned" instead of "obtained". To learn Skills, one doesn't necessarily have to raise a level but does have to learn and perform the Skill once on their own.

Examples of learned Skills:

  • Erin - [Immortal Moment][6]
  • Erin - [Power Strike][7]
  • Ryoka - [Indominable Will][7] (cancelled)
  • Erin - [Wondrous Fare][8]

Losing Skills Edit

When one loses their Class due to failing their Class conditions, they will also lose all Skills that were related to the Class.[9] But should they be able to restore the Class by meeting its conditions again, then all lost Skills will be restored as well.[10]

Just like Classes, Skills can also be lost by obtaining and keeping increase Horror Ranks. While one does not lose all their Skills from the start, as the Horror Ranks keep increase and their Classes Levels keeps degrading, they will keep losing their Skills.[11] It is unknown if redeeming Horror Ranks will restore one's Skills or not.

Advancing Skills Edit

Skills can be strengthen in a variant of ways.

One way is, as stated above, to keep improving one’s ability. When doing so one’s Skill power increases, and can even affect some of the Skill limitations like the use limit increases, or the cooldown decreases.

Another way is by Leveling one's Class, as the higher the Level is, the stronger the Skill power becomes. For example: A Level 10 [Lady] who has [Deft Hand] can knock over something like a cup, or stop one from falling, but at higher Levels, the Skill is strengthened to the point that it can divert a shower of ordinary arrows, and even change the direction of a cavalry charge.[12]

Continuing to improving one’s ability, Leveling one’s Class, or fulfilling some type of requirements can also change the Skill into an advanced version of it, with greater power and lesser limitations. As an example, [Power Strike] can advance and change into [Minotaur Punch].[13]

Skills Usage Edit

While not all of them, Skills have different conditions on how to use. Some are always active, while others need to be spoken or shouted to active them.

Other Skills needs certain conditions to use well, like how the [Bard] skill [Lightning Melody], when the air is already crackling with lightning or there is a storm, can pull down lightning in a minute or less of playing. Otherwise, they may have to play several for minutes, maybe even half an hour to call down even one measly bolt.[14] Other Skills need specific conditions to activate, like how some [Lady] Skills only work if the classholder is sufficiently ladylike.[15]

Skills Limitations Edit

While there are Skills that are always active or can be used all the time, there are others that can only be used a limited number of times before they stops working to cool down.

Combination Skills Edit

Combination Skills are like combination Spells, in which two or more people use their Skills at the same time, to combine and increase the power of their Skills.

Combination Skills are not something one learns, as they are more like—an accident. For instance, if four [Warriors] use [Speed Slash] in combat, they can trigger it.[16]

Controversy Edit

List of Skills - Alphabetical Order Edit

Note: while several of these I listed alongside a class, they are not necessarily exclusive to that class.

A Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[A Kingdom’s Strength]
[A Little Bit of Courage]
[A Minute, Reborn] Allows the User to temporarily give control of their body for 1 minute to embody the memories of someone whose memories the User has access to.

The personification of said memories are able to use their Skills and are inclined to help the User.

Numbtongue (Pt.2)


[Aerial Dance: Waterfall Strikes] The User does a series of fast top down strikes at a target. The User takes the appearance of a blur while the skill is active. 6.22 D
[Adept Iceform]
[Adroit Progeny] Ensures that the children of the User will take on some of their parents' features like if the father was a [Lord] who was excellent at warfare, his children have a better chance of being as good as he was with a sword, or as beautiful as their mother. The Titan’s Question
[Advanced Cleaning] Enables the User to swiftly clean up messes to a magical degree, even causing areas that were untouched by the cleaning instrument to be cleared. Much faster than [Basic Cleaning].
[Advanced Cooking] Helps the User make complex dishes, and make simpler dishes faster. Comes with an intuitive understanding of how some ingredients would work together.
[Advanced Crafting] Assists the User in creating more complex items with greater ease.
[Aegis of Grace]
[Aeriform Shockwave]
[Affair of Honor]
[Agile Flier]
[Alcohol Brewer] Provides the User with the knowledge of how to make alcoholic beverages, like how long they have to ferment the wort they get after adding boiling water to grain, and all the other supplies needed. 1.28
[Alcohol Immunity] A passive Skill that renders the User immune to the effects of alcohol.

Can be turned on and off.



