Snapjaw was one of Reiss' lieutenants. After his death she joined the Flooded Waters Tribe.

Appearance Edit

She is short for a Hobgoblin, but her head is unnaturally large. When she opens her mouth, two rows of metal teeth become visible. She wears a steel armor.[1]

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Her teeth, which are some kind of fusion of enamel and steel, are a product of her class. With them and her wide mouth, she is able to bite half a human's head off and swallow it, helmet included.[1] So far, her teeth had bitten through steel, through weak enchanted armor and even through a Wyvern’s hide. They were even able to dig and pierce through Zel Shivertail’s tough scales.[2]

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Eater] Lv. ?[3] (derived from [Biter][4])
  • [Rider] Lv. ?[3]

Skills: Edit

  • [Dangersense]

Trivia Edit

  • While she can speak the common tongue, her voice is rough and heavily accented.[1]
  • She earned her name by how her jaw can engulf something with a snap.[2]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Osthia) “Goblin Lord see. Drakes hammer metal. Bang bang. Goblin Lord watch. He copy. Now we have armor.”
  • (To Osthia) “You don’t come and I bite.”
  • (To Badarrow) “Things are meant to be used.”
  • (To Badarrow) “We need you. I need you. Going to leave me?”

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