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Skills, like Classes, are a function that exists within the System that governs Innworld.


Skills are magic-like abilities that are intended to exceed one’s limits, such as allowing someone to transcend their hardest strike and turn it into something even stronger.[1]

Skills are more basic with lower levels and gain power or larger scope with higher levels. When attempting to influence other beings with high levels and/or skills, the effects may be lessened or canceled.[2]

Skills can improve one’s ability greatly and even give them the means to do things they would never be able to do normally, like fish, work metal, or even fight. But a Skill improves on what was already there. For example, if two [Warriors] with the same levels and Skills fought, the one who had trained longer and had more actual combat experience would inevitably prevail. Similarly, if someone had [Basic Cooking], but they had never made food, all their cooking would be just that: basic.[3]

There are many types of Skills that not only affects the user's body but also their possessions, companions and bounded creature, other living beings like people and plants, building structures, transports, one's territory and even battlefields.

Obtaining Skills[]

To obtain Skills, one needs to have at least the basic of knowledge of said skills, or by having fulfilled some type of requirements. When these condition are fulfilled, one will obtain the Skills when they either get a Class or level their Class,or by advancing their knowledge of said skills.

Just like Classes, most Skills are acquired often in line with the user’s desires.[4] One can also receive rare Skills for every 10 levels of one Class leveling.[5] And again just like Classes, one can cancel the obtaining of Skills.[1]

Learning Skills[]

Less common, perhaps even a secret to the System, is that Skills can be learned and the System tells them that the Skill is "Learned" instead of "obtained". To learn Skills, one doesn't necessarily have to raise a level but does have to learn and perform the Skill once on their own.

Examples of learned Skills:

  • Erin - [Immortal Moment][6]
  • Erin - [Power Strike][7]
  • Ryoka - [Indominable Will][7] (cancelled)
  • Erin - [Wondrous Fare][8]

Losing Skills[]

When one loses their Class due to failing their Class conditions, they will also lose all Skills that were related to the Class.[9] But should they be able to restore the Class by meeting its conditions again, then all lost Skills will be restored as well.[10]

Just like Classes, Skills can also be lost by obtaining and keeping increase Horror Ranks. While one does not lose all their Skills from the start, as the Horror Ranks keep increase and their Classes Levels keeps degrading, they will keep losing their Skills.[11] It is unknown if redeeming Horror Ranks will restore one's Skills or not.

Advancing Skills[]

Skills can be strengthen in a variant of ways.

One way is, as stated above, to keep improving one’s ability. When doing so one’s Skill power increases, and can even affect some of the Skill limitations like the use limit increases, or the cooldown decreases.

Another way is by Leveling one's Class, as the higher the Level is, the stronger the Skill power becomes. For example: A Level 10 [Lady] who has [Deft Hand] can knock over something like a cup, or stop one from falling, but at higher Levels, the Skill is strengthened to the point that it can divert a shower of ordinary arrows, and even change the direction of a cavalry charge.[12]

Continuing to improving one’s ability, Leveling one’s Class, or fulfilling some type of requirements can also change the Skill into an advanced version of it, with greater power and lesser limitations. As an example, [Power Strike] can advance and change into [Minotaur Punch].[13]

Skills Usage[]

While not all of them, Skills have different conditions on how to use. Some are always active, while others need to be spoken or shouted to active them.

Other Skills needs certain conditions to use well, like how the [Bard] skill [Lightning Melody], when the air is already crackling with lightning or there is a storm, can pull down lightning in a minute or less of playing. Otherwise, they may have to play several for minutes, maybe even half an hour to call down even one measly bolt.[14] Other Skills need specific conditions to activate, like how some [Lady] Skills only work if the classholder is sufficiently ladylike.[15]

Skills Limitations[]

While there are Skills that are always active or can be used all the time, there are others that can only be used a limited number of times before they stops working to cool down.

If someone is under the effects of multiple overlapping Skills effects, they become nauseous.[16]

Combination Skills[]

Combination Skills are like combination Spells, in which two or more people use their Skills at the same time, to combine and increase the power of their Skills.

Combination Skills are not something one learns, as they are more like—an accident. For instance, if four [Warriors] use [Speed Slash] in combat, they can trigger it.[17]

Temporary Skills[]

Some skills can grant Temporary Skills to others. For example, the [Boon of the Princess] skill is able to grant skills like [Barkfur] and [Lesser Strength] to another person. These temporary skills disappear once the granting skills effect fades.[18]

Inheritance Skills[]

Skills like; [Memory of the Quarass], [Garden of Sanctuary], [The Courier's Last Road] and [The Labyrinth of Fithel], are once per generation Skills meaning only one or a few people can have them at a time,[19] though the system does not count these as unique (colored). In some cases, Inheritance Skills can stolen.

Legacy Skills[]


Colored Skills[]

Some Skills are deviated in coloring that represant a specific category.

Colorless Skills[]

Non-Colored Skills that do not represant any specific category.

Green Skills[]

Also known as Original Skills, they are for newly created Skills in the System.

Orange Skills[]

Also known as Fame or Yellat Skills, they are tied to fame, or other such things.

Golden Skills[]

For Royal and Holy Skills.

Red Skills[]

Also known as Blood Skills, they are tradeoff Skills in which the User get something powerful in exchange of pay something that has ill consequences on the User that range from morality corrupting them, to shortening their lifespan till dead. Unlike other Skills they cannot be refused from being obtained by the System.

Blue Skills[]

For the removal of Blood Skills and Conditions.

Purple Skills[]

Unknown. Possible for High Mental or Charming Skills?, that Magnolia Reinhart most likely have.



List of Skills - Alphabetical Order[]

Note: while several of these are listed alongside a class, they are not necessarily exclusive to that class. Additionally, some Skills such as [Fake Smile] and [Eagle Eye] are often listed without brackets.


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[A Bullet A Day: Armor Piercing Round] 7.36 C
[A Crack in Morality] Form doubts in a person's values and principles, so that they can be corrupted. 8.53 FH
[A Fraction of My Experience] The User gives the allies under their command a fraction of their battle-understanding, knowledge, technique and perhaps even a weak Skill, of the User life experience. 8.26 FK
[A Gradual Change of Disposition] 8.05 I
[A Kingdom’s Strength] 7.10 K
[A Knight’s Duel] The User can force someone with a general [Knight] Class to fight them whether they want too or not. 8.46 G
[A Little Bit of Courage] 7.23 LM
[A Minute, Reborn] Allows the User to temporarily give control of their body for 1 minute to embody the memories of someone whose memories the User has access to.
The personification of said memories are able to use their Skills and are inclined to help the User.
The User can only use it once a day for each different Person's memories they have.
At the start it only has a duration of 1 minute, but as the User level ups, the duration can becomes slightly longer by a few more seconds.
Numbtongue (Pt.2)
8.17 H
[A Necessary Discussion] 8.24
[A Storm at Our Backs] Conjure a following storm behind the User. 8.57 H
[Accelerated Sprint]
[Acrobat's Form] 7.47 K
[Aerial Dance: Waterfall Strikes] The User does a series of fast top down strikes at a target. The User takes the appearance of a blur while the skill is active. 6.22 D
[Aerial Dodge] Allow the User to dodge while in midair. 8.45 O
[Adept Iceform] An Ice Mages Skill that allow the Caster to form their Ice Spells faster. 6.67
8.36 H
[Adrenaline Rush]
[Adroit Progeny] Ensures that the children of the User will take on some of their parents' features like if the father was a [Lord] who was excellent at warfare, his children have a better chance of being as good as he was with a sword, or as beautiful as their mother. The Titan’s Question
[Advanced Cleaning] Enables the User to swiftly clean up messes to a magical degree, even causing areas that were untouched by the cleaning instrument to be cleared. Much faster than [Basic Cleaning]. 2.18
[Advanced Cooking] Helps the User make complex dishes, and make simpler dishes faster. Comes with an intuitive understanding of how some ingredients would work together. 2.20
[Advanced Crafting] Assists the User in creating more complex items with greater ease. 2.17
[Advanced Dangersense]
[Advantage: The Unchained] Boost the speed and strength of all the free allies forces under the User, against enemies who are or were once captive. 8.57 H
[Aegis of Grace] Wards off any settlement affiliated with the user from attack 4.44 M
[Aeriform Palm]
[Aeriform Punch] Perform a long-range punch attack. 8.58 PFH
[Aeriform Shockwave] A strong punching technique that can be used to form a projectile with the shockwave. 6.15 K
[Affair of Honor] Prevents retreat under dishonorable circumstances. 4.06 KM
[Agile Flier] 6.08
[Alchemy: Shortened Span] 7.59
[Alcohol Brewer] Provides the User with the knowledge of how to make alcoholic beverages, like how long they have to ferment the wort they get after adding boiling water to grain, and all the other supplies needed. 1.22
[Alcohol Immunity] A passive Skill that renders the User immune to the effects of alcohol.
Can be turned on and off.
[All-or-Nothing Charge] 5.62
[Ambient Mana Gatherer] 7.19
[Ambition Visualized] 7.23 LM
[Amateur Linguist] A passive skill that allows for better processing and understanding of languages. 1.03 D
[Ambient Focus: Grass]
[Analysis: Vision of Greatest Battle] TBA
Has a cooldown of 38 minutes before resetting.
[Anchor Balance] Keeps the User in a suitable upright and steady form, or adjust it so when they are off balanced. 8.51 D
[Anchor Lash] Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
[Animals: Basic Command] Allows limited influence over animals 4.21 E
[Anti-Invisibility Sight] Allows the User to see anyone who is Invisible. 8.39
[Antimagic Blade] 7.47 K
[Antimagic Bolt] 7.62
[Antimagic Slash] Allows the user to tear through strong magic defenses. The Antinium Wars (Pt.5)
[Antinium Telepathy (Weak)]
[Appraisal] Provides the User with limited information about a magical item. 7.52
[Appraise Foe] Provides the User limited information about another person. 1.10
[Appreciating in Value] 8.02
8.25 KH
[Arc Arrows]
[Arc Slash] Perform a fast arc slash attack technique. 8.51 D
[Archers: Triplicate Volley] A Skill for an entire battalion (or just the User themselves) that lets each Archer shoot 3 arrows simultaneously. 8.14 N
[Area of Diffusion] 7.59
[Armed At All Times] The User is able to constantly arm someone, even if the weapons they give are normally inconvenient/impractical for the User to curry. For instance the User could toss up a blade longer than the Use it selves is tall. 8.46 G
(Duelist, Razorkind, Telescoping Flesh)
A Skill that other than its Original Effect, can have varies other variations with different effects, which are:
Original Effect
TBA (6.67 + 8.19 H)

TBA (6.67)

TBA (6.67 + 8.19 H)

Telescoping Flesh
TBA (8.35)

8.19 H
[Armored Advance]
[Armored Blow]
[Armored Leap] 6.66 H
[Arms: Impact Shield] Make the User arms as strong as a steel shield for a second. 8.13 F
[Army: Duplicate Projectiles] 7.59
[Army: Evasive Dodge]
[Army: Extended Range]
[Army: Longstriders] Army wide movement skill, recipients are quickened. 7.47 K
[Army: No Foe Caught Us] 8.48 H
[Army of the King] Empowers the Users fighting force, grating them strength in the form of additional levels, which varies depending on the recipients original level. 4.05 K
6.53 K
[Aroma of Spring] 3.17 T
[Arrow Grab] Allows the User to be able to snatch a mid-flight arrow out of the air. 5.38
[Arrow Formation] 7.47 K
[Arrow of Greater Dispel] Arrow is shoot with the [Grater Dispel] spell. 7.36 C
[Arrow of Regret]
[Arrowguard] Defensive Skill that causes those affected by this Skill to have Arrows shoot at them change direction before they are hit. 8.52 MN
[Arrowguard Formation] Defensive Skill that allows the User to block one volley of arrows shoot at them. 6.21 D
[Art Becomes Reality] Allows the User to makes what they paint temporally real, like a door, a slide, iron bars, a staircase, a hole in the ground, etc 8.05 I
Senior Guardsman Relc
8.34 R
[Art Comes to Life] Allows the User to temporally bring to life a painting of some living being that they painted. 8.39
[Art of the Builder] 4.23 E
[Artbook: Saved Sketch]
[Artifacts: Uncover Potential]
[Ascertain Value] An Intuition Skill that makes the User able to appraise the value of various objects.
Doesn't work if the objects are warded.
8.52 MN
[Ashen Mana Well] Provides the User with a deeper reservoir of mana to draw upon, as well as charging their mana through ambient Death Magic, like; from every death, Undead, and Death Magic Spells used, around the User. 8.57 H
[Aspect of the Champion] Combines some of the User Skills for a Greater Effect like:
Greater Speed = Uses Skills like [Enhanced Strength] + [Greater Dexterity] to go at the target so fast that the User actually blurs.
8.06 RT
[Assault Formation] Strengthens fighters under the User's command similarly to [Attack Formation] though assumedly stronger. May be an upgraded skill. 2.18
[Attack Formation] Bolsters the strength and energy of fighters under the User's command when in attack formations. 1.01 H
[Attraction Shield] Causes a strong pull by one or more targets towards the user's shield. The pull can be stronger for each individual depending on certain factors. 6.23 D
[Audience Charge] Gives the User energy depending on the attention of their audience. 6.63 P
[Aura Blade] A specialty skill of the Order of Seasons causing their weapons to gain an aura presumably depending on their seasons. Talia
The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Aura of Battle]
[Aura of Command] 2.14 G
[Aura of Flame] The User generates a fiery Aura that at minimum warms the air around them. 7.51
[Aura of Midnight]
[Aura of Righteous Fire] The User generates and surround themselves in fire so hot that it ignite the air, turn a twenty feet area around them into flames, and melts metal based attacks before they touched the User. 6.43 E
[Aura of Rime] The User generates  a freezing Aura around them that at its default form the air around the User grows frosty to the point that Ice falls from the air as snowflakes.
This Aura could boost the User Ice based abilities, freeze things more quickly or act as a weapon.
The User doesn’t feel cold in it.
[Aura of the Brave] 8.46 G
[Aura of the Emperor] Affects those around an emperor so that they recognize their power 3.00 E
3.01 E
[Aura of the Hearth] 8.46 G
[Aura of the Lion] 7.13 K
7.47 K
[Aura of Thorns] An aura which cuts those who get near it. 5.23 G
[Aura: Distant Manipulation] Extends the effective range of the Users Aura.
[Authority of Death]
(Lesser, ...)
A Skill that other than its standard Effect, can have varies value of power.