[All-or-Nothing Charge]
[Ambient Mana Gatherer]
[Ambition Visualized] 7.23 LM
[Amateur Linguist]
[Anchor Lash]
[Animals: Basic Command] Allows limited influence over animals
[Antimagic Slash]
[Appraisal] Provides the User with limited information about a magical item.
[Appraise Foe] Provides the User limited information about another person.
[Armform] 6.67
[Armform (Duelist)] 6.67
[Armform (Razorkind)] 6.67
[Armored Leap]
[Army of the King]
[Aroma of Spring]
[Arrow Grab] Allows the User to be able to snatch mid-flight arrow out of the air. 5.38
[Arrowguard Formation]
[Art of the Builder]
[Assault Formation]
[Attack Formation] Bolsters the strength and energy of fighters under the User's command when in attack formations.
[Attraction Shield]
[Audience Charge]
[Aura Blade]
[Aura of Command]
[Aura of Righteous Fire] The User generation and surround themselves in fire so hot that it ignite the air, turn a twenty feet area around them into flames, and melts metal based attacks before they touched the User. 6.43 E
[Aura of Rime] The User generation a freezing Aura around them that at its default form the air around the User grows frosty to the point that Ice falls from the air as snowflakes.

This Aura could boost the User Ice based abilities, freeze things more quickly or act as a weapon.

The User doesn’t feel cold in it.

[Aura of the Emperor] Affects those around an emperor so that they recognize their power
[Aura of the Lion]
[Aura of Thorns] An aura which cuts those who get near it.
[Automatic Reload]
[Axe of Gigant] Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
[Axe Kick]

B Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Balanced Posture] Makes it more difficult for the skillbearer to be knocked off balance
[Ballad of Bravery]
[Bar Fighting] Gives the user increased aptitude with weapons made from things that can be found in a bar.
[Bar: Selective Admission] Literally keep anyone below the User level from casually walking into their Bar.

The only exception is for emergencies and higher-level individuals.

[Barrier of Pride] Forms a golden stationary field barrier around the User or around others for protection. 7.24
[Bartender’s Gift]
[Basic Cleaning] Enables the skillbearer to more swiftly clean up messes
[Basic Cooking] Helps the skillbearer make various dishes, at a faster pace
[Basic Crafting] Assists the skill user in creating basic items and tools.
[Basic Footwork] Helps the skillbearer keep their footing, especially on uneven terrain
[Basic Fortification Construction] Accelerates how quickly the skillbearer can make simple fortifications
[Basic Golem Shaping]
[Basic Leadership] Assists the Skillbearer in various leadership qualities
[Basic Negotiator] Assists the user in diplomatic negotiations.
[Basic Repair] Helps the skillholder make basic repairs to nonmagical items or structures
[Basic Riding]
[(Name): Basic Training]
[Battalion of Glory]
[Battle Roar]
[Battlefield – The Cold Iron Mists]
[Battlefield Awareness]
[Battlefield Eye] It allows the user to see, or rather, create an image of the battlefield from any angle based on their own line of sight and the reports they receive. 4.05 K
[Beast Tamer]
[Benediction of Hope]
[Blacksky Riders] A Unit type Skill that allows a group of chosen riders to see in the night. Not only that—the effect extends to their mounts and also lets them dampen the light when they so choose 5.09 E
[Blade Art: Eighteen Silverfish]
[Blades of Glory]
[Blazing Forge]
[Bleed Cuts] Makes the next strike by the skillbearer against an opponent cause excessive bleeding
[Blessing of Rains]
[Blessing of the Hearth] Empire skill that makes the citizens and friends of the Unseen Empire rest easier while within it's boundaries.
[Blinding Arrow] An Arrow that once it hits, from the arrow tip it explode into a searing and blinding light. 7.12 G
[Blinding Flash]
[Blur Dodge]
[Blur Leap]
[Bodies of Iron] A defensive skill that makes it so that the flesh of those affected temporarily has a tensile strength equivalent to iron.
[Body of Stone] A defensive skill that makes it so that the flesh of the skillbearer temporarily has a tensile strength equivalent to stone.
[Bonebreaker Headbutt]
[Boon of the Princess] 7.23 KM
[Bound Wind]
[Bull’s Charge]

C Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Call of the Champion] The User calls for Champion Classes in an army to come and fight them.

If no one comes out to face the User, the Skill will demoralize the entire army, and any [Champion], [First Warrior], [Royal Protector], or so on will lose their Class.

