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Sovvex is a city in Central Izril.


The town has nearly 40'000 inhabitants. Its current wealth comes from its surrounding geography: a river, a forest and a rich bed of clay deposits. It also lies on one of the main routes towards the south from Invrisil, only three traveling days by coach close.

No major disasters happend in Sovvex in recent memory, and there are no noteworthy residents outside a number of individuals over Level 30, and even those are not particularly outstanding.

Despite being a pretty large city, there is not much crime happening. There is a longstanding feud between a number of large families in the hundreds who had usurped some of the power of the town.

Note: The number of inhabitants in the city is similar to that of London or Cologne in 1350 AD, both cities in these times being the largest ones in their respective countries (England and Holy Roman Empire). Sovvex can only be considered small compared to nearby Invrisil with a million inhabitants.


In the first summer after their founding, the northern troupe of the Players of Celum made stop in the city for three days. The inhabitants of the town were stunned by the performance, but none of them was accepted into the troupe, except for one [Carpenter].[1]