[Automatic Dodge] 7.58
[Automatic Recitation: Literature] 8.36 H
[Automatic Reload] Reloads a User's crossbow(s) without needing to move. 6.43 E
[Avert Disaster (Verbal)] 8.24
[Axe of Gigant]
[Axe of the Gigant]
Turns Users axe into one worthy of a giant, as well as extending its range immensely. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
7.47 K
[Axe Kick] 6.52 K


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Balanced Posture] Makes it more difficult for the skillbearer to be knocked off balance 5.24 L
[Ballad of Bravery] Numbtongue (Pt.2)
[Banshee’s Voice] A [Singer] Skill that hurts the ears of any enemies of the User that can hear them. 7.59
[Bar Fighting] Gives the user increased aptitude with weapons made from things that can be found in a bar. 1.28
[Bar: Selective Admission] Literally keep anyone below the User level from casually walking into their Bar.
The only exception is for emergencies and higher-level individuals.
[Barbed Charge]
[Barkfur] Turns the Users fur as hard as bark. 7.23 LM
[Barkguard] Aura Skill were the User manifest their aura on a shield to sprouting it with thick bark to increase its defence. The User can still move as if the bark shield weighted nothing at all. 8.06 RT
[Barrier of Pride] Forms a golden stationary field barrier around the User or around others for protection. 7.24
[Bartender’s Gift] Passes on some of the User's bartending skills to another user. 6.10
[Basic Cleaning] Enables the skillbearer to more swiftly clean up messes. 1.01
[Basic Cooking] A common Skill that helps the skillbearer make various dishes, at a faster pace and with less effort. 1.01
[Basic Concentration]
[Basic Crafting] Assists the skill user in creating basic items and tools. Minor repairs become much easier. 1.07
[Basic Footwork] Helps the skillbearer keep their footing, especially on uneven terrain 4.24
[Basic Fortification Construction] Accelerates how quickly the skillbearer can make simple fortifications 4.42 L
[Basic Golem Shaping] 7.09 K
[Basic Leadership] Assists the Skillbearer in various leadership qualities 5.26 L
[Basic Negotiator] Assists the User in diplomatic negotiations. 5.26 L
[Basic Perfect Action] 8.30
[Basic Repair] Helps the skillholder make basic repairs to nonmagical items or structures 2.14 G
[Basic Riding] Talia
[(Name): Basic Training] 5.24 L
[Battalion: Arcs of the Swallow] 7.59
[Battalion of Glory] Causes weapons and allied users to glow while amplifying their power. 6.22 D
[Battle Roar] Causes the voices of allied forces to become significantly amplified. 4.46
[Battlefield – The Cold Iron Mists] Mist is conjured onto the battlefield, visibility is limited, lesser spells fail, moral is lost and maneuverability is worsened, all while the Users allies are unaffected. 6.22 D
[Battlefield: Deploy Traps] Deploys any pre prepared traps laid out by the User. 8.14 N
[Battlefield: Dust Storm] 8.48 H
[Battlefield: Even Ground – No Magic, No Luck, No Skills, Only Strategy] Turn off and negates the activating and effects of anyone's Magic Spells, Skills and Luck, for 5 minutes.
The User can choose the radius of this Skill effect from targeting a single individual to effecting everyone else.
Can also effects Enchanted Artefacts causing them to barely be able to function.
High Level beings can fight off the Skill to cancel or end it faster, and beings of pure magic like Dragons and Djinni can not have their magic ‘taken’ away, only made more vulnerable.
8.14 N
[Battlefield: Hawk’s Surveillance] In the head of the User, the area around them expanded for at the very least 2000 feet, and took color, life, and nuance, thus mapping out the entire landscape around them.
The User has only a single ‘snapshot’ of the terrain for 6 minutes, not constant monitoring, and can also mentally zoom across the area the Skill had mapped, giving them a route up the area away from obvious threats.
8.14 N
[Battlefield: Power of Fire]
[Battlefield: Skies of Chaos, Winds of War] Turn the weather into an extremely hazardous one of heavy rain and thunderstorms, and depending on the climate the User can also call fire from the skies.
While the User can call the weather, the User is not able to control it.
8.14 N
[Battlefield Awareness] An Intuition Skill that makes the User aware of what's going on in a battlefield that they part of. 6.22 D
8.52 MN
[Battlefield Eye] Allows the user to see, or rather, create a mental image of the battlefield from any angle based on their own line of sight and the reports they receive. 4.05 K
[Beastform] A Skill that causes the User to temporarily become a werebeast-like creature. 7.58
[Begone, Ailments] Dispels sickens and plague, even magical variants. 8.19 H
[Beheading Slice] 7.58
[Belay That] Stop an action or Skill of someone else from taking course. 8.49 M
[Bellhammer’s Impact] 7.47 K
[Benediction of Hope] Can be used three times a day to calm selected targets/allies. 4.42 L
[Beneficial Tonic] 8.60
[Bet: Luck]
[Blacksky Riders] A Unit type Skill that allows a group of chosen riders to see in the night. Not only that—the effect extends to their mounts and also lets them dampen the light when they so choose. 5.09 E
[Blade Art: Eighteen Silverfish] 7.21 KQ
[Blades of Glory] 5.44
[Blazing Forge] 6.13 K
[Bleed Cuts] Makes the next strike by the skillbearer against an opponent cause excessive bleeding 5.41
[Blessing of Armor] The recipient gains armor like skin. 7.60
[Blessing of Rains] A skill that guarantees regular rainfall in any climate. 6.14 K
[Blessing of the Hearth] Makes the people in the User's land rest easier while they are within it's boundaries. 3.12 E
[Blessing: The Bow of Wings] 8.19 H
[Blinding Arrow] An Arrow that once it hits, it explode from the arrow tip into a searing and blinding light. 7.12 G
[Blinding Flash] Causes any metal being worn or carried by the user to flash, blinding enemies. 7.18 M
[Blink Shaft] A skill that causes a shot arrow or bolt to teleport short distances and reappear while retaining momentum. 7.59
[Block Charge] 8.18 H
[Blood in the Waters, Blood in the Sky] Rains bloody red rain. Other effects unknown.
While the red rain has a faintly iron smell, like blood, it is not really made of blood at all.
8.58 PFH
[Bloodform Blades] 7.58
[Blur Dodge] A dodging skill that accelerates the User's dodge. 5.37 G
[Blur Leap] A jumping skill that accelerates the User's jump. The User can change direction mid-use. 5.58
[Bodies of Iron] A defensive skill that makes it so that the flesh of those affected temporarily has a tensile strength equivalent to iron. 6.52 K
[Body: Iron Fists]
[Body: Reject Toxins] 7.60
[Body: Restore Stamina] Uses the stored energy from the food the User eaten, to restore their body stamina. 7.57
[Body: Water Retention]
[Body of Change: Alter Resistances] Allows User to change the resistencias their currently have in place. Saliss the Adventurer
[Body of Stone] A defensive skill that makes it so that the flesh of the User has temporarily the tensile strength equivalent to stone. 6.22 D
[Bonebreaker Headbutt] A headbutting skill particularly effective against skeletons. 4.49
[Boon of the Guest] Gives a target powers consistent with a guest that has stayed at the User's place. This can be given at range with great effort. 7.58
Innkeeper’s Knight
[Boon of the Princess] Bestow recipient with Temporary Skills depending on their class.
For More Info See Here.
7.23 LM
Meetings and Friendships
[Boon of the Throne] 8.07 L
[Boost Spell]
[Bound Skill: (Skill)] 8.19 H
[Bound Spell: (Spell)] Mage Skill that Binds and Contains a precast Spell, even Higher Tier ones, to be later used immediately, without having to recast it. 6.62 L
[Bound Wind] A ship-specific spell that causes a burst of wind to blow into the sails. Can be cancelled by weather spells. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Bravehearts] 5.44
[Braveheart’s Charge] 7.61
[Bull’s Ram] Charge with the force of a bull. 7.18 M
[Bull’s Rush]
[Bulwark Shield] 7.47 K
[Burst of Speed] 8.24
[Burst of Strength]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Call of the Champion] The User calls for Champion Classes in an army to come and fight them. If no one comes out to face the User, the Skill will demoralize the entire army, and any [Champion], [First Warrior], [Royal Protector], or so on will lose their Class. 7.13 K
[Call to Single Combat] 8.24
[Calm Mind]
[Calming Touch] A low-level [Carer] skill that calms the target. 3.22 L
[Campfire Chef] 5.37 G
[Cast of the Fisherman]
[Cat’s Evasion] 5.58
[Cat’s Eye Vision]
[Cat’s Grace] Allows the User to move as nimbly as a Cat. Experiments in Golems
[Challenge of the Knight] Causes nearby enemies to target the User. 6.16
[Challenge of the Wilds] Forces wild animals to fight the User A Meeting of Druids
[Champion’s Gear] Weapons and armor tailor fix and tailor themselves while being worn and carried by the User. Also causes gear to become lighter, sharper, more durable, and look shinier. This effect ends when the User is not touching their gear. 5.49
[Champion’s Throw] Causes a thrown weapon to be launched with enough power to tear through wood though not enough to completely cut through gargoyles. 6.16
[Change the Flow] 8.16
[Channel Strike] When the User swings their weapon it cuts the air in a straight line.
If used on the ground, a rift of dirt, straight as an arrow, exploded up from the ground.
[Charge of the Strategist] A powerful offensive strategist skill that initiates a large scale charge. 4.25 N
[Chargebreaker Guard] 4.48
[Charm Smile] 8.04 T
[Charming Demeanor] Passive version of [Charm]. 1.05 R
[Charming Smile] Commoner version of [Charm] activated while smiling. 4.14 L
[Check Sum] 8.31
[Chill Paws] Cools whatever the user is touching. 6.32
[Chosen Blow] The User can chose the angle and location of were their next blow attack hits, even if it's located around 30 feet away from them. 8.09
[Circle of Protection] 6.44 E
[Cleansed Materials] The Tribes of Izril
[Cleansing Heat] 6.39
[Clear Minds] The User clears theirs and their allies minds from Mind compulsion Skills.
Has lesser effect when faced against multiple opponents and/or high-level ones.
8.05 I
[Clear Position]
[Cleaving Arc] An attack that causes the User's weapon to grow larger and gleam while gathering the power to bisect enemies. 7.13 K
[Cleaving Blow] A room clearing attack that can be used by miners. 7.33 I
[Cleaving Scythe]
[Combined Arms] Allows allies to attack completely in sync with each other temporarily. 5.08
[Combination Attack: A Thousand Fireflies] Saliss the Adventurer
[Combination Attack: Lightning Tempest] A Combination Skill that can be used by a high level alchemist, requires at least twenty lightning infused bottles and an amplifier for the magnetic pull, acting as a anchor. Saliss the Adventurer
[Combination Attack: Winter’s Freeze] Saliss the Adventurer
[Combination Skill: Meteor Guardbreaker Shot] A Combination Skill that Requires 3 people working together to perform a combo of kicking an object with enough force to dent steel, and with the added effect of cancelling or force surpassing a Blocking Skill.
It is performed by the 1st person kicking an object up in the air with great force, then the 2nd person kicking it with added force, to ricocheted it down to earth like a comet, and after the object touch down with a force like a meteor and it began to bounce up, the finally 3rd person redirected it with a smack or kick to were intended.
Some of the Combo Skills Required to perform this Combination Skill are; [Pinpoint Distance Kick], [Axe Kick], and a [???] Head-butt Skill.
[Combination Skill: The Web Closes] A Combination Skill that Requires two experts working together to perform, and a field of an Active [Create Field: The Steelthread Web] Skill.
They two Users sacrifice the field by having the User of the [The Steelthread Web] hand over the wires of the field to the other Person, so that with their Enchanted Strength they can pull and snap all the wires in the field, to close inwards in a single moment, slicing apart anyone and anything caught wrapped in them.
The Users who use this Combination Skill, and any of their allies, need to leave the field of wires before using it or they will get caught up in the wires as well.
Anyone and anything that can not be cut by the wires, can withstand and survive this Combination Skill.
7.42 M
[Combined Skill: Wrath of the Righteous] 8.35
[Come to the Table] 8.05 I
[Comfort Food] Helps the skillbearer make food that is pleasant and comforting for the person the target with this skill. 6.09
[Comforting Petting]
[Command Lesser Undead] Allows the user to command masterless Zombies and lesser Ghouls. 3.18 T
4.08 T
6.48 T
[Commanding Presence] 1.02 D
[Company: Armorbane Weapons] 7.36 C
[Company: Rallying Teleport] 8.24
[Compartmentalized Knowledge] 7.33 I
[Compartments of Holding] Compartments become miniature pocket dimensions, holding much more then they should be able too. 7.31
[Complete Onslaught] Launches all of the Users projectiles. 7.42 M
[Compressed Muscle] A rare lady's skill that allows for higher strength without the muscles being as visible. 7.23 LM
[Concealing Presence] User is harder to detect.
[Concentrate Mana] 7.59
[Confidential Sources] 8.47 H
[Conjure Fast Fireball] 7.23 LM
[Consecutive Spear Flurry] 8.34 R
[Constant Foe (Undead)]
[Continuous Cut] A high level skill that can be used to cut down entire battalions of enemies over time. 2.43
[Continuous Rolling] Causes the User's wagon wheels to roll longer without outside forces. 3.34
[Control Mana] 8.12 T
[Control Pitch] Gives the skillbearer increased control of the pitch of their voice. 2.17
[Convincing Lies]
[Copy Weapon Art] 7.35 C
[Counter Backstep] 8.34 R
[Counter Blow] Allows the user to easily counter an attack 6.56
[Counter Fire]
[Countercharge] Counter the opponents Charge Skill by neutralizing its effect and reverse it on them by uplaying it to the Allies charge that are under the User command. 8.52 MN
[Courageous Speech] Inspires Courage in anyone who hears the User speech. 7.13 K
[Covering Fire] 4.25 N
[Craft: Arrows of Will]
[Create Bread] The User can create real bread, that will not vanish, from the memory of the bread the User had tasted. 6.62 L
[Create Field: The Steelthread Web] To Activate this Skill the User need to throw Wires far into a field, and anchor them into the ground, and points in the very air (presumably with another Skill).
Once done the User can Activate it to changed the world, by creating a field guarded by razor-sharp wires, ready to slice the User enemies apart, and preventing escape. The Wires are also set too be invisible to all but the User allies.
7.42 M
[Create Lifesand Golems] 7.09 K
[Crescent Arc] Swings the User's sword in the shape of a moon. 4.16
[Crescent Cut] Makes the skillbearer's blade go around an opponent's defenses. 6.56
[Crimson Earth Mana]
[Crimson Stinger] A Skill for Ashfire Bee owners that increases the size of the bee's stinger and the potency of their poison. 5.45
[Cross Cut]
[Crowd Control] An aura based Skill that gives the user greater influence over crowds of people. 3.16
[Curved Arc] Saliss the Adventurer
[Curving Shot]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Dagger Art]
[Daggerhail] An [Assassin] skill that causes dozens of daggers to rain from the sky. 6.26
[Daily Resource: Blackpowder] Conjure a tiny bit of Gunpowder every single day. Can also make more out of the proper resources than normal. 6.68
[Danger-Spotter] Allows the User to see when someone is in danger by seeing them glow. The more the glow is intense the more in danger that someone is. 8.39
[Dangersense] A Sensing Skill that warns the User when they are in immediate danger. 1.29
[Dangersense (Ward)] Warns the User when someone under their protection are in immediate danger. 8.23
[Daring Charge] 3.19 T
[Dark Aura] The User manifest an Aura that turn the light around them a shade darker.
Like every Aura Skills it unlocks the possibility for Aura control.
Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Decapitation Slice] 7.21 KQ
[Decisive Blows] Causes an ally or allies to use any attacks with maximum power for a short time. 4.41 L
[Deeper Cut] A basic skill that makes the User next attack cut deeper. 5.30 G
[Defense Formation] Bolsters the strength and energy of fighters under the User's command when in defensive formations. 1.43
[Defiance To The Last]
[Deflecting Slashes] A Defensive Skill that deflect aside the opponent slashing attacks. 8.49 M
[Deft Hand] Gives the User minor telekinesis. No more than being able to knock over a cup initially, but when trained can be used to knock arrows out of the sky. 4.48
[Delayed Throw] Saliss the Adventurer
[Deny Parry]
[Depth Explosion] Causes underwater explosions. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Desperate Rallying] Allows for an embattled group to quickly rush to the aid of forces under siege or attack in fractions of the time taken.
At Level 60 the Skill could have the embattled group reach a city-state in hours where the march would normally take over a day at top speed.
8.08 J
[Detect Flaw] The User can detect flaws in objects, like gemstones. 4.35 E
[Detect Guilt] The User can detect if someone has committed a crime. 1.10
[Detect Injury] The User can detect someones injuries. 1.05 D
[Detect Poison] The User can detect if poison is in something they plan to eat or drink. 5.24 L
[Devastating Slash] Changes the User's weapon trajectory mid-swing toward an unguarded area. 4.29
[Devastating Uppercut]
[Devil’s Luck] Makes the User insanely lucky. 1.01 C
[Directional Sound] Meetings and Friendships
[Dirty Feint] Throws a twisting punch. 7.11
[Disable Friendly Fire] A capstone skill that completely disables damage from self inflicted or allied attacks. 7.59
[Disadvantaged Renegotiation] Allows for a pause in any negotiations to refocus regardless of how they are currently going. This Skill forces both parties to continue later unless the Skill can be forcefully resisted. 7.07
[Disarming Strike]
[Discerning Clientele] A [Merchant] Skill that influences the type of customers that will come to the Skill owner's shop. 6.02
[Disease Detector] 7.22 D
[Doomshaker Blow] Charges around the User striking attack in a pall of dark energy, and when it strike at, the air fracture and spread outwards, crushing everything the shockwave touched. 8.54 H
[Double Arrow] 5.62
[Double Cut] Enables the User to make two cuts near instantly. 4.39 G
[Double Potency] The next potion drunk will have double the effect. 7.58
[Double Shot] Allows the User to shoot two arrows simultaneously. 4.30
[Double Slash] 7.13 K
[Double Step] Literally double the User running speed, allowing them to make every step they take cover twice the distance. 2.15
[Double Strike] The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Double Tap] Fires two bullets with one shot of a gun. 7.36 C
[Doubled Acceleration] 7.47 K
[Doubled Efficacy] Dobles the effects of alchemical brew. 7.59
[Doubled Impact] 7.47 K
[Doubled Range] Allows the User to shoot twice as far. 5.41
[Doubled Velocity] Shoots Arrows or Bolts as twice as fast. 7.62
[Drain Death Mana]
[Dual Shot] 7.12 G
[Dulav-ra: Tetrad of the Solar Aura] A Dulav-ra's martial art Skill that allows the User to perform 4 simultaneous, Aura-infused, burning punches. The punches are hot enough to melt steel. 8.37 H
[Durable Picks] Makes the User pickaxe last longer. 6.02
[Dust Bomb]
[Dust Kick] The User dug their foot into the ground and then kicks up a wall of dust over at the target. 8.31
[Duststorm Kick] Causes a large storm of dust to form when the User kicks. 6.41 E