7.13 K
[Calming Touch] Doctor skill to keep injured people from damaging themselves further due to unnecessary movements
[Campfire Chef]
[Cat Eye] Helps the skillbearer to see in the dark.
[Cat’s Evasion]
[Challenge of the Knight]
[Challenge of the Wilds] A Meeting of [Druids]
[Champion’s Gear]
[Champion’s Throw]
[Charge of the Strategist]
[Chargebreaker Guard]
[Charm] [Lady] skill that enables them to put others at ease, influence their decisions, and other such things.
[Charming Demeanor] Passive version of [Charm].
[Charming Smile] Commoner version of [Charm] activated while smiling.
[Chill Paws] Cools whatever the user is touching.
[Circle of Protection]
[Cleansing Heat]
[Cleaving Arc]
[Combined Arms]
[Comfort Food] Helps the skillbearer make food that is pleasant and comforting for the person the target with this skill.
[Command Lesser Undead] Allows the user to command masterless zombies and lesser ghouls.
[Commanding Presence]
[Compartments of Holding] A Meeting of [Druids]
[Compressed Muscle]
[Conceal Presence] Makes the skillholder's presence less obvious.
[Conjure Fast Fireball]
[Continuous Cut]
[Continuous Rolling] [Wagoner] skill that causes their wagon to roll longer without outside forces.
[Control Pitch] Gives the skillbearer increased control of the pitch of their voice.
[Counter Blow] Allows the user to easily counter an attack
[Courageous Speech] Inspires Courage in anyone who hears the User speech. 7.13 K
[Covering Fire]
[Create Bread] The User can create real bread, that will not vanish, from the memory of the bread the User had tasted. 6.62 L
[Create Lifesand Golems]
[Crescent Arc]
[Crescent Cut] Makes the skillbearer's blade go around an opponent's defenses.
[Crimson Stinger] A skill for Ashfire Bee owners that increases the size of the bee's stinger and the potency of their poison.
[Crowd Control] Skill that gives the user greater influence over crowds of people.

D Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Dangersense] [Warrior] skill that warns them when they are in immediate danger.
[Daring Charge]
[Decapitation Slice]
[Decisive Blows]
[Deeper Cut] Makes the User next attack cut deeper.
[Defense Formation] Bolsters the strength and energy of fighters under the User's command when in defensive formations.
[Deft Hand] Gives the User minor telekinesis. No more than being able to knock over a cup initially, but when trained can be used to knock arrows out of the sky.
[Depth Explosion]
[Detect Flaw] The User can detect flaws in objects, like gemstones.
[Detect Guilt] The User can detect if someone has committed a crime.
[Detect Injury] The User can detect someones injuries.
[Detect Poison] The User can detect if poison is in something they plan to eat or drink.
[Devastating Slash]
[Devil’s Luck] Makes the User insanely lucky.
[Dirty Feint]
[Disadvantaged Renegotiation]
[Discerning Clientele]
[Disease Detector]
[Double Arrow]
[Double Cut] Enables the User to make two cuts near instantly.
[Double Shot] Allows an Archer User to shoot two arrows simultaneously.
[Double Step] Literally double the User running speed, allowing them to make every step they take cover twice the distance. 7.00
[Doubled Range] Allows an Archer User to shoot twice as far.
[Driftwind Riders]
[Dual Shot]
[Durable Picks] Makes the User pickaxe last longer.
[Duststorm Kick]

E Edit


Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Eagle Eyes] Enhanced the User vision, allowing them to see from farther distance. 2.11
[Edict of Bloom] A Kingdom-wide Edict Skill that revitalizes a war-torn kingdom. It allows crops to grow quicker, wounds to mend, children to be born and conceived more fruitfully and quickly among animals and people, like a Human mother will bear a child in 6 months fully formed, rather than 9.

Its disadvantage are that monsters will take advantage of the rapid growth as well. Too, the rapid growth of takes nutrients from the soil and mothers will require more sustenance, as do animals. It is also intensive on the people, for they may reap harvests and grow, but it takes work.

If the User has a High Level, the Edict Skill can also summon rain out of season, for days.

6.14 K

6.53 K

[Edict of Silversky] A Kingdom-wide Edict Skill with purifying effects.

Under its effects, lies are difficult to tell, the weather balances, and hostile presences find themselves unwelcome in the land it is called upon. Most importantly, it frees the dreams and feelings of the subjects from negative influences both internal and external, for example, by calming those who find themselves plagued by sadness or fury without reason.

Its disadvantage is that it is too pure. Because it makes things too calm, such as having no harsh weather or storms, no great excitement, and the people being unable to tell a lie, it can become unbearable for the subject population.

6.14 K
[Edict of the Blooded] A Kingdom-wide Edict Skill that boosts preparation for war. All those with an inclination to fight level up much quicker and those with the talent for battle discover it.

Its disadvantage is that while it makes the people train to war, it makes them more violent, such as encourages them towards battle, sometimes with tragic results. It can also increase the like hood of rebellions by young men if they are not loyal, and increase higher rates of injury among soldiers.

