Spells are a function of the System that governs Innworld. They are abilities similar to Skills but which are instead only gained and used by Magic users. Spells are fueled by Mana and categorized into different tiers.

Tier Magic[edit | edit source]

Tiered Magic organizes magic in different tiers.

A spell capable of being cast by all mages is generally thought of as 1st Tier Magic or 0 Tier Magic, while a spell that belongs to 2nd Tier was more potent, requiring a better mage and longer periods of study to learn it. 3rd Tier magic is generally the bar for most mages, and they would know only one or two spells of that level. Anything higher gets into the range of extremely powerful magic, exponentially stronger and just as hard to learn.[1]

To cast spells of specific tiers it usually requires for the mage to have reached a certain level.

However, lower-level mages can cast higher Tier magic with enough practice and time.

One thing to should be noted is that Ceria received the knowledge of how to cast [Fireball], a Tier 3 spell, when she reached Level 18 in her [Elementalist] class. It is not known, however, if all magic related classes gain a spell of that tier upon reaching said level.[2]

Leveling[edit | edit source]

[Mages] can level by solely casting spells, but it is not very efficient.[3] Unlinke studying spells, which allows a mage to gain a lot more experience, making it far more likely to level up using that method.[4]

List of Spells[edit | edit source]


Tier #


Reference Chapter(s)
[Cooling Breeze] 0
[Flashbang] 0 Cast a weaker version of a stun grenade. 2.28
[Flashlight] 0 Emit a cone of light that looks like any flashlight beam, from the Caster finger. 2.25
[Hot Hands] 0 Generate enough heat to steam a a kettle of water.
With concentration it can also igniting a stick.
6.41 E
[Light] 0 Conjure a ball of light to illuminate the surrounding.
[Noise] 0 Produce a warble sound.
[Spark] 0 Conjure heat.
[Grow Grass] 0
[Thorn Hand] 0
[Water Spray] 0 Conjure water.
[Detect Death] 1 A sensory magic that detected the Death Magic which congregated in corpses.
Can also be used on someone's body to verify if they are really death.
[Electric Jolt] 1 Conjure a lightning jolt.
[Everdawn’s Radiance] 1 A Shaman Mental Spell that conjures a bright star that has a calming and reassuring emotional effect on anyone who sees it. Krshia
[Frozen Wind][5] 1 Conjure a freezing breeze. 1.22
[Light Arrow] 1 Conjure & Project an arrow made of light.
It is less powerful than an actual arrow, because it is a blunt impact, but it has the same force, like a hammer to the jaw at worst.
7.09 K
6.22 D
[Call Object] 2 Moves an object to the Caster.
[Chameleon][6] 2
[Create Snow] 2 Conjure snow.
[Flame Jet][6] 2 Conjure a jet of flames.
[Flame Scythe][7] 2 Conjure a scythe of flames.
[Flame Spray] 2 Conjure a spray of flames.
[Flash] 2 Generates a blinding light.
[Ice Shard][5] 2 Conjure & Project a dart made of ice.
[Icy Floor] 2 Cover the ground in slippery Ice. 2.00 H
[Illumination] 2 Conjure orbs of light that illuminate over a hundred meters around the Caster.
The Spell also allows the Caster to change the angle and intensity of the light.
It can only illuminate where the Caster has been.
1.00 H
[Jet Spray] 2 Conjure a jet of water.
[Lightning Orb] 2 Conjure an orb of lightning.
[Mud Slap] 2 Conjure a splash of mud.
[Shock Volt] 2 Conjure a shock of electricity. 2.00 H
[Snowball] 2 Conjure a snowball.
[Steel Arrows] 2 Conjure & Project an arrow made of steel.
[Sticky Webs] 2 Conjure a sticky threads for binding.