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Eagle Eyes] Enhanced the User vision, allowing them to see from farther distance. 2.11
[Earmarked Funds – Recompensation] A Monetary Skill were the User can produce money from anywhere, even from empty air, by generating them from the profits of the company itself.
As these funds are project-depending, they are unable to be spent unless it’s used in certain ways, like for recompensation of the employees.
7.33 I
[Ease Your Burdens] The User relieves some of someone else burdens, like exhaustion, footsore, aching joints and tiredness, by taking them into themselves. Pisces
[Edict of Bloom] A Kingdom-wide Edict Skill that revitalizes a war-torn kingdom. It allows crops to grow quicker, wounds to mend, children to be born and conceived more fruitfully and quickly among animals and people, like a Human mother will bear a child in 6 months fully formed, rather than 9.
Its disadvantage are that monsters will take advantage of the rapid growth as well. Too, the rapid growth of takes nutrients from the soil and mothers will require more sustenance, as do animals. It is also intensive on the people, for they may reap harvests and grow, but it takes work.
If the User has a High Level, the Edict Skill can also summon rain out of season, for days.
6.14 K
[Edict of Silversky] A Kingdom-wide Edict Skill with purifying effects.
Under its effects, lies are difficult to tell, the weather balances, and hostile presences find themselves unwelcome in the land it is called upon. Most importantly, it frees the dreams and feelings of the subjects from negative influences both internal and external, for example, by calming those who find themselves plagued by sadness or fury without reason.
Its disadvantage is that it is too pure. Because it makes things too calm, such as having no harsh weather or storms, no great excitement, and the people being unable to tell a lie, it can become unbearable for the subject population.
6.14 K
[Edict of the Blooded] A Kingdom-wide Edict Skill that boosts preparation for war. All those with an inclination to fight level up much quicker and those with the talent for battle discover it.
Its disadvantage is that while it makes the people train to war, it makes them more violent, such as encourages them towards battle, sometimes with tragic results. It can also increase the like hood of rebellions by young men if they are not loyal, and increase higher rates of injury among soldiers.
6.14 K
[Efficient Metabolism] Decreases the amount of food the User must consume in order to remain healthy. Two Rats
[Efficient Run] Conserved the User stamina and allows the User to run far further before needing a stamina potion. 7.00
[Ego is Weight] Weighs people down depending on how much the User think of themselves, regardless if they are right to think that way. 6.27 M
[Eidetic Memory] A Skill that let the User visualize what they had seen moments after seeing them. 6.63 P
[Eidetic Spell Memory] 7.09 K
[Eighteen Minutes of the Secretary] A Temporal Skill that grants the User 18 minutes of free time to organize and plan while everything else is motionless, even on a battlefield.
This Skill is an inferior version of the [Hour of the Secretary] Skill.
7.36 C
8.37 H
[Electric Chords] While playing musical string instruments the User can conjure Lightning from the strings. The conjured Lightning is harmless to the User. 5.41
[Elephant’s Strength] A Strengthen Skill that temporary makes the User as Strong as an Elephant. The effect is only temporary, and last only for a few minutes (like 8 minutes).
The Strength given by this Skill is far stronger that even the [Enhanced Strength] Skill which falls behind it.
Experiments in Golems
8.37 H
[Eleventh Hour Wheels] 7.46 K
[Elk’s Run]
[Endowment of the Thief]
[Energizing Touch] Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Enhanced Agility]
[Enhanced Durability – Oars] Increases the durability of the Oars the User is using. 6.07 D
[Enhanced Hide] 7.18 M
[Enhanced Impact] The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Enhanced Intelligence] Greatly increases the intelligence of the User or the User's pet. 6.08
[Enhanced Movement] Greatly increases the movement speed and control of the User. 1.17
[Enhanced Seasoning]
[Enhanced Shields] 7.36 C
[Enhanced Speed]
[Enhanced Strength] Greatly increases the User strength permanently. Can be upgraded at later levels to [Greater Strength]. 1.10 R
[Enhanced Thread] Makes thread handled by the User have the strength to stich up damaged organs. 1.01 D
[Enhanced Toughness]
[Enriched Recipes] Cooking Skill in which if the User has the right ingredients, they can make a ‘meal’ better than just the component parts. 8.09
[Establish Bond] A [Beast Tamer] Skill that helps endear the User to potential pets. Not always effective. 7.12 G
[Evaluation of Wealth] Allows the User to evaluate how much wealthy someone is, and even somewhat when they had became wealthy. 6.17 S
[Evasive Dodge] 7.61
[Evasive Flip] 6.67
[Evasive Leap] A dodging Skill to avoid damage by jumping in different directions. Can be used on horseback to transfer the skill to both User and horse. 7.13 K
[Evasive Maneuver] 8.15
[Evasive Roll]
[Evasive Tactics] Forewarns targeted allies of damage in the near future. 4.41 L
[Evasive Turn] A Skill that helps the User turn ships or other vehicles quickly. 7.47 K
[Even Footing] Helps the User traverse through treacherous terrain, like slick patches of ice or divots in the ground, as if they were walking on a smooth, hard surface. 2.24 T
[Everyday Prop] 7.50
[Everything Has a Price] Forces someone to give the price of their possessions. 6.17 S
[Evil Eye] A glare that may not be a real Skill. 6.08
[Exceed Yourself, Suffer Later]
[Excuse My Failings] Allow the User to excuse themselves from minor slips without consequence.
The effect can be applied Twiceover to double its effect.
8.51 D
[Exhaustive Memory]
[Expanded Cargo Hold] Increases the interior storage of a ship's cargo hold to be larger than the dimensions of the ship should allow. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
[Expeditious Retreat] A Movement Skill that allows the User and their company to retreat at speed. Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Exit Negotiations] 8.05 I
[Expanded Lungs] 7.29 B
[Expeditious Retreat] Saliss the Adventurer
[Expeditious Traveller] 8.47 H
[Expert Bartering] Greatly assists the User in bartering down the prices on goods and services. Krshia
[Expert Cooking] A very high level skill that greatly assists the User in cooking better dishes at a higher rate. 2.41
[Expert’s Shot] 8.19 H
[Extended Aura: Gravity Well] 7.59
[Extended Reach: Three Feet] The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Extended Blade] 7.39 A
[Extended Strike] 7.36 C
[Extended Sweep] 8.34 R
[Extra Spice] Always the User to somehow find an extra something to add to their cooking repertoire, like finding a bit of pepper in a pouch lumped at the bottom of the cooking sack, or tripping over a bit of nutmeg on their way. They can also literally, adding heat to make a spicy hot dish. Pebblesnatch and Garry
7.12 G
[Extreme Reaction: Dodge] A Passive Skill were the user instantly dodges an upcoming danger. 7.33 I
[Eye of Need] The User can tell what they’re low on and what issues are most critical and require attention. 4.20 E
[Eyes of Talent]
[Eyes In The Back] The User has a vague sense of what was behind them.
The User can’t see details, but could easily spot anyone running in a hurry.
Senior Guardsman Relc
[Eyes of Appraisal] Allows the User to appraise someone and see their Classes, Levels and Skills. 7.07
[Eyes of Many] The User can see through the eyes of the animals under them like a flock of birds, and act in concert. 6.40 E
[Eyes of Personality]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Fact Check] 8.05 I
[Faint Presence] A weaker, passive version of [Conceal Presence]. 6.05 D
[Fair Share]
[Fake Dismemberment] Causes a temporary body parts dismemberment for 5 minutes. Effect includes realistic smell and viscera until the 5 minutes have passed. 6.63 P
[Fake Smile] 2.44
[False Orders] Send orders to forces that are not under the User command, by fooling them that the orders came from their commander.
The User can effect these forces from a distance and without uttering a word.
8.14 N
[Famous Name]
[Far Riders] Allows a group of horse riders to move across long distances at a speed that outpaces unskilled horses regardless of the type or stamina of the horse. 5.48 G
[Farseeker Arrows] Skill which causes the skillbearer's next shot to seek out a distant target. 5.62
[Farshot Mastery] A passive Archering Skill which assists in hitting distant targets. 4.33
[Fast Backstep] The User retreats fast away with a backward step. 8.05 I
[Fast Boiling] Cooking Skill that speeds up the time of cooking food in boiling heated water. 8.52 MN
[Fast Drying] 8.00
[Fast Growth] Accelerates the growth of plants. 6.34 E
[Fast Feet]
[Fast Leg Sweep] A variation of the traditional [Leg Sweep] in which the User performed the Skill faster.
It could take down even High-level individuals if they weren’t careful, and it is definitely useful in a scuffle.
[Fast Stitching] Makes the skillholder faster at stitching. 1.21
[Favor of the King] A Skill that gives a powerful aura to the Kingdom's Champion as well as giving helpful temporary skills among other effects. Meetings and Friendships
[Fear Me, Your Mortality] A Fear Skill that gives fear to anyone caught in the radius of the User aura, by making them realized their fragile existence and flee in terror, rather than confront the User.
This Skill only effects beings that haven’t master their emotions, like most monsters, or people who had just been demoralized, and therefore doesn’t effect beings who did.
8.14 N
[Fearless Charge] 7.47 K
[Feel the Rhythm] 8.16
[Feet of Stone] 8.57 H
[Fencer’s Lunge] A large lunge forward spanning multiple feet followed by a lightning fast thrust. 7.13 K
[Fencer’s Riposte] 7.47 K
[Ferocious Command] Commanding Skill that sends the User's forces into a berserk fury, with their tendons and muscles bulging, as they move forwards to follow the command given to them. 8.18 H
[Field of Preservation] Area Skill which makes an area act as though under the effects of preservation runes. Soufflés are immune to this effect. 3.33
[Fields of Bounty] Increases the output of farms within the User territory. 6.47 E
[Fight Like You Mean It]
[Finer Thread] The Tribes of Izril
[Find Roads Less Travelled]
[Fire’s Fuel (Mundane)]
[First Reasonable Offer] 7.32 D
[First Strikes] 5.44
[First to Battle] A speed boosting Skill used by [Knights]. Talia
[Fists of Iron] The User punches as hard as a heavyweight while maintaining the speed of a significantly lower weight class. 7.24
[Fit to Form] The User can adjust a wearable item to be perfectly fittable for themselves or others.
Has a limited amount of usage before going on cooldown.
[Flash Blade] 7.62
[Flash Cut] A swordsman's skill that produces a lightning fast slash. This skill can be adjusted mid-swing at high levels and is generally considered a higher level attack. 5.02
[Flash Hands] Causes the hands of the User to blur with high speed allowing for very quick and precise actions. 1.05 D
[Flash Kick] A very fast kicking skill similar to other flash skills. 7.11
[Flash Lunge]
[Flash Memorization: Literature] 8.36 H
[Flash Punch] A very fast punching skill similar to other flash skills. The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Flash Sparks] The User can conjure sparks to ignite fire. 7.03
[Flash Wings]
[Flashfire Spellcraft] The User can manipulate fire, by make it form shapes and use it without needing a specific Spell. The User can also do tricks like fire a [Fire Arrow] three times as large as a regular one. 5.37 G
[Flawless Attempt] Allows the User to do a single task to the best of their physical/magical ability.
There is presumably a limit for the maximum length of the tasks, which so far have lasted less than 10 minutes, though none has been mentioned.
Can be activated once every 6 hours.
5.26 L
[Flawless Cut] Allows the User to make incisions far more easily. 1.01 D
[Flawless Defence] Pushes the User beyond their limits to make a perfect block or deflection against a strike, regardless of the power behind it. 5.27
[Flawless Dodge] Allows the User to perfectly dodge any strike or attack if they are aware of it and it is within their physical abilities. 1.02 C
[Flawless Parry] Performs a parry to the best of the User's ability. 7.47 K
[Flawless Stride] A Running Skill that fixes any inaccuracies in the User's gait. 2.35
[Flawless Strike] Pushes the User beyond their limits to make a perfect strike against an opponent. 5.27
[Fleet Foot] A tribe Skill that lets chieftains make their entire tribe move faster for extended periods of time. 3.31 G
[Fleetwind Feet] Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Flicker Charge] Causes the entire army under the User's command to disappear for a millisecond and reappear forwards after a charge. 7.13 K
[Flicker Dodge] The User and their mount disappear for a millisecond to dodge an attack. 7.18 M
[Flicker Onslaught] Most similar to other Flicker Skills like [Flicker Dodge] except that this Skill continues to activate for multiple attacks at once. 6.26
[Flicker Step] 5.37 G
[Flicker Theft] Allows the User to steal something at great speed. 8.39
[Floor of Impalement] A ship Skill that causes a section of the Skill User's deck to erupt with six feet tall spikes. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Flurry Blades] Causes the User to strike rapidly using a bladed weapon. 5.58
[Flurry of Blows] Causes the User to strike rapidly using either their weapon or fists. Better with blunt objects. Interlude 5
[Flurry Strikes] Causes the User to strike rapidly using either their weapon or fists. A sort-of combination of [Flurry Blades] and [Flurry of Blows]. 5.37 G
[Flying Hooves] 7.37
[Flying Jump Kick]
[Focus Fire] 7.58
[Focus of Ire] 7.37
[Foe Sensor]
/ [Battlefield – Foe Sensor]
The User can calibrated this Skill to sense specific enemies of their choosing, which then shows how many and were they are in the User's head.
This User can sense the targets even through the ground and smoke.
At High-Level this Skill can detect an ‘enemy’ within 4 miles of the User position.
8.14 N
[Foefinder’s Scan] The User can looks for nearby enemies and identify their number and approximate size. 6.62 L
[Follow the Story] 8.47 H
[Footwork: Half-circle Reposition] Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Force Palm] 8.02
[Forced Removal] At the User will an invisible force picks the Person for removal up and throw them out from the User's establishment. 8.41
[Foreign Lands Training (Landscape)] 8.30
(Injury, Mortal Wound)
A Sensing Skill that allow the User to predict something in the next few moments.
Can have varies other variations with more focused predictions, which are:
Predict that the User is going to receive an Injury in the next few moments.