6.14 K
[Efficient Metabolism] Decreases the amount of food the User must consume in order to remain healthy.
[Efficient Run] Conserved the User stamina and allows the User to run far further before needing a stamina potion. 7.00
[Ego is Weight] Weighs people down depending on how much the User think of themselves, regardless if they are right to think that way.
[Eidetic Memory] A Skill that let the User visualize what they had seen moments after seeing them. 6.63 P
[Eidetic Spell Memory]
[Electric Chords] While playing musical string instruments the User can conjure Lightning from the strings. The conjure Lightning is harmless to the User. 5.41
[Enhanced Durability – Oars] A Skill that increases the durability of Oars.
[Enhanced Hide]
[Enhanced Intelligence] Greatly increases the intelligence of the User.
[Enhanced Movement] Greatly increases the movement speed and control of the User.
[Enhanced Strength] Greatly increases the User strength.
[Enhanced Thread]
[Establish Bond]
[Evaluation of Wealth] Allows the User to evaluate how much wealthy someone is, and even somewhat when they had became wealthy. 6.17 S
[Evasive Flip] 6.67
[Evasive Leap]
[Evasive Tactics]
[Even Footing] Helps the User traverse through treacherous terrain, like slick patches of ice or divots in the ground, as if they were walking on a smooth, hard surface. 2.24 T
[Everything Has a Price] Skill that forces someone to give the price of their possessions. 6.38
[Evil Eye]
[Expanded Cargo Hold] Increases the interior storage of a ship's cargo hold to be larger than the dimensions of the ship should allow. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
[Expanded Lungs]
[Expert Bartering] Greatly assists the User in bartering down the prices on goods and services.
[Expert Cooking] Greatly assists the User in cooking better dishes at a higher rate.
[Extended Battery]
[Extra Spice] Always the User to somehow find an extra something to add to their cooking repertoire, like finding a bit of pepper in a pouch lumped at the bottom of the cooking sack, or tripping over a bit of nutmeg on their way. They can also literally, adding heat to make a spicy hot dish. Pebblesnatch and Garry
[Eyes In The Back] The User has a vague sense of what was behind them. 7.28
[Eyes of Appraisal] Allows the User to appraise someone and see their Classes, Levels and Skills. 7.07
[Eye of Need] The User can tell what they’re low on and what issues are most critical and require attention. 4.20 E
[Eyes of Many]

F Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Faint Presence] Weaker, passive version of [Conceal Presence].
[Fake Dismemberment]
[Fake Smile]
[Far Riders]
[Farseeker Arrows] Skill which causes the skillbearer's next shot to seek out a distant target.
[Farshot Mastery] [Archer] skill which assists in hitting distant targets.
[Fast Growth] [Farmer] skill which accelerates crop growth.
[Fast Stitching] Makes the skillholder faster at stitching.
[Fencer’s Lunge]
[Field of Preservation] Area skill which makes an area act as though under the effects of preservation runes.
[Fields of Bounty] Empire skill gained by Laken which increases the output of farms within the Unseen Empire.
[First Reasonable Offer] 7.32 D
[First Strikes]
[First to Battle]
[Fists of Iron] The User punches as hard as a heavyweight. 7.24
[Flash Cut]
[Flash Hands]
[Flash Kick]
[Flash Sparks] The User can conjured sparks to ignite fire. 7.03
[Flash Step]
[Flashfire Spellcraft] The User can manipulate fire, by make it form shapes and use it without needing a specific spell. The User can also do tricks like fire a [Fire Arrow] three times as large as a regular one. 5.47 G
[Flawless Attempt] Allows someone to do a single task to the best of their physical/magical ability. There is presumably a limit for the maximum length of the tasks, which so far have lasted less than 10 minutes, though none has been mentioned. Can be activated once every 6 hours.
[Flawless Cut] [Warrior] skill which allows the skillbearer to make a perfect cut. Pushes the skillbearer beyond their limits.
[Flawless Defence] [Warrior] skill which allows the skillbearer to make a perfect block or deflection against a strike, regardless of the power behind it. Pushes the skillbearer beyond their limits.
[Flawless Dodge] [Warrior] skill which allows the skillbearer to perfectly dodge any strike. Pushes them beyond their limits.
[Flawless Stride]
[Flawless Strike] [Warrior] skill which allows the skillbearer to make a perfect strike against an opponent. Pushes the skillbearer beyond their limits.
[Fleet Foot] [Runner] skill which increases the skillbearer's speed by an unknown amount. Active skill, unknown duration.
[Fleetwind Feet]
[Flicker Charge]
[Flicker Dodge]
[Flicker Onslaught]
[Flicker Step]
[Floor of Impalement]
[Flurry Blades] [Fighter] skill which causes them to strike rapidly using a bladed weapon.
[Flurry of Blows] [Fighter] skill which causes them to strike rapidly using either their weapon or fists. Better with blunt objects.
[Flurry Strikes] [Fighter] skill which causes them to strike rapidly using either their weapon or fists. A sort-of combination of [Flurry Blades] and [Flurry of Blows].
[Foefinder’s Scan]
[Formation: Accelerate] Activated [Strategist] skill which causes groups in formation under the skillholder's command to accelerate more rapidly towards the enemy.
[Formation: Dodge] Activated [Strategist] skill which causes groups in formation under the skillholder's command to dodge incoming enemies more easily.
[Fortified Block]
[Four Good Lies]
[Frenzy Cuts] A wilder version of Flurry Blades.
[Frozen Quickshape]
[Furious Rage]
[Fury Strength] [Warrior] skill which greatly increases the skillholder's strength in exchange for them giving in to anger.

G Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Gale Wings] Limited to winged races, this skill creates a large gust of wind when the skillholder flaps their wings.
[Garden of Sanctuary]
[Gazelle’s Leap]
[Giant’s Hammer] Make an empowered hammer strike. 6.22 D
[Glaciersheet Ice]
[Gliding Steps] Allows the user to move smoothly across rough terrain, namely non-ballroom floors 6.27 M
[Glorious Charge] Strategist skill which makes the skillholder's subordinates lighter, faster, and stronger as they charge the enemy 2.29
[Glove Grip] Gives the users hands similar tensile strength to toughened leather. Pebblesnatch and Garry
[Graceful Step] Allows the skillholder to move gracefully. 3.14
[Gracious Invitation] A [Lady] Skill that forcibly invite someone to come and stay at the User demands. It also force the person to politely answer back. 7.24
[Grand Slash] Extends a strike a great distance beyond the blade.
[Grand Theatre] An inn skill gained by Erin which transforms/extends the common room in the inn into a theatre roughly 3 times the original size using some form of spatial warping. How it would apply in other scenarios is unknown.
[Grinder Teeth] Unknown effects, likely related to chewing rocks. 6.10
[Gaping Bite] Horror skill which modifies the skillbearer's mouth structure to give them a larger bite. 3.17 T
[Gore Splash] Causes a struck body to explode, throwing gore everywhere 5.42
[Grace of the Bastille] A defensive Skill that can affect an entire army to defend with unnatural skill for 1 minute. 7.13 K
[Great Slash] Unleashes a blow that severs the air and tears the ground. 5.51 G
[Greater Endurance] The highest known endurance enhancement skill, the power of its effects is unknown.
[Greater Pain Tolerance] The highest known pain tolerance enhancement skill, the power of its effects is unknown. Separate from [Ignore Pain]
[Greater Strength] The highest known strength enhancement skill, the power of its effects is unknown.
[Grudgescent Terrier] "I can see the deaths of my associates on you." - quote about the skill from the person who has it, the exact range and utility of the skill is unknown. Numbtongue (Pt.2)

H Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Hail of Bolts] A skill which causes a crossbows bolts to fly faster and with additional force
[Hammer Blow] Increases the power of a hammer strike
[Hammer Kick] Greatly increases the power of a single kick
[Headhunter] Skill used to determine the value of someone 6.23 D
[Headman’s Last Cut] Does not exist
[Healthy Rearing]
[Heartbreaker Kiss]
[Hemostatic Pause]
[Hold the Line]
[Holy Radiance] The User body shines in a brilliant glowing light for their allies, and a blinding light for their enemies, that is so bright that it destroyed their vision.

Golems, such as Armored Suits, and Undead are not blinded, although the Undead are weaken by it.

6.62 L
[Homing Shot]
[Humble Presence]
[Hundred-Foot Lunge]
[Hunter’s Quarry]
[Hurricane Arrows]
[Hygienic Hands]

I Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Ice Magic Affinity]
[Ignore Pain]
[Illustrator’s Vision]
[Immunity: Alcohol]
[Impact Charge]
[Imperial Appraiser]
[Imperial Aura]
[Imperial Levy]
[Implacable Order]
[Incisive Comment]
[Increased Income]
[Indomitable Will]
[Ingredients Sense (Minor)] Allowed the User to instantly know what edible things are around them.

Although it has a range of about 5 feet, it still pickes up everything edible in the area.

7.05 P
[Injury Sense]
[Inn’s Aura]
[Inspiring Words]
[Insult to Injury] 7.31
[Instantaneous Barrage (Phantom Arrows)]
[Instantaneous Redirection] 7.03
[Instantaneous Reload]
[Intimidating Glare]
[Intimidating Stare]
[Iron Skin]

K Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Keen Blades]
[Keen Eyes]
[Keener Edge]
[King’s Bounty]
[Knight’s Challenge]

L Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Launch Kick]
[Lancing Thrust]
[Launching Strike]
[Law of the Inn] Force anyone to follow the Law in the User's Inn, like; preventing a High Level Mage from casting an offensive spell. The Hangover After
[Lawbreaker’s Enemy] It gives the User an advantage in all ways against criminals.

It doesn’t take into account the criminals status, just whether they broke laws.

It would be even stronger on someone else, and poorly on someone who broke a few rules.

7.16 L
[Layered Ward]
[Legions of Steel]
[Lesser Bond: (Name)]
[Lesser Endurance]
[Lesser Intuition]
[Lesser Pain Tolerance]
[Lesser Resistance: Disease]
[Lesser Resistance: Infection]
[Lesser Stamina]
[Lesser Strength]
[Lesser Toughness]
[Lifeburning Flames] The User generates the pure essence of flames that burns everything, by sight alone.

