Snatcher, also known as the Face Collector and Facestealer, is one of the three Lesser Guardians of Liscor's Dungeon.

Appearance Edit

It is rather large, brown, and has leathery, cracked, old skin, with arms as large as Badarrow's chest. It doesn't possess talons but 6 brute fingers on each hand.The most noticeable feature of the collector is its head, or rather lack thereof. In its place is a rounded upper torso with two gapping holes that might act as its eyes.[1]

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Powers and Abilities Edit

The Face Collector appears to be capable of paralysing its opponents, though it is not yet clear how it works. Furthermore, as its size suggests, it possesses an immense strength, allowing it to easily lift Hobgoblins into the air and crush their heads. Moreover, aside from its strength, it is extremely durable, seen when it was stuck in the treasure room in Liscor's dungeon and attacked by the traps. It took numerous spells, which entailed among other things acid, before it was in actual danger.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • The alias Face Collector was dubbed by Erin.[2] Its was given to it due to its disturbing hobby, which is collecting heads.
  • It reminded the Redfang Elite Warriors of the dark things in the High Passes,[1] one of which Ryoka encountered when she visited Teriarch's cave for the 2nd time.[3]
  • It is noted by others that its appearance is close to Skinner’s.[2]
  • When Snatcher approaches someone and uses the heads on sticks behind a corner, usually it is possible to deceive it into leaving by staying silent and pretending to be a statue.[4] A telltale sign that Snatcher is going to leave is when it starts rotating the heads on the sticks left and right.[5]

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