Mortal Wound
Predict that the User is going to receive a Mortal Wound in the next few moments.

[Formation: Accelerate] Activated [Strategist] skill which causes groups in formation under the skillholder's command to accelerate more rapidly towards the enemy. 5.62
[Formation: Anchors of Lead] Increasing the defence and weight of all the combatants in a formation under the User command, which makes them difficult for the enemy forces to charge and push trough. 8.24
[Formation: Dodge] Activated [Strategist] skill which causes groups in formation under the skillholder's command to dodge incoming enemies more easily. 4.25 N
[Formation: Reinforced Armor] 7.47 K
[Fortified Block] Talia
[Fortified Shields] 7.47 K
[Four Good Lies] Allows the User to lie four times in one week that will bypass all checks from truth stones and spells. 7.07
[Free Cut] Allow the User to perform an unstoppable cut with a sharp edge weapon without having to touch their opponent with it. 8.35
[Freeze, Criminal] 7.38
[Frenzy Cuts] A wilder version of [Flurry Blades]. 5.37 G
[Friend of Fur] Makes furry animals friendly to the User. 8.35
[Frozen Quickshape] An Ice Mages Skill that allows the Caster to change the shape of their Ice faster. 6.39
8.36 H
[Full Armor Onslaught]
[Full Power Blow] An attack that uses the maximum possible power that the User can physically handle. 7.47 K
[Full Power Throw] A throw that uses the maximum possible power that the User can handle. 7.42 M
[Full-Weight Counter] 8.13 F
[Fungoid Harvester] Meetings and Friendships
[Furious Charge] 7.47 K
[Furious Hunt: Hyenas] 8.37 H
[Furious Rage] 6.67
[Fury Strength] Greatly increases the User's strength in exchange for them giving in to anger. 5.34
[Future Negotiation] The User Forcefully delays a negotiation for a later date.
Doesn't work on High-Level Individuals.
8.05 I


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Gale Wings] Limited to winged races, this skill creates a large gust of wind when the skillholder flaps their wings. 6.48 T
[Gaping Bite] Horror Skill which modifies the User's mouth structure to give them a larger bite. 3.17 T
[Garden of Sanctuary] Gives the User access to a secure and magical garden.
For More Info See Here
[Gazelle’s Leap] Allow the User to be able to Leap like a Gazelle. 7.18 M
[Giant’s Hammer] Make an empowered hammer strike. 6.22 D
[Giant’s Sword] Super sizes the Users blade, the result depends on level, can result in a blade worthy of Giants. 7.35 C
8.19 H
[Giants on the March] Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Gift of Friendship: Keener Hearing] The Tribes of Izril
[Glaciersheet Ice] An Ice Mage Skill that make the Caster Ice tougher. 6.67
8.36 H
[Gliding Steps] Allows the User to move smoothly across rough terrain, namely non-ballroom floors. 6.27 M
[Glorious Charge] Makes the User's subordinates lighter, faster, and stronger as they charge the enemy. 2.29
[Glove Grip] Gives the Users hands similar tensile strength to toughened leather. Pebblesnatch and Garry
[Golden Investment]
[Golden Rays of Rhir] Shoots multiple large rays from the skies that turn the Target's skin into gold, to severely hurting them. Sacrifices the User's gold to activate. 7.36 C
[Gore Splash] Causes a struck body to explode, throwing gore everywhere. 5.42
[Gorecut Step]
[Grace of the Bastille] A Defensive Skill that can affect an entire army to defend with unnatural skill for 1 minute. 7.13 K
[Graceful Step] Allows the User to move gracefully. 3.14
[Gracious Invitation] Forcibly invite someone in a courteous way to come and stay at the User demands. It also force that person to politely answer back. 7.24
[Grand Slash] Extends a strike attack a great distance beyond the blade with the force of a greatsword.
Can also be used on a smaller weapon, like a dagger, to give it the same wide arc and force.
[Grand Theatre] A Dimensional Skill that transforms/extends a room after a certain point, to that of a spacious theatre room, roughly 3 times the size of an inn common room, using some form of spatial warping that repeats tself, minus the windows. How it would apply in other scenarios is unknown. 5.04
[Granite Formation]
[Grasshopper’s Run] Allow the User to run as if they were falling, pushing off the ground in bigger leaps and bounds as they leapt, and perform amazing flips. The User can also jump really high.
The Skill also partly makes the User much more fearless of the terrain they are running on so that they don't slow down from minor obstacles.
The User need to at least know how to do a tight front-flip in order to be able to use this Skill, and if they master them they be able to learn this Skill.
[Great Enemy: Goblin] 7.43 G
[Great Shield]
[Great Slash] Unleashes a powerful slashing attack that can severs the air and tears the ground. 5.51 G
[Great Swing] 7.47 K
[Greater Agility]
[Greater Blessing of Armor] 7.59
[Greater Dodge] Saliss the Adventurer
[Greater Endurance] 6.07 D
[Greater Far Cast] 7.59
[Greater Inebriated Strength]
[Greater Pain Tolerance] The highest known pain tolerance enhancement skill, the power of its effects is unknown. Separate from [Ignore Pain] 1.01 C
[Greater Resistance: Acid] Saliss the Adventurer
[Greater Resistance: Electricity] Saliss the Adventurer
[Greater Resistance: Fire] A Greater Fire Resistance Skill were it grants the User immunity from high temperature Fire and Heat. Saliss the Adventurer
[Greater Resistance: Poison]
[Greater Speed]
[Greater Strength] The highest known strength enhancement skill, the power of its effects is unknown. 1.10 R
[Greater Toughness] 7.33 I
[Greenbane Arrow] 7.43 G
[Grinder Teeth]
[Grounded Advance] Make the forces under the User command immune to Lightning Spells. 8.35
[Grudgescent Terrier] The User can sense if someone is guilty of any of the User's justified grudge of a particular case towards them or their associates. Numbtongue (Pt.2)
[Group: Speed Raiders] The User makes a group of raiders under their command faster, to the point that to them it feels as if everything move a bit slower. 8.38 H


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Hail of Bolts] A skill which causes a crossbows bolts to fly faster and with additional force 6.44 E
[Hail of Projectiles] Throws upwards of 30 projectiles in one throw. The amount may vary based on the level of the User. 7.42 M
[Half-Giant’s Stride]
[Hammer Blow]  Increases the power of a hammer strike 1.01 H
[Hammer Kick] Greatly increases the power of a single kick 6.22 D
[Hammering Blows]
[Hawk Eyes] /
[Hawk’s Eyes]
An Eyesight Vision Skill that gives the User a Hawk's peerless vision that could magnify itself. 8.33 R
[He Fought With All His Pride]
[He Scratched Only Thread] A Defending Skill that protects the User from lethal slash attacks, like having a sword literally running through the User’s side, by having the attacks going only over their skin, which damage only the cloths. 8.45 O
[Headhunter] Determine the value of someone for a specialized recruitment service. 6.23 D
[Headman’s Last Cut] 6.46 E
[Healthy Rearing] 3.23 L
[Hear Me] The User is able to have others hear them speaking above all else, even when they are out of earshot. 8.52 MN
[Heartbreaker Kiss] Causes an actual heartbreak as a projectile attack. Does not kill the target. 6.27 M
[Heavyweight Punch]
[Heightened Reflexes] Enhances the nimbleness and reflexes of the User. 7.34 C
[Hemostatic Pause] Upon touching someone they will stop bleeding from the area touched for a short time. 1.05 D
[Heroic Tolerance: Alcohol]
[High Jump] The User jumps significantly higher than normal. 7.44
[Highlight Target] The User mark someone that they can see as a Target to be attacked. The Skill-marked Target glows while under this Skill effect. 8.14 N
[Hill Ogre’s Smash] The User hits with the same force of a Hill Ogre. 8.24
[Hob’s Strength] Strengthen Skill that gives the User the strength of a Hobgoblin.
[Hold the Line] 4.49
[Holy Radiance] The User body shines in a brilliant glowing light for their allies, and a blinding light for their enemies, that is so bright that it destroyed their vision.
Golems, such as Armored Suits, and Undead are not blinded, although the Undead are weaken by it.
6.62 L
[Homing Arc] Causes an arced throw to arc towards the target as if homing in. 7.46 K
[Homing Arrows] 7.62
[Homing Kick] A Kicking Skill that makes something the User had kicked homing to were the User intended. 8.15
[Homing Shot] Causes an arrow to curve towards the target as if homing in. 4.33
[Homing Spell] 7.59
[Hook Punch]
[Horrendous Weather] Calls hazardous weather of heavy rain and thunderstorms. 8.14 N
[Hot Enough For You] Allow the User to cook spicy food that is comfortably hot enough for each consumers. 8.35
[Hour of the Secretary] A Temporal Skill that grants the User an Hour of free time to organize and plan while everything else is motionless, even on a battlefield.
Normally it is a Level 50 capstone Skill but it can also be obtained at Level 40, and has numerous applications, like instead of obtaining a full Hour of free time, you obtain less like 18 minutes, which in turn turns it into [Eighteen Minutes of the Secretary] Skill instead.
8.37 H
[Huge Chomp]
[Humble Actor] Seemingly both a Class and a Skill that make the actor appear meeker and more humble. 7.50
[Humble Presence] Makes the User seem less threatening. 3.21 L
[Hundred-Foot Lunge] 6.39
[Hundredfold Stab] Lets the User stab someone or something a hundred times in a few moments. 7.58
[Hunter’s Quarry] 6.43 E
[Hurricane Arrows] 6.23 D
[Hurricane Throw] 7.36 C
[Hydra’s Strikes] 7.36 C
[Hygienic Hands] 1.00 D