This fire is so hot and pure that the Fae stirred at it, and even a hundreds of miles away, it can wake a Dragon, and all [Pyromancers] and the likes in the distance can feel it's heat.

6.43 E
[Lightning Gallop]
[Lightning Hooves]
[Lightning Melody]
[Lightning Slash]
[Lightning Sprint]
[Lightweight Craft]
[Like Fire, Memory]
[Line-Ender Shot]
[Lineholder Formation]
[Lingering Presence]
[Long Ear]
[Long-Range Command]
[Long Range Shot]
[Loud Voice]
[Low-born Militias]
[Low-Grade Synthesis]
[Lucky Dodge]
[Lure Song]

M Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Mach Wings]
[Magic Thought]
[Magic-Water Solvent]
[Magical Cooking]
[Magical Grounds]
[Magical Specialization: Sand] The User becomes specialized in Sand type Spells. 7.09 K
[Magicslayer’s Shot]
[Magnified Training] Increases how fast the User learns while training. 7.16 L
[Malady’s Cessation] Halts the advance of a Disease, allowing the immune system to fight it off.

The Skill Effect only last for an Hour.

7.22 D
[Malleable Metal]
[Mana Reserve] Provides the User with more reservoirs of mana to draw upon.
[Mana Well] Provides the User with deeper reservoirs of mana to draw upon. 6.67
[Mark of Worth]
[Marked Target]
[Mass Prayer]
[Master of Faces]
[Measure of Valor]
[Memory of the Earth] A Meeting of [Druids]
[Memory of the Quarass]
[Method Acting] An [Actor] Skill that allows the User to become a little like the person they are playing. The User only becomes as good as someone with around ten levels, so while they can copy a [Butcher] and do a decent job even without training, it still takes a lot of work to get any better. If the User really copies someone for a while, they can get even better. 5.46
[Miner’s Claws]
[Mineral Distillation]
[Minotaur Punch]
[Minute of Iron]
[Mirage Cut]
[Mount and Rider: Shared Skills]

N Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Natural Allies: Fortress Beavers]
[Natural Allies: Goblins]
[Natural Concealment]
[Natural Gift: Fur of the Fortress]
[Natural Oils]
[Natural Yeast]
[Nerve Strike: Paralysis]
[Non-Allergen Cooking] Allows the User to make any food they served or ate tolerable. Mating Rituals Pt.2
[Numbing Touch]

O Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[One Day Bloom]
[One More Portion]
[Order of the Samaritan]
[Overpowering Blow]

P Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Partial Reconstruction]
[Path to Victory] Allows the User to see a vision/s of the future that leads to their desired victory.

The vision can only show what may happen, what could happen. The Skill is also not foolproof as the future is in constant change, which causes the seen vision to fail and deviating to a different vision.

[Peace of the Wild]
[Peaceful Rest]
[Peilspear Formation] A Formation Skill that helps spear and lancer users to aim by improving their focus. 7.24
[Perfect Dodge]
[Perfect Imitation]
[Perfect Recall]
[Perfect Reduction]
[Performance Supplies]
[Performance Supplies: 5 Gold]
[Phantom Volley]
[Physical Enhancement: Flexibility] Renders the User body more flexible then a gymnast. 7.22 D
[Physical Overdrive]
[Pierce Thrust]
[Piercing Arms]
[Piercing Blow]
[Piercing Shot]
[Pinpoint Shot]
[Pikewall Formation]
[Point-Blank Shot]
[Poison Immunity]
[Polite Deflection]
[Polite Demeanor]
[Power Kick]
[Power Shot]
[Power Strike]
[Power Strokes]
[Prey Sense]
[Pride of the Waves]
[Pride is Unbreakable]
[Pride is Weight]
[Prolonged Negotiations]
[Protector’s Order]

Q Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Quake Blow]
[Quality Scent]
[Quick Arrows]
[Quick Assembly]
[Quick Boiling]
[Quick Gallop]
[Quick Growth]
[Quick Kick]
[Quick Movement]
[Quick Recovery]
[Quick Slash]
[Quick Sprint]
[Quick Step]
[Quick Strike]

R Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Radiant Courage]
[Raise Corpse]
[Rallying Position]
[Rallying Presence]
[Ram’s Charge]
[Rapid Acceleration]
[Rapid Advance]
[Rapid Maneuvering]
[Rapid March]
[Rapid Reload]
[Rapid Retreat]
[Rapid Shot]
[Razor Slash]
[Rearward Cut]
[Reassuring Presence]
[Recall Guilt]
[Recall Weapon: Spear]
[Reckless Charge]
[Refinement by Accolade]
[Reinforced Armor (Steel)]
[Reinforced Arrows]
[Reinforced Frame]
[Reinforced Guitar]
[Reinforced Hulls]
[Reinforced Structure]
[Remote Explosion]
[Repel Point]
[Revelation of Sin]
[Ricochet Arrow] Causes an Arrow shot by the User to bounce, as if it was rubber, off the first place it hits, to keep flying off and actually hit another place. 7.23 LM
[Rising Dough]
[Rock Polishing]
[Rock Scent]
[Rope Trick]
[Royal Arms]
[Royal Tax]
[Royal Vanguard]

S Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Sanctuary of the Desert]
[Scatter Gallop]
[Scavenger Armor]
[Scything Arms]
[Second Wind]
[Seduction Dance] The User dances in a hypnotic dance that seduce their viewers. Foliana
[Seeker Shot]
[Sense Intentions]
[Server’s Memory]
[Server’s Prescience]
[Seven-League Bolts]
[Shadow Cut]
[Shadow Leap]
[Sharper Edge]
[Sharpened Edge]
[Shatter Blows]
[Shield Bash]
[Shield Breaker]
[Shield Destroyer]
[Shield of Valor]
[Shield Wall]
[Shieldwall Formation]

[Shield Wall Formation]

[Ship’s Beacon]
[Ship Spell: Bound Wind]
[Ship Spell: Depth Explosion]
[Ship Spell: Floor of Impalement]
[Shopper’s Stop]
[Sickle Cut]
[Silvertouched Wares]
[Simple Trap Construction]
[Six-fold Grand Slash]
[Sleight of Hand]
[Slow Toss]
[Smoker’s Lungs] Allows the User to hold smoke in their lungs and then exhale it without breathing it. The Gecko of Illusions
[Social Network]
[Song of Rejuvenation]
[Soothing Melody]
[Source Information]
[Spear Dance: Crashing Rapids]
[Spear Dance: The Fish Leap]
[Spectator’s Concealment] 7.03
[Speed Formation]
[Speed Reading]
[Speed Slash]
[Speed Stitching]
[Spellward Shields] Renders the shield of the User and their Allies, able to Block Spells. 7.13 K
[Spot Deception]
[Spray Cutter]
[Spray Hoof]
[Steady Hooves]
[Steady Rhythm]
[Steelcut Sunder]
[Steelbreaker Punch]
[Steelflesh Charge] For a few seconds, renders the flesh of the User Cavalry as hard as Steel. 7.13 K
[Steelshorn Relentless]
[Sterile Field]
[Sterile Equipment]
[Still Blade]
[Stoneskin Formation]
[Stonewall Formation]
[Street’s Honor]
[String of Fate]
[Sundering Slash]
[Supplies: Flarepepper Powder]
[Sure Footing]


Ensure that the User doesn’t stumble on unstable ground.
[Surge of Inspiration]
[Surge of Strength]
[Survivor’s Intuition]
[Swift Redeployment]
[Swift Steps]
[Sword Art: Curve of the Moon] 6.67
[Sword Art: Hurricane’s Spiral]
[Sword Art: Scattering Petals on the Wind]
[Sword Art: The Tide Breaks]
[Sword Fighting – Basic]
[Sympathetic Ear]
[Sympathetic Healing]

T Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Talent Finder] Helps the User find the people best suited for a task, whether they know it or not. 4.20 E
[Talent Seeker]
[Target Shield]
[Tavern Brawling]
[Ten Second Rush] The actions of the User becomes faster, for 10 seconds. 7.24
[The Avid Collector]
[The Choice of the Conquered] A powerful Skill where the User gives the people they conquered the choice of obeying them or not. If there is even a glimmer of chance that they would acknowledge the User as their ruler, they wouldn't be affected. Only those who will never bow, never suffer them, will flee.

Only someone exceptionally high-level or strong of will could resist this Skill.

6.12 K
[The Eternal Hunt] Once the User mark a target with this Skill, they can locate the target were ever they are, even if they were Dragons. This Skill also hinders the target escape speed. Only the User's death can stop this Skill, as not even magic can protect them from its effect. 6.44 E
[The Eternal Partner]
[The King’s Architect] Summons an Immortalized Memory of a King’s Deceased [Architect] Vassal Spirit, with all their Personality, Knowledge, Class Levels and Skills usable.

While this Skill is active, time slows down, so that the [Architect] Memory Spirit can start and complete their work, which normally would take a lot of time, for what appears only a moment in reality, before time snaps back.

The Uses (King) disappear while this Skill is active, to be replaced by a Memory of themselves that interacts with the [Architect] Memory Spirit.

The [Architect] Memory Spirit can only use what is available on site.

This Skill can cover a hole city into it's effect.

7.21 KQ
[The Play Must Go On]
[The Thinking Room]

/ [Host: The Thinking Room]

Separates the User mind from their body, placing them in a spot where they can think and devote their entire brain to simply thinking.