[Stone Dart][6] 2 Conjure & Project a dart made of stone.
[Stone Spray][7] 2 Conjure & Project razor-sharp stone shards. 5.18 S
[Tripgrass] 2 Sprung Grass that snagged the target leg to trip them. 3.30
[Acid Orb][8] 3
[Arrows of Sand] 3 Conjure & Project Arrows made of magical sand, out of the ground, that burst and release a stinging and blinded cloud of sand. 7.13 K
[Detect Magic] 3[5] A sensory magic that detected magic.
The Casters can also allow others to see any detected magic by causes anything with magic to glow with a magical aura.
Casters with a more refined knowledge of magic are also able to gather more magical data, which allows them to sense the magic aura intensity, and even what nature/element the magic is.
[Fireball][8] 3 Conjure & Launch a balls of fire.
[Fireballs] 3 Conjure & Launch multiple balls of fire.
[Flaming Swathe] 3 Conjure a long stream of fire.
[Flash Hooves] 3
[Flash Step][9] 3
[Fox Fire] 3
[Icy Spear] 3
[Ice Spike][5] 3 Conjure & Project a spike of ice.
[Lightning Bolt][8] 3
[Razorwind] 3 A Wind-magic Spell that has a number of uses as not only can Conjure & Project sharp wind, but the Caster can also compress the wind and use it as a shield. 7.16 L
[Stone Fist] 3 Conjure & Engulfed a rock armor around someones hand. It can be strong enough to crack a boulder like it was nothing. W.D (Pt.3)
[Stone Spear][8] 3
[Stun Spear] 3 7.29 B
[Arcane Barrier][10] 4
[Call Lightning][11] 4 Call/Summon lightning from the sky.
[Calming Winds] 4 Conjure a breeze that calms down people, by making their hearts beating slower and draining them of emotions like worry, fear and anxiety.
Does not work for those who have natural spell resistance and who's emotions are to strong. 
[Chain Lightning][12] 4
[Delayed Fireball] 4[13]
[Earthen Spire][14] 4 An Earth Manipulation Spell that shapes the earth into a huge solid rocky stalactite and Project it at high speed. 6.16
[Force Barrier]
[Force Wall]
4 Conjure a force-field barrier/wall. 5.29
[Ice Lance][6] 4 Conjure & Project a massive lance made of ice.
[Ice Wall][15] 4 Conjure a wall made of Ice.
[Invisibility][5] 4 Renders oneself unseen.
[Lion’s Strength][16] 4
[Shatterbolt][17] [15] 4 Conjure & Project a silver translucent bolt as thin as a needle, with enough force to pierce trough plate armor. 6.19 H
[Siege Fireball] 4[18] Conjure & Project an overcharged version of the [Grand Fireball].
It takes the form of a ball of roiling flames as tall as a Human in every direction and as bright as the sun, that explodes in a massive explosion.
5.51 G
[Spear of Light] 4[13]
[Arc Lightning] 5 The Caster Conjure & Project a bolt of lightning that shoots up, arc downwards in a long curve—slower than regular lighting, and subdividing, becoming dozen of lightning bolts that would hit the Targets. 7.13 K
[Blackfire Fireball][10] 5
[Denial of Observation] 5 A specific spell that can fight off a higher-level scrying spell. 6.11
[Five-Fold Arcane Barrier][10] 5
[Pestilence’s Touch][19] 5
[Valmira’s Comet Storm]
[Valmira’s Comets]
5 Conjure a shining, multi-color, burning comet. 5.29
[Earthquake] 6 Saliss the Adventurer
[Storm Keep] 6 Gather a massive amount of electricity into a ball of lightning in the sky, to rain down lightning at the opponents. 4.05 K
[Restoration][20] 6
[True Seeing][21] 6 Capable of seeing through all but Tier 8 magics, and even they begin to fail with this Spell. 6.50 I
[Valmira’s True Comet Storm] 6 An Army-Killing Spell were the Caster cast an advanced version of the [Valmira’s Comet] but instead of conjuring a single Tier 5 comet, the Caster conjure