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[I Am Unmovable] Makes the User unmovable by vastly increase their defence to the point that they can brace a heavy assault charge, and not be uprooted from the spot. 8.19 H
[I Fear No Flame] A Superior Fire Resistance Skill were it grants the User complete immunity from extreme temperature Fire and Heat, and even from Dragon’s Fire. 8.09
[I Forged in the Greatest Fire I Have Known] A Unique [Smith]’s Skill that Grants the User the power to produce extreme temperature Fire and Heat, high enough to melt Adamantium, in a range of a thousand feet around them. 8.09
[I Fought Against Five Alone] For a moment 4 other perfect copies of the User appear to fight beside the User. 8.26 FK
[I Grew With Every Bite]
[I Left the Carrion None of Their Due] A Skill that doesn’t let the User and those under their command not permanently wound or killing their opponents by undoing ever inflicted wound or kill like;
Having those who suffered wounds like, a severed limb still being there intact, but becoming limp and unresponsive until this skill effect ends.
And those who have been killed like, being cut into bloody chunks, remaining whole and uncut, but going into an unconscious immobile unresponsive state. The 'dead' would wake in exactly 24 hours from the moment the blow had happened.
Only the opponents possessions, like armor and weapons, are not affected by this Skill, thus remaining damaged or destroyed.
Also the 'dead' opponents could still really die under other factors like, lack of oxygen.
8.52 MN
[I Struck Him Deaf] Randers a struck opponent by the User momentary deaf. 8.45 O
[Ice Magic Affinity] 6.39
[Ignore Pain] A passive Skill that makes the User ignore any pain they may be in. 4.27 H
[Illustrator’s Vision] 6.11
[Immobile Ranks] 7.47 K
[Immobilizing Touch] The User can Immobilize someone after touching them for a few seconds depending on their level.
High-level individuals will barely stop.
[Immunity: Alcohol] A toggleable Skill that can disable the drunken effects of alcohol. 1.45
[Impact Charge] 4.08 T
[Impact Punch]
[Impact Reflection] A [Driver] Skill that reverses the force of an impact towards the other party. 7.59
[Impact Rush] A charging Skill that knocks back opponents. 7.47 K
[Impactful Blows]
[Impartial Observer] 8.47 H
[Imperial Appraiser] Gives the User the ability to see flaws and hidden traits in most mundane items almost instantly. Krshia
[Imperial Aura] 6.08
[Imperial Levy] A Skill that requests fighting forces from other towns or cities. 4.35 E
[Implacable Demeanor]
[Implacable Order] Gives an order that can not be argued with only accepted or refused. 5.16 S
[Improved Bracing]
[Improved Mana Circulation]
[Incisive Comment] 6.57
[Increased Income] 5.17 S
[Indefinite Flotation] The Rower and the Bartender
[Indirect Bombardment] A Skill that relies on the User's intelligence to perform physics calculations with ballistic weapons. Experiments in Goblins
[Indirect Hex] 7.59
[Indomitable Will] 1.41
[Inebriated Toughness]
[Ingredients Sense (Minor)] Allowed the User to instantly know what edible things are around them.
Although it has a range of about 5 feet, it still pickes up everything edible in the area.
7.05 P
[Injury Sense] 1.01 D
[Inn’s Aura] An Aura Skill that allows the User to control the area around their inn in ways that can help allies and impede enemies. 2.23
[Innate Spell: Detect Magic]
[Inspiring Words] 5.62
[Instant Retribution: Threat] Inflict immediate punishment to someone who made a threatening statement/action. 8.50
[Insult to Injury] 7.31
[Instantaneous Barrage (Phantom Arrows)] Commonly shortened to [Instantaneous Barrage], this Skill shoots a second wave of phantom arrows directly after the first real volley shot by allied forces. 7.23 LM
[Instantaneous Redirection] Instantly changes the direction of the User regardless of momentum and angle. 7.03
[Instantaneous Reload] Reloads bows or crossbows of allied forces immediately using real arrows or bolts. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Interception Fire] 7.47 K
[Intimidating Glare] 3.11 E
[Intimidating Stare] Possibly a joke Skill 2.37
[Intuition] 2.09
[Invisible Appearing Rock] Conjure an invisible rock so that someone trips on it. 8.51 D
[Invisible Bolt] Turns a fired crossbow or ballista bolt invisible. 7.47 K
[Invisible Cast]
[Iron Skin]
or [Iron Scales]
A higher level version of [Thick Skin/Scales] that gives the user much stronger and more resistant skin/scales. 1.14
[Iron Will] Renders User immune to most if not all fear effects.
[It Hurts Less]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Jab Barrage] Attack Skill in which the User launches a flurry of stabbing attacks.
If the attacks are successful, it can knock several opponents down or backwards.
8.18 H


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Keen Blades] Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
[Keen Eyes] 5.41
[Keener Edge] A cutting Skill that makes an iron blade cut perfectly for the first few blows. 5.15
[King’s Bounty] 3.01 E
[Kiss of the Viper]
[Knight’s Challenge] 5.08
[Know Thy Audience] The User obtianes some informations from his audience, such as their true Identity and their Class. 7.56
[Knuckles of Iron]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Lance Thrust] The User thrust attack, which an be either with a lance or even a sword, has all the force of a charging [Knight] on horseback put into a fast blow. The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Lancing Hydrastrike] A lance  attack that strikes out multiple times at once. 7.42 M
[Lancing Thrust] A piercing thrust attack. 6.19 H
[Launch Kick] A kicking skill that sends an enemy flying in the direction of the kick. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Launch Palm] 8.48 H
[Launching Strike] 6.56
[Law of the Inn] Force anyone to follow the Law in the User's Inn, like preventing a High Level Mage from casting an offensive spell. The Hangover After
[Lawbreaker’s Enemy] It gives the User an advantage in all ways against criminals.
It doesn’t take into account the criminals status, just whether they broke laws.
It would be even stronger on someone else, and poorly on someone who broke a few rules.
Two Rats
[Layered Ward] Wistram Days (Pt. 6)
[Leap of Death]
[Leaping Strike] 7.42 M
[Leg Sweep]
[Legendary Reputation]
[Legions of Steel] Turns the actual skin and scales of the User's army into steel. Any steel armor also becomes thicker. 6.22 D
[Lesser Bond: (Name)] Gives the User a bond to a creature that lets the User vaguely sense the creature's needs ie: hunger, pain etc. 3.11 E
[Lesser Dexterity] The User body becomes a little bit dexterous, allowing them to do backflips with ease and walk on the edge of rooftops with more grace. 7.58
8.13 F
[Lesser Endurance] A passive Skill that helps the User's body sustain itself for longer periods of strenuous activity. 2.07
[Lesser Explosive Resistance] Grants the User immunity from the force of small explosions.
[Lesser Intuition] 3.22 L
[Lesser Pain Tolerance] A passive Skill that helps wounded warriors keep fighting while wounded. 4.27 H
[Lesser Resistance: Blades]
[Lesser Resistance: Disease] 1.00 D
[Lesser Resistance: Infection] 1.00 D
[Lesser Stamina] A passive Skill that helps with sustaining a single activity for long periods of time. 1.01 D
[Lesser Strength] A Skill that gives the User a bit of enhanced strength. 1.10 R
[Lesser Toughness] 3.27 M
[Lesser Wisdom] A passive Skill that helps the User comprehend and innovate better. Meetings and Friendships
[Let’s Make a Deal] 8.05 I
[Lifeburning Flames] The User generates the pure essence of flames that burns everything, by sight alone.
This fire is so hot and pure that the Fae stirred at it, and even a hundreds of miles away, it can wake a Dragon, and all [Pyromancers] and the likes in the distance can feel it's heat.
6.43 E
[Lightning Gallop] Gives the User a burst of speed on horseback or as a centaur. 6.41 E
[Lightning Hooves] Similar Skill to [Lightning Gallop] that effects multiple people/horses. 5.51 G
[Lightning Jab]
[Lightning Melody] Calls down lightning through the use of music. Can be bolstered by other storm and lightning based spells. 5.53
[Lightning Slash] An attack that sends actual lightning coursing through the enemies body along with the slash. 4.49
[Lightning Sprint] Gives the user an immense burst of speed. 4.30
8.26 FK
[Lightweight Craft] A boat specific Skill that makes the vehicle lighter. 6.07 D
[Like a Lion, He Leapt] Allows the User to leap high overhead into the air in a single jump until they reach the zenith of the arc and then fall like a meteor towards their designated spot. 8.54 H
[Like Fire, Memory] Gives the User the ability to recollect memories and emotions in the form of a flame with different colors and effects. Each flame has a different purpose and the Skill will find different flames for each User of the Skill. 7.01
[Limited Regeneration] Meetings and Friendships
[Limited Telepathy] The User and their Target are able to tell a bit of what each other are thinking. This enables them to communicate a little bit without actualy talking. 8.23
[Line-Ender Shot] 8.19 H
[Lineholder Formation] 6.23 D
[Lingering Presence] 5.17 S
[Long Backstep]
[Long Ear] Gives the User long range hearing. 5.11 E
[Long-Range Command] Gives the User the ability to be heard for great distances similar to using a megaphone. 7.03
[Long Range Shot] Lets the User fire a bow or crossbow at much longer distances. 4.33
[Longclaw Grip] The User reaches out further than they should be able to and is able to move with precision. 7.57
[Longrange Shot] 7.59
[Loot Weighs Nothing] Anything the User has picked up as loot, be it objects or people, they can curry without being effecting by their weigh. 8.39
[Loud Voice] The User can temporarily speak much louder than normal. 1.00 C
[Lover’s Lucky Charm] Conditional Skill...
[Low-born Militias] 4.21 E
[Low-Grade Synthesis] 6.39
[Lucky Dodge] Gives the target or User an unnatural ability to dodge for a short time. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 1)
[Lure Song] The User's singing or music acts as bait for the listener to lure them closer. 6.61 L


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Mach Punch] The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Mach Wings] Accelerates an airborne User. 7.03
[Madman’s Sprint]
[Mageward Shield] The User Enchant a shield to be able to block Attack Spells, even if it's a [Siege Fireball]. 8.26 FK
[Magic of Will]
[Magic Thought] 7.09 K
[Magic-Water Solvent] 6.39
[Magical Cooking] 2.23
[Magical Grounds] Makes the ground in the User's territory and the buildings on top of it and its surrounding able to contain more magic, as if it were on a magical leyline. 3.33
[Magical Specialization: Sand] The User becomes specialized in Sand type Spells. 7.09 K
[Magical Tutelage (Grand Magus)]
[Magicguard Block]
[Magicslayer’s Shot] 6.43 E
[Magnetic Pull] 8.00
[Magnified Training] Increases how fast the User learns while training. 7.16 L
[Maintain the Pace]
[Malady’s Cessation] Halts the advance of a Disease, allowing the immune system to fight it off.
The Skill Effect only last for an Hour.
7.22 D
[Malleable Metal] 6.13 K
[Mana Conversion – Sustenance]
[Mana Pool] 8.12 T
[Mana Reserve] Provides the User with more reservoirs of mana to draw upon. 7.09 K
[Mana Well] Provides the User with a deeper reservoir of mana to draw upon. 6.67
[Mana Well (Earthen)] Provides the User with a deeper reservoir of mana to draw upon, as well as charging their mana through ambient Earth Magic.
[Marathon Run]
[March of the Invincible] Empowers soldiers to a high degree. 7.47 K
[Marionette’s Imitation] The User can act as someone's marionette, which allows that person to speak with the User voice, while the User moved their mouth in time to that person talking. The User can also feel how they should move their body-language and gesticulating to the way that person would like. Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Mark of Worth] Helps the User find worthy companions, retainers, and allies. Talia
[Mark Target]
[Marked Target]
7.47 K
[Mark’s Eye] 8.09
[Mass Prayer] 4.15 L
[Master of Faces] The User can impersonate others by physically changing their appearance. 6.34 E
[Master’s Sympathy]
[Measure of Valor] Talia
[Melody of Speed] Selected targets that hear this song will speed up. 7.59
[Memo] Sends out a message like a [Message] Spell but with a more limited range. Sand and Notes
[Memory of a Hundred Lifetimes]
[Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes]
[Memory of the Earth] A Meeting of Druids
[Memory of the Quarass] A Quarass specific Skill that lets the User remember the memories of the Quarass past lives. 6.12 K
[Memory-Fixed Words] The User can embed the Words they said as long-term memory to those who listen to them so they can remember the Words said. Experiments in Golems
[Method Acting] An [Actor] Skill that allows the User to become a little like the person they are playing. The User only becomes as good as someone with around ten levels, so while they can copy a [Butcher] and do a decent job even without training, it still takes a lot of work to get any better.
If the User keeps copying someone for a while, they can get even better.
[Might of Four] 7.42 M
[Mind of the Strategist] The User has a separate ‘layer’ of consciousness of inner thoughts that could function even as the User at large was suffering from some outside effect. 8.14 N
[Miner’s Claws] 6.38
[Mineral Distillation] 6.39
[Minor Accident Prevention] Pauses a small accident before it is finished. This has been shown as stopping a falling pan in mid-air. 7.53
[Minotaur Punch] A more advanced version of [Power Strike] in which the User can punch with the force of a Minotaur. Can be used twice in a row, but may increas the number at the higher level. 2.26
[Minute of Iron] 5.62
[Mirage Cut] Causes the User's sword attack to blur on the way to its target. 2.24 T
[Mistreach Cut]
[Moodreader] Lets the User see other people's general state of mind. 6.06 D
[Mortal Enemy: Slavers]
[Motivational Speech]
[Mother’s Flight]
[Mount and Rider: Shared Skills] Any Skills that would have only been given to the User or a single target are now shared with their mount. 7.18 M
[Muffled Armor] Makes the User Armor silent while moving. 8.24
[My Life, My King] Gives the User's life in service of their King. The User will persist after death for a short while until the King is safe. 7.47 K
[My Other Self] Summons a clone of the User, one that looks, sounds and has the same personality as the original, making them indistinguishable. 7.35 C
7.36 C
[My Pain Is My Strength]
[My Tools Were Unbroken] A Unique [Smith]’s Skill that protects their smithing tools from breaking, from like extreme temperature Fire and Heat. 8.09