In the User Mind, the spot takes the form of a "room", but without a floor, walls, light, shadows and air.

Inside the "room", some of the things the User Mind is capable of doing are:

(1) Having perfect, clear thoughts and vivid imagery.

(2). Do calculations effortlessly.

(3) Anchor thoughts in their mind so that they wouldn’t forget them.

(4) Mark spots in their memory perfectly.

(5) Have their Memory becoming easily accessible to them, like remembering notes from a single lesson in clear detail.

(6) Replay images, even compare them to others similar but differed ones in minute detail.

(7) Piece together images to form an aerial view of a place that they have seen.

The only thing they didn’t have control of is their all-encompassing eye sight, and if they tried to focus on their other senses without ending this Skill, they have access to them as well.

If a Selphid are inhabited a living body and they have this Skill for their Host, then this Skill becomes [Host: The Thinking Room]. Other then having the same Effects as above for their Host, it would be that the Skill is activated and deactivated by the Selphid, and that while active the Selphid has complete control of the Host body.

7.22 D
[The Twice-Born Warlord]
[Thick Skin]
[Thousand Mile Conversation] The User can talk to someone else a thousand miles away as if they were standing right next to them. 6.42 E
[Thousand-Step Sprint]
[Thunder Arrow]
[Thunder Blow]
[Time to Chat]
[Titan’s Cut]
[Tough Carapace]
[Tough Leaves]
[Tough Skin]
[Tower Guard’s Bulwark]
[Trade War]
[Tranquil Skies]
[Treefell Chop]
[Tremor Blow]
[Trick Space]
[Triple Shot]
[Triple Thrust] A Rare Skill that enables the User to literally simultaneous strikes 3 times. 6.62 L
[Trusted Voice]
[Twicelasting Fires]
[Twister Spear] A Javelin or Spear shoot will spiral with such force and speed that it will tear into an unenchanted armor and skin, and the rotation splinter bone and flesh. Talia
[Two Hour Warmth]
[Two Mile Shot]
[Twofold Rest] Anyone effected with this Skill will not only just sleep as twice as quick, but they will also be getting twice as much sleep for the same time spent.

It can also keep people under its effect up long past normal people’s endurance.

The Hangover After


U Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Unerring Aim]
[Unerring Throw]
[Uninterrupted Monologue]
[Unit: Enhanced Strength]
[Unit: Freedom’s Gallop]
[Unit: Lucky Dodge]
[Unit: Ram’s Charge]
[Unit: Tough Skin]
[Unit: Unstoppable Advance]
[Unstoppable Advance]

V Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Valor of Champions]
[Vanguard of Steel]
[Vanguard of Terror]
[Vanguard of the King, the Phantom Storm] 7.10 K
[Veteran’s Knowledge]
[Vigor of Champions]
[Volley Fire]

W Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Waltz: The Traveler’s Journey]
[Water-Retaining Soil]
[Wave Sense]
[Wavebreaker’s Advance] The User can have their ship shot forwards and smash through a wave to parting it, by splitting the waters as the bow hit's it, allowing the ship to sail through the gap before the wave, now split in two, begins to collapse. Chess and Ships
[Weak Frost Resistance]
[Weather-resistant Structure]
[Weapon Proficiency: Knives]
[Weapon Proficiency: Shield]
[Weapon Proficiency: Sword]
[Weight Control]
[Whirlwind Cleave]
[Whirlwind Dodge]
[Wild Affinity]
[Wild Gallop]
[Wild Riot]
[Wildwind Ride]
[Wind Cutter]
[Windcutter Strikes]
[Winter Growth]
[Written Decree] Enforce the rules written in a decree, so that everyone follows them.

Only people who have the right Skills or Level can defeat this Skill.

A Night in the Inn

List of Unique and Newly Created Skills Edit

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Final Run]
[Death Before Dishonor]
[Immortal Moment] Stretch how long a moment lasts. Activates automatically, causes those affected to have a lasting memory of the moment.
[Legacy Whispers: (Legacy)] The User hears words that appear in their heads, which sear themselves into a unforgettable memory, hitting them on how to keep progressing their inheritance Legacy. 5.18 S
[Local Landmark: (Place)] The property of the User becomes well known to all the people of the (Place). 5.49
[My Life, be Thou My Fire] The User conjure all-consuming flames that are even able to burn shadows themselves and immortal beings.

The User has to burn their own lifespan to use this Skill, with a ratio of about +1 year of their life for 1 minute of use.

6.43 E

6.64 E

[Recaptured Sublimity]
[Undying Loyalty] Allows the User to order their loyal citizens not to die, so that they can continue fighting even past the point where they should have died. If they get healing in time, they can even recover. 4.23 E
[Wondrous Fare] Cooking Skill that enables the User to make Magical Food.

For more information go here.


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