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Name Your Price] Force someone to name the price of something in their possessions and then sell it if the User can pay for it. 8.49 M
[Natural Allies: Fortress Beavers] Gives the User an affinity and inherent trust with Fortress Beavers. 7.28
[Natural Allies: Goblins] Gives the User an affinity and inherent trust with Goblins. 5.44
[Natural Allies: Ogres] Gives the User an affinity and inherent trust with Ogres. 7.43 G
[Natural Allies: Sariant Lamb] Gives the User an affinity and inherent trust with Sariant Lambs. The Pets of Innworld
[Natural Concealment] Makes the User harder to detect and notice in all situations where the Skill is active.
Its Weakness is that the User does not remain unnoticed if someone focuses on them.
3.27 M
[Natural Gift: Fur of the Fortress] Gives the User the Fortress Beavers' shaggy and presumably protective fur. 7.28
[Natural Oils] The User can distill a much larger amount of oils from natural sources like animals than they would normally. 7.05 P
[Natural Seasonings]
[Natural Yeast] 7.06
[Nerve Strike: Paralysis] 1.10 R
[Nerves of Steel] Remain calm in dangerous or difficult situations.
[Never again, Nevermore] Capable of cancelling at least a Tier 6 Spell. 8.28
[No Pulling Out] 8.05 I
[No Retreat! No Surrender! Hold Your Ground!] 8.24
[Non-Allergen Cooking] Allows the User to make any food they served or ate tolerable regardless of allergies. Mating Rituals Pt.2
[Numbing Touch] Depending on the strength of the User this could have an effect anywhere from slightly numbing pain of a target to a full paralysis effect. 1.01 D


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Officer Headhunter Mode] If the User's opponents are officers, then they will see a vision of other dead officers killed by the User 8.34 R
[Officer’s Second Chance] 8.48 H
[Omnidirectional Blow] Allow the User to hit their opponent from any direction. 8.37 H
[On The Job Training For Services Rendered] A Skill that award the User with Free Skills from the successful work they do at their current job.
The Free Skills that are earn are related to the job.
8.37 H
[On the March: Vigilance and Speed] Make a marching group under the User command faster, and their awareness for any potential threats higher. 8.29
[One Day Bloom] A rare Farming Skill that makes a crop harvestable in one day. 6.34 E
[One Dies Before The Other] Sacrifices the life of the User for a dying companion. 7.58
[One Good Lie]
[One of the Lads] Makes the User be undisguisable from the allies under their command. 8.26 FK
[Order of the Samaritan] A [Healer] Skill that forces a someone to obey if the User has good intentions. 6.33 E
[Order: Throw Them Back] Empowers a group of fights so that their blows will launch enemy's backwards. 8.19 H
[Our Blades Sang Through All Things] Makes the User and their allies weapons capable to cut and piercing metal with ease. 8.26 FK
[Overcut Arc] 7.47 K
[Overpowering Blow] 5.34
[Overpowering Chop] Overly increases the strength of a cutting blow. 8.57 H


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Pact: The Hard-Working Lamb (Sariant) The Pets of Innworld
[Parallel Thoughts] The User splits their brain power to focus on multiple lines of thinking simultaneously. 6.51 A
[Parry Blade] Defensive Skill that knock down an incoming blow once. 8.05 I
[Parry Blade — Sevenfold Reserve] Just like the [Parry Blade] Defensive Skill but in layman terms it could knock down an incoming blow seven times perfectly, then it ran out.
This Skill has a cooldown that ‘recharge’ in time.
8.05 I
[Partial Reconstruction] Repairs physical damage to one's property. Minor damage can be repaired easily while major damage may only be moderately corrected.
Can also be used to actually construct (or help in constructing) new parts; however the Skill can only be used for minor/partial addendums, ie: a few roof tiles and not a completely new roof.
[Path of Flames] Creates a trail of spreading flames behind each of the User's steps. 7.59
[Path to Victory] Allows the User to see a vision/s of the future that leads to their desired victory.
The vision can only show what may happen, not what will happen.
The Skill is not foolproof as the future is constantly changing, which causes the seen vision to fail and deviate to a different vision.
[Peace of the Wild] Communicates intent of peace towards wild creatures.
This Skill can come as an upgrade of [Wild Affinity].
5.06 M
[Peaceful Rest] Gives the User a more restful sleep in harsh conditions. Two Rats
[Peacekeeper’s Pass] Negotiator Skill, as long as the user does not harm the opposing party then they can not be attacked. 8.05 I
[Peilspear Formation] A Formation Skill that helps spear and lancer users to aim by improving their focus. 7.24
[Pepper Corn] 8.09
[Perfect Action: Stealth Roll]
[Perfect Block] Lets the User be able to block an attack to themself to the best of their ability.

A blocking Skill, same effect as the Perfect line of Skills.

[Perfect Dodge] Lets the User dodge an upcoming danger to the best of their ability. 6.48 T
[Perfect Guard] Lets the User perform defensive stands to block attacks to the best of their ability.
[Perfect Imitation] Lets the User imitate someone to the best of their ability. 6.63 P
[Perfect Parry] Lets the User parrying something to the best of their ability. Saliss the Adventurer
[Perfect Recall] The User has the ability to remember things perfectly when they pertain to the arts such as song lyrics, plays etc. 2.17
[Perfect Reduction] 6.39
[Perfect Temperature Control] Gives the User great control over temperature, like [Blacksmiths] to avoid overheating metal. 7.40 ER
[Perfect Throw] Lets the User execute a throw to the best of their ability. 7.46 K
[Performance Supplies: 5 Gold] The User gets access to approximately five gold worth of supplies before an actor's performance. Commonly shortened to just [Performance Supplies]. 6.63 P
7.15 R
[Perpendicular Shot] The User shoots an arrow wide of their Target, that when it flash past the Target, it suddenly turn at a ninety-degree angle and shot straight at the Target. 8.43
[Phantom Bracer] 7.47 K
[Phantom Spearwall] Brings a wall of spectral spears in front of the User. 7.47 K
[Phantom Sword Slash]
[Phantom Volley] A spectral copy of a previously fired volley of arrows appear as if shot with the same effects and momentum. 7.03
[Physical Enhancement: Flexibility] Renders the User body more flexible then a gymnast. 7.22 D
[Physical Overdrive] The User moves twice as fast as before pushing the limits of their body. 7.18 M
[Pierce Thrust] A piercing spear Skill that punches through enemies. The Gecko of Illusions
[Piercing Arms] 5.62
[Piercing Arrow] 7.13 K
[Piercing Blow] 6.48 T
[Piercing Shot] A piercing arrow attack similar to [Piercing Arrow], may be an upgraded skill of some sort. 4.30
[Piercing Stab] 7.62
[Piercing Strikes] Enchant the User attacks, be it from sword or arrows/bolts, with the strength to pierce/penetrate the Target. 8.22 HE
[Piercing Swing] 7.33 I
[Pinpoint Discord] Helps the User identify strife or arguments and their origins. 7.50
[Pinpoint Distance Shot] An Archery Skill that combined range and accuracy. 8.15
[Pinpoint Shot]
[Pinpoint Strike] Can place any arrow or blade wherever the User wanted once.
The Skill is considered similar to [Unerring Throw] or Skills like that, but superior in accuracy, if limited in uses.
[Pinpoint Volley] The User increases their allied volley projectiles precision. 8.24
[Pikewall Formation] 7.18 M
[Point-Blank Shot] 1.01 H
[Poison Immunity] Makes the User invulnerable to poison whether the source is from attacks or alchemical errors or anywhere else. 6.39
[Polite Deflection] The User can abruptly cause to change the direction of someone coming at them in a politely way. 4.48
[Polite Demeanor] 1.03 D
[Porcupine’s Onslaught] 8.33 R
[Power Kick] The User executes a strong kick. 7.27
[Power Shot] The User shoots a single strong arrow. 6.26
[Power Strike] A weaponless attack that is stronger than normal. 1.41
[Power Strokes] A Rowing Skill that gives the User more power when rowing. 6.22 D
[Power Throw]
[Prayer] 2.31
[Prayer: A Leaf in the Storm] 7.60
[Prediction of Success] Gives the chances of success for a certain action such as the chances that a potion will cure a poison. 7.55 E
[Preferred Foe: Criminal]
[Prey Sense] Allows the User to sense any creatures it considers prey in their vicinity. 6.61 L
[Pride of the Waves] Makes the User's allies fight twice as hard while at sea. Strategists at Sea (Pt. 2)
[Pride is Unbreakable] An Aura Skill based on the amount of Pride the User has in themselves. It makes the User become very sturdy. Talia
[Pride is Weight] An aura Skill based on the amount of Pride the User has in themselves. The User seems as if they weigh much more than they should. Talia
[Productivity Spike] A Corporate Skill, meanly for economic-focused [Lords/ies], that relied on organization. It take the best day the User's company had ever had and ensured another day of the same level of quality.
On a poor company, it was a poor effect, but on a competent company, it was a great effect.
This Skill effect has a duration of 4 hours.
7.33 I
[Projection: Shield Ram] The User project a giant, glowing, spectral copy of their own shield, and rams it at great force at the opponent. 8.35
[Prolonged Negotiations] Extends the potential business partner's stay by making them want to continue negotiating. 6.17 S
[Promote the Pawn: Class Ascension] Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Protect the Innocent]
[Protector’s Order] 7.03
[Pure Acceleration] 7.42 M
[Purified Flesh] Cleanse the User's body from poisons. 7.36 C
[Purity Check] 8.13 F


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Quake Blow] 6.44 E
[Quality Scent] A Skill that helps detect the quality of items through smell. Krshia
[Quick Appraisal] An Intuition Skill that gives the User a quick appraise of the value of various objects.
Doesn't work or gives nothing much if the objects are warded from appraisal.
8.57 H
[Quick Arrows] 5.02
[Quick Assembly] 6.04 D
[Quick Boiling] Makes liquids boil much quicker than normal. Pebblesnatch and Garry
[Quick Evaluation] Close to an [Appraisal] Skill that will let the User examine groups in detail which helps make conclusions about their makeup and equipment. 7.39 A
[Quick Gallop] Speeds up a force of riders as if pushed from behind. 5.32 G
[Quick Growth] 3.17 T
[Quick Kick] A fast kick that can be used on reflex. 6.38
[Quick Movement] A Skill that can be used in short or long bursts for extra speed though they still tire out the User. 2.18
[Quick Recollection] A passive Skill that lets the User remember things much quicker. 7.33 I
[Quick Recovery] 1.45
[Quick Slash] A quicker than normal attack with a bladed weapon. 5.39
[Quick Slumber] Allows the User to fall asleep in 2 seconds whenever they wish. 8.16
[Quick Sprint] 1.05 D
[Quick Step] A Skill that functions similarly to the spell [Flash Step] it is slightly less powerful, but it does not use mana. Both options allow the User to move quickly in blurring motions. 7.13 K
[Quick Strike] A basic attacking Skill that allows the User to attack faster than normal. 4.22 E
[Quickened Breeding (Animals)]
[Quick Training: Fighters] The User can quickly train beginner fighters, and get them into decent fighting shape in only a few days. 8.38 H


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Radiant Courage]
[Raiding Opportunities] A Sensing Skill that allows the User to know when raiding opportunities are close by. 8.38 H
[Rain of Arrows] 8.28
[Raise Corpse]
[Raise the Banner: Hold, with Sword and Spell] 8.19 H
[Rally To Me]
[Rallying Position]
[Rallying Presence]
[Ram’s Charge]
[Rapid Acceleration]
[Rapid Advance]
[Rapid Maneuvering]
[Rapid March]
[Rapid Reload]
[Rapid Retreat]
[Rapid Shot]
[Razor Slash]
[Re-read the Passage] The User can remember a writing passage that they had read as if they are rereading it again. 8.59 H
[Reaching Slash] 8.05 I
[Read Your Lips] Without hearing the speaker voice the User can read their lip movements to understand what they saying, just like lip-reading.
At High-Level the User can also read and understand what the speaker really what they wanted to say but don’t actually say it.
8.55 L
[Rearward Cut] The User appears at their opponents back, akin to a short range instantaneous teleport. 5.58
[Reassuring Presence]
[Recall Guilt]
[Recall Text] The User recalls a text that they have read with perfect clarity. 8.06 RT
[Recall Weapon] Calls back the Users weapon. 8.19 H
[Recall Weapon: Spear] Calls back Users spear.
[Recapture the Runaway] Recapture with ease escaped captives like prisoners or slaves. 8.57 H
[Reckless Charge]
[Recreate Image] 8.34 R
[Redirect Arrows]
[Redirect Missile] 7.54
[Refinement by Accolade] 7.50
[Reflection Stave] The Tribes of Izril
[Regeneration] Saliss the Adventurer
[Reinforced Armor (Steel)]
[Reinforced Arrows]
[Reinforced Block]
[Reinforced Frame]
[Reinforced Guitar]
[Reinforced Hulls]
[Reinforced Structure]
[Reinforce Will]
[Rejoin Thread] 8.48 H
[Rekindle Flame]
[Remote Detonation] Can cause the users alchemical flasks to explode from a distance. Saliss the Adventurer
[Remote Explosion]
[Remove Food Poisoning] 7.55 E
[Remove Mess] 8.00
[Renew Skill] 7.55 E
[Repel Point]
[Request Denied] 8.05 I
[Resistance: Acid] Saliss the Adventurer
[Resistance to Fire] A Fire Resistance Skill were it grants the User immunity from normal temperature Fire and Heat. 8.09
[Restore Courage] Restore the User's allies courage and will to fight. 8.24
[Restore Morale] 8.19 H
[Retribution of the Shield] Stores strikes into shield which can then be used to launch and enemy. 7.42 M
[Revelation of Sin]
[Revitalizing Touch]
[Ricochet Arrow] Causes an Arrow shot by the User to bounce, as if it was rubber, off the first place it hits, to keep flying off and actually hit another place. 7.23 LM
[Riders on the Storm] Turns a company of riders into living lightning which can then fall and strike the enemy. 7.36 C
[Rising Dough]
[Rock Polishing]
[Rock Scent]
[Romantic Push] 8.24
[Rope Trick]
[Row With All Your Might]
[Royal Arms]
[Royal Command — Fourfold Volley] 8.19 H
[Royal Contract]
[Royal Promise]
[Royal Tax]
[Royal Vanguard]
[Run Down Opposition] 8.10


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Safety of the Home] A Protective Skill that safeguard the people inside or close to the User's House from harm, like forming a barrier for spell attacks.
It can also temporally keep back a riding assault for more than a minute, or less if some were high-level.
8.33 R
[Sanctuary of the Desert] 5.02
[Scatter Gallop]
[Scavenger Armor]
[Scythe’s Arc] 7.61
[Scythe Cut]
[Scything Arms]
[Second Wind]
[Seduction Dance] The User dances in a hypnotic dance that seduce their viewers. Foliana
[See it My Way] Have someone agree to the User way of doing or thinking about something. 8.53 FH
[Seeker Shot] Shoots a homing ranged projectile that curves in midair to hit a moving target.
[Seeking Arrow] Shoots a homing arrow that curves in midair to hit a moving target. 7.58
[Seeking Missile] Shoots a homing arrow that twist in midair to perfectly hit the target. 8.18 H
[Seeking Shots] Shoots multiple homing ranged projectiles that curve in midair to hit a moving target. 8.09
[Sense Affection (Platonic)]
[Sense Heat] Allow the User to see body heat. May even also allow seeing all relative temperatures. 8.20
[Sense Intentions]
[Sense for Spectacle] A Sensing Skill that tells the User that a noteworthy spectacle is going to take place. 8.35
[Sense Trickery]
[Sentience-class Crafting] The User can craft Golems with the capacity for thought equal to that of an animal or a child. Experiments in Golems
[Sergeant’s Command] 8.34 R
[Server’s Memory]
[Server’s Prescience]
[Seven-League Bolts]
[Shadow Cut]
[Shadow Doppelganger] 7.42 M
[Shadow Leap]
[Shadowcut Blade]
[Shadowhook Punch] The User punches as if each punch was an aura attack, making it hard to see—invisible if you couldn’t sense auras at all—and hard to block. The punches can also hurt far more than they should have, and can cut through Defensive Skill, like [Steel Skin], to hit the opponent. 8.37 H
/ [Shadowsteps]
User teleports from within a shadow into another shadow. 7.58
[Sharper Edge]
[Sharpened Edge]
[Shatter Blows]
[Shield Bash]
[Shield Breaker]
[Shield Destroyer]
[Shield of the Fortress] The User conjure from their own shield, a pale, sage-green shield, that traced a teardrop shape as wide as a street, and is capably of bouncing off spells and heavy hits. 8.19 H
[Shield of the King]
[Shield of Valor]
[Shield Ram]
[Shield Wall]
[Shieldtaunt] 7.47 K
[Shieldwall Formation]
/ [Shield Wall Formation]
[Ship’s Beacon]
[Ship: Armor-piercing Shot]
[Ship: Burst of Speed]
[Ship: Homing Missiles]
[Ship: Slippery Decks] 7.47 K
[Ship Spell: Bound Wind]
[Ship Spell: Depth Explosion]
[Ship Spell: Floor of Impalement]
[Shockwave Hammer] 7.36 C
[Shockwave Palm] 7.42 M
[Shockwave Punch] 7.42 M
[Shopper’s Stop] Makes the User's shop more popular and often visited. 6.02
[Sickle Cut] 8.18 H
[Sight’s Bane Formation] A Commander's Skill that turns an entire army under the User's command invisible for 3 minutes. 7.35 C
[Silenced Maneuvers] Allow a Group under the User Command to move muffled and quiet, even if they are in heavy armor. 8.19 H
[Silver Illusion: Whirlwind of Blades] Saliss the Adventurer
[Silvertouched Wares] Gives the Skillowner a silver coin's more value when making any purchase. This can come in the form of higher quality or more product. Krshia
[Simple Trap Construction]
[Six-fold Grand Slash]
[Sixblade Slash] A variant of [Grand Slash] Skill. Saliss the Adventurer
[Skillbreaker Palm] The User can break an opponent Skill Effect with a palm-strike.
May require multiple palm-strikes to break some Skills.
8.48 H
[Skirmisher’s Onslaught]
[Sleep Storage] The User can store from an hour, up to a month of their sleep time so that they can go without need of sleep for the same amount of time. 8.16
[Sleight of Hand]
[Slinger’s Whirl]
[Slow Toss]
[Sluggish Advance] Commanding Skill that makes an advancing enemy forces move in slower-motion. 8.18 H
[Smoker’s Lungs] Allows the User to hold smoke in their lungs and then exhale it without breathing it. The Gecko of Illusions
[Snap Throw]
[Snare Net] Senior Guardsman Relc
[Sober Up] 8.34 R
[Social Network]
[Song of Rejuvenation] 7.58
[Sonic Arrow] Shoot an Arrow at the speed of sound. 8.09
[Soothing Melody]
[Soul’s Armaments: Mundane] Meetings and Friendships
[Source Information]
[Spear Art: Sands Fly Apart] The User slashes with their pole weapon to cut through the enemies ranks in an explosive shockwave. 8.26 FK
[Spear Art: Skyjump] The spear wielding User jumps as if launching themselves into the air, hundreds of feet up. 8.58 PFH
[Spear Art: The Falling Sparks]
[Spear Dance: Crashing Rapids]
[Spear Dance: The Fish Leap]
[Spear Flurry] 8.34 R
[Spectator’s Concealment] 7.03
[Speed Formation]
[Speed Painting]
Allows the User to paint at great speed. 8.34 R
[Speed Reading]
[Speed Slash]
[Speed Stitching]
[Spellbreaker Guard] 7.47 K
[Spellstrike Arms] Meetings and Friendships
[Spellward Shields] Renders the shield of the User and their Allies, able to Block Spells. 7.13 K
[Spirit of the Wild (Enhancement)] The User is overall boosted based on the further away they are from civilization. 8.35
[Spiritguard Deflection] A Defensive Skill that allows the User to automatically react to an incoming attack by deflecting it with more power back, or just blocking it.
The User can use an object at hand, like a clipboard, to assist in their defence.
Can only be used once before going to cooldown, but it recharges pretty fast.
8.37 H
[Splinter Arrowheads]
[Splintershot Arrow] Shoot an Arrow that explode into multiple copies which shot to the Targets. 8.52 MN
[Spot Deception]
[Spot the Culprit] An Identity Skill that is able to tell who has committed a crime or other misdeed. 8.51 D
[Spray Cutter]
[Spray Hoof]
[Squad: Hob’s Strength] Strengthen Skill that gives the User and some of their allies the strength of a Hobgoblin.
[Squad: Incorruptible Watchmen] 8.34 R
[Squad: Minor Swarmblades] Conjure a small swarm of strange spectral insects around the blades of the User and some of their allies, to land on their opponents to bite and sting them. 8.52 MN
[Squad: Unity’s Coordination] 8.34 R
[Static Shield] Created a light, azure force field as a shield that stayed in the air wherever the User wanted.
At low-level the shield is about as tough as a thick glass, and it could only block a strike or a few arrows before shattering.
Once used this Skill need some time to recharge before it can be used again.
[Steady Hooves]
[Steady Rhythm]
[Stealth Wing] Make some forces under the User command more stealth. 8.35
[Stealthguard] Can detect ambushes and even magical camouflage. 8.14 N
[Steel Curtain Formation] 7.37
[Steel Skin] A Defensive Skill that makes the User skin as hard as steel. 8.37 H
[Steelbreaker Punch]
[Steelcut Sunder]
[Steelflesh Charge] For a few seconds, renders as hard as Steel the flesh of both the Men and Horses in a Cavalry that is affiliated with the User. 7.13 K
[Steelfriend’s Pact] 7.49
[Steelguard Block] The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Steelshorn Relentless]
[Sterile Field]
[Sterile Equipment]
[Still Blade]
[Stoneskin Formation]
[Stonewall Formation]
[Stonewall Shield]
[Storm of Stabs] 7.35 C
[Street Invisibility]
[Street’s Honor]
[Strike my Shield]
[String of Fate]
[Stronger Together]
[Stunning Bash] 7.47 K
[Sublime Daydream] 8.36 H
[Summon Book] Summon a book that is available to the User about a subject that match what they are seeking. 8.50
[Summon Flame Elemental] Summons a fiery elemental to fight on ones side. 7.58
[Summoning: Call the Great Ancestors]
[Summon: Company of Khelt] Summon 300 of Khelt's Skeletal Warriors from the ground. 8.26 FK
[Summon Allies: Wolves of the North] Summon a huge packs of wolves out of a sudden blizzard of snow, to help the User and their allies. 8.26 FK
[Summon Dust Storm] Summon a small sandstorm. 8.57 H
[Summoning: Pass Wounds]
[Sundering Palm] The User can sever their Target with their Palm attack.
[Sundering Scythe] 8.24
[Sundering Slash] The User can sever their Target with their Slash attack.
[Sundering Strikes] The User can sever their Target with their Strike attack. Experiments in Golems
[Superior Counter Fire] A Counter Skill to projectile attacks that conjures superior projectiles in greater number and power, and automatically arced back to the attacker. 8.14 N
[Superiority Made Manifest] 8.30
[Supplies: Flarepepper Powder] 7.12 G
[Sure Footing]
/ [Surefoot]
Ensures that the User doesn’t lose footing on some unstable grounds.
[Suresand Step] Ensures that the User doesn’t lose footing on sandy ground.
[Surge of Inspiration]
[Surge of Strength]
[Surpass Limits]
[Survival Veteran] Lets the User cook at a level a bit below a [Basic Cooking] Skill. 8.31
[Survivor’s Intuition]
[Swarmblades] Conjure a swarm of strange spectral insects around the User's blades, to land on their opponents to bite and sting them. 8.52 MN
[Sway Dodge] Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Sweeten the Deal] 8.05 I
[Swift Infantry]
[Swift Levelling] The User can boost the people around them to Levelling quickly. The people must still have earned the Levelling for this Skill to work. Of Vampires and Fraerlings
[Swift Mustering]
[Swift Rearmament] Change in less than half a second, one weapon on hand (like a sword), to another off hand (like a crossbow), without having to feel around to find it by having the weapon’s handle in the User grip immediately after reaching for it. 8.22 HE
[Swift Redeployment]
[Swift Steps]
[Sword: Keening Edge]
[Sword Art: Curve of the Moon] TBA
After Use it's on cooldown for nearly a half-hour.
8.18 H
[Sword Art: Four Singing Stars] 7.42 M
[Sword Art: Hurricane’s Spiral] 7.13 K
[Sword Art: Kraken’s Tendrils Lash] 7.47 K
[Sword Art: Scattering Petals on the Wind] 4.05 K
[Sword Art: Serpent Dance] Saliss the Adventurer
[Sword Art: The Farmer’s Scythe] 8.18 H
[Sword Art: The Tide Breaks] 7.13 K
[Sword Fighting – Basic]
[Sympathetic Ear]
[Sympathetic Healing]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Take His Perspective] 8.08 J
[Talent Finder] Helps the User find the people best suited for a task, whether they know it or not. 4.20 E
[Talent Seeker]
[Target Shield]
[Tavern Brawling] Innate sense for fighting in an inn or tavern.
[Tea Omens] 7.55 E
[Ten Second Rush] The actions of the User becomes faster, for 10 seconds. 7.24
[The Actor’s Shadow] 7.50
[The Avid Collector]
[The Choice of the Conquered] A powerful Skill where the User gives the people they conquered the choice of obeying them or not. If there is even a glimmer of chance that they would acknowledge the User as their ruler, they wouldn't be affected. Only those who will never bow, never suffer them, will flee.
Only someone exceptionally high-level or strong of will could resist this Skill.
6.12 K
[The Courier’s Last Road] Hereditary skills given only to the best of Couriers.
Opens a gateway to another plane in which there is no oxygen only a dim sky and perfect roads, where one can even traverse oceans unimpeded.
[The Eternal Hunt] Once the User mark a target with this Skill, they can locate the target were ever they are, even if they were Dragons. This Skill also hinders the target escape speed. Only the User's death can stop this Skill, as not even magic can protect them from its effect. 6.44 E
[The Eternal Partner] Summons an ethereal person who used to be partnered with the User, with both the Skills and personality that they had in life.
[The Eternal Wave] Conjures a wave that can carry a ship inland, the skill may persists for several minutes. 7.47 K
[The King’s Architect] Summons an Immortalized Memory of a King’s Deceased [Architect] Vassal Spirit, with all their Personality, Knowledge, Class Levels and Skills usable.
While this Skill is active, time slows down so that the [Architect] Memory Spirit can start and complete their work, which normally would take a lot of time, for what appears only a moment in reality, before time snaps back.
The User (King) disappears while this Skill is active, to be replaced by a memory of themselves that interacts with the [Architect] Memory Spirit.
The [Architect] Memory Spirit can only use what is available on site.
This Skill can cover a whole city in it's effect.
7.21 KQ
[The Labyrinth of Fithel]
[The Law Upheld] 8.34 R
[The Line Holds]
[The Play Must Go On]
[The Pride of the Fallen] Calls up the spirits of fallen, giving them time to return home. 7.36 C
[The Scythe Cut Low Across the Grass] 8.32
[The Sprouting Shields of the Forest] A Combination Skill that is powered by the Users auras as well as magical force, to conjure hovering, glowing, shroom-shaped shield around them, to block and explode projectiles fired at them, even if said projectiles can be used for siege weapons and are enchanted to pierce through magical barriers. 8.24
[The Thinking Room]
/ [Host: The Thinking Room]
Separates the User mind from their body, placing them in a spot where they can think and devote their entire brain to simply thinking.
In the User Mind, the spot takes the form of a "room", but without a floor, walls, light, shadows and air.
Inside the "room", some of the things the User Mind is capable of doing are:
(1) Having perfect, clear thoughts and vivid imagery.
(2). Do calculations effortlessly.
(3) Anchor thoughts in their mind so that they wouldn’t forget them.
(4) Mark spots in their memory perfectly.
(5) Have their Memory becoming easily accessible to them, like remembering notes from a single lesson in clear detail.
(6) Replay images, even compare them to others similar but differed ones in minute detail.
(7) Piece together images to form an aerial view of a place that they have seen.
The only thing they didn’t have control of is their all-encompassing eye sight, and if they tried to focus on their other senses without ending this Skill, they have access to them as well.
If a Selphid are inhabited a living body and they have this Skill for their Host, then this Skill becomes [Host: The Thinking Room]. Other then having the same Effects as above for their Host, it would be that the Skill is activated and deactivated by the Selphid, and that while active the Selphid has complete control of the Host body.
7.22 D
[The Twice-Born Warlord] User gains the strength of one of their subordinates.
[The World is My Canvas]
[They Marched as Friends, Until the Hammer Fell] A High Movement Skills that has two effects:
The 1st is that it allows anyone in the User's Aura to sprint at extreme speed, while giving their best, which they can last for up to an hour. Even though some some of the people were faster than some of the others, they’d still all been neck-and-neck as their speed dragged everyone slower than them up a notch.
The 2nd is that it cover the ones who may have any hostility toward them from the others on the sprint to appear as someone friendly so that they are not attacked on sight. If the User Level is High enough, no one will be able to see past the cover. This effect will persist even when the sprint has ended. Still if the covered ones are scrutinizes too close the Skill will fail, as it barely holds up when a covered one while chatting with someone unaware. Still it is still possible to circumference the Skill if someone is already aware of the covered ones true identity or are able to sense something specific from them that the Skill does not cover. Finally when the hammer falls the Skill cover effect ends and will not be able to be reapplied for a long time.
Of Vampires and Fraerlings
Songs and Stories
[Thick Skin] Enhances the toughness of ones skin.
[Think About It] 8.05 I
[Thirty-foot Slash] Users sword is extended by thirty feet. 7.42 M
[Thou Art Cut]. 8.19 H
[Thought-Provoking Statement] Conversations
[Thousand Mile Conversation] The User can talk to someone else a thousand miles away as if they were standing right next to them. 6.42 E
[Thousand-Step Sprint]
[Threefold Elemental Body] Saliss the Adventurer
[Threefold Shot] 7.58
[Throw Voice] 7.61
[Thunder Arrow]
[Thunder Blow]
[Thunderclap Palms] Allows the User to clap as loud as a clap of thunder. Experiments in Golems
[Thunderstrike Impact]
[Time of the Archer] Affects the users perception of time, letting them better aim their shots. 7.47 K
[Time to Chat]
[Titan’s Cut]
[Total Immersion: Literature] 8.36 H
[Tough Carapace]
[Tough Leaves]
[Tough Skin]
[Tough’s Duel]
[Tower Guard’s Bulwark]
[Trade War]
[Tranquil Skies]
[Transcribe Knowledge] Conjure written information, like a huge pamphlet, on a particular subject that the User is knowledgeable about.
Transcribing small amount of info will take only a moment, while larger ones can take up to a day.
[Transfer Momentum] 7.44
[Treefell Chop]
[Tremor Blow]
[Tremor Fist]
[Tremorsense] 8.18 H
[Tribute to the Bandit Queen] Takes whatever treasure the User send straight to some designated spot to be claim as a tribute by someone who has the [Bandit Queen] Class. 8.54 H
[Trick Space]
[Trifling Incentive]
[Triple Shot]
[Triple Slash]
[Triple Thrust] A rare Skill that enables the User to simultaneously strikes 3 times. 6.62 L
[Trusted Voice]
[Twicelasting Fires]
[Twin Lances of Ruin]
[Twin Strikes] 8.48 H
[Twin Swallows, Fly]
[Twister Spear] A javelin or spear shot will spiral with such force and speed that it will tear into unenchanted armor and skin, and the rotation will splinter bone and flesh. Talia
[Two Hour Warmth]
[Two Hundred Pound Stroke] Hit/Strike with the force of 200 pound. 8.51 D
[Two Mile Shot]
[Twofold Rest] Anyone effected with this Skill will not only just sleep as twice as quick, but they will also be getting twice as much sleep for the same time spent.
It can also keep people under its effect up long past normal people’s endurance.
The Hangover After
[Twofold Yield]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Unerring Aim]
[Unerring Throw]
[Uninterrupted Monologue]
[Unit: Bows of Sand] Allows the [Archers] in the Unit to fire ‘sand arrows’ just as well as [Slingers]. 8.08 J
[Unit: Enhanced Strength]
[Unit: Extended Spears] 7.35 C
[Unit: Freedom’s Gallop]
[Unit: Incendiary Provocation] A Rage Skill that incite an ally or enemy into losing all sense of reason in fury, sending them in a rampage. 8.14 N
[Unit: Lucky Dodge]
[Unit: Ram’s Charge]
[Unit: Razor’s Edge]
[Unit: Selphid’s Rampage]
[Unit: Speed Raid] Speed Skill that increases the speed of all the people under the User command. 8.52 MN
[Unit: Speed Wing] Speed Skill that increases the speed of all winged flyers under the User commond. 8.14 N
[Unit: Tough Skin]
[Unit: Unstoppable Advance]
[Unit: Yawning Bite]
[Unstoppable Advance]
[Unstoppable Command] 7.36 C
[Unveil Potential (Magical)]


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Valor of Champions]
[Vanguard: Cleaving Arcs]
[Vanguard: Haste] 7.47 K
[Vanguard of Steel]
[Vanguard of Terror]
[Vanguard of the King, the Phantom Storm] 7.10 K
[Vanguard’s Advance]
[Veil of Inconspicuousness] The User can make themselves or someone else temporally inconspicuous so that other will not pay attention to them, even if they are well known.
It's effect can last for at least 2 minutes.
[Vessel of Alchemy] Saliss the Adventurer
[Vessel of Oneself]
[Veteran’s Knowledge]
[Veteran’s Stealthguard] The advanced version of [Stealthguard] Skill.
Can detect an ‘enemy’ within 4 miles of the User position.
8.14 N
[Vigor of Champions]
[Vision of a Dream] For a moment the User can conjure a vision from their memory and dreams, to all those around them. 8.24
[Voice in Your Ear] Commanding Skill that can send the User's voice to reach their own forces, even through panicking, explosions, screams, and confusion. 8.19 H
[Volley: Blacksteel Rain]
[Volley: Venom Flight]
[Volley Fire]
[Volley of Arrows] 8.14 N
[Vow of Poverty] A Vow Skill that as long as the User live their life by never carrying or using money, they ....?
The User will also receive a Lesser Skill as a benefit, and in time, it will evolve to become a greater Skill.
Should the User go against the Vow of this Skill, they lose both this Vow Skill and all its benefits, and the Class that provided this Vow Skill.
8.59 H
[Vow of Privation] A Vow Skill that as long as the User live a deprived life, like never sleeping or resting on luxury, or not eating rich foods, they will need less to live, like eating less portions than the average person but still not ending malnourished.
The User will also receive a Lesser Skill as a benefit, and in time, it will evolve to become a greater Skill.
Should the User go against the Vow of this Skill, they lose both this Vow Skill and all its benefits, and the Class that provided this Vow Skill.
8.59 H


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Walk Forwards Unto Death, Or Victory]
[Waltz: The Traveler’s Journey] 6.27 M
[Warding of Safety] Protect from all but the worst dangers and monsters.
Can be applied on a Tribe to do the same.
[Water-Retaining Soil]
[Water Bridge] The Innkeeper’s Knight
[Wave Sense]
[Wavebreaker’s Advance] The User can have their ship shot forwards and smash through a wave to parting it, by splitting the waters as the bow hit's it, allowing the ship to sail through the gap before the wave, now split in two, begins to collapse. Chess and Ships
[We Fell Upon Them Like Mist] Makes the User and their allies intangible, which makes the enemies blades pass through them without harm.
The effect last for a few minutes.
8.26 FK
[We March Under Friendly Skies]
[We Sailed Under Flags of No Quarter]
[We Took No Prisoner]
[Weak Frost Resistance]
[Weak Lucky Draw]
[Weakness Feint]
[Weapon Clash]
[Weather-resistant Structure]
[Weapon Art – Aggregate Volley] A Projectile Skill that superimposed the User with other copies of themselves to shoot in unison from a slightly different angles with every ranged weapons the User has on them.
Each projectiles can also be enchanted with other Skills, like [Piercing Strikes] and [Power Shot].
8.22 HE
8.37 H
[Weapon of Faith] 8.28
[Weapon Proficiency: Knives]
[Weapon Proficiency: Shield]
[Weapon Proficiency: Spear]
[Weapon Proficiency: Sword]
[Weapon: Extended Range (5 Feet)]
[Weapon: Moment of the Half Giant]
[Wear My Integrity] Others perceive an article on the User persona as something that uphold the User honesty and moral principles. Senior Guardsman Relc
[Weight Control]
[Whirling Guard]
[Whirlwind Cleave]
[Whirlwind Dodge]
[Whirlwind of Blades]
[Whirlwind of Blows]
[Wide Sweep] 8.00
[Wild Affinity]
[Wild Gallop]
[Wild Gift: Elephant’s Strength] 8.48 H
[Wild Riot]
[Wildwind Ride]
[Will of the Beasts]
[Wind Cutter]
[Wind Sheathe] Aura Skill were the User envelop their sword in a shimmering vortex of wind to hasten their swings or strike enemies from afar. 8.06 RT
[Windcutter Strikes]
[Winter Growth] 3.17 T
[Wire Noose] 7.42 M
[World Traveller: (Skill Name)] Allows the User to use any Skill from any Class that they had encountered and were able to learn, like the [Grasshopper’s Run] Skill.
The User can also share these Skills with other people that are travelling with them, but only if these people are able to use them.
[Written Decree] Enforce the rules written in a decree, so that everyone follows them.
Only people who have the right Skills or Level can defeat this Skill.
A Night in the Inn
[Wyvernhide Flight] 7.62


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Yawning Bite]
[You Go Low, I’ll Go High] Combination Skill.
Effect Unknown
[You Have the Wrong Man] 8.27


Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Zone of Interception Fire] 7.58

List of Unique and Newly Created Skills[]

Name Effect Reference Chapter(s)
[Berserker’s Rage]
[Death Before Dishonor] 6.67
[Divine Intuition (Weak)]
[Extended Battery] A camera Skill that allows the User to use their camera for longer. 7.21 KQ
[Famous Name: (Name)] 7.58
[Final Run] 2.35
[For So Long As I Stand Evil Shall Quail] 8.19 H
[Immortal Moment] Stretch how long a moment lasts. Activates automatically, causes those affected to have a lasting memory of the moment. 1.27
[I Walked Under Heaven’s Sky]
[Legacy Whispers: (Legacy)] The User hears words that appear in their heads, which sear themselves into a unforgettable memory, hinting them on how to keep progressing their inheritance Legacy. 5.18 S
[Local Landmark: (Place)] The property of the User becomes well known to all the people of the (Place). 5.49
[My Life, be Thou My Fire] The User conjure all-consuming flames that are even able to burn shadows themselves and immortal beings.
The User has to burn their own lifespan to use this Skill, with a ratio of about +1 year of their life for 1 minute of use.
6.43 E
6.64 E
[Pinpoint Distance Kick] A Kicking Skill that combined range and accuracy to allow the User to kick something over 300 feet to were the User intended. 8.15
[Recaptured Sublimity] For a few minutes the User can return the strength, abilities and power to the time of their prime.
This Skill has a 12-hour cooldown.
7.39 A
[Reputation: My Famous Name] Conjure a towering astral-projection of the User, which shows them based on their famed reputation. 8.19 H
[Summon Aberration] 7.62
[The Light Be Blessing Upon Us All] 8.19 H
[They Walk With Me]
[Time of the Olympian] Solstice (Pt. 1)
[Undying Loyalty] Allows the User to order their loyal citizens not to die, so that they can continue fighting even past the point where they should have died. If they get healing in time, they can even recover. 4.23 E
[Wondrous Fare] Cooking Skill that enables the User to make Magical Food.
For more information go Here.
[Your Wounds Shall Close] 8.19 H


List of Skills-like magical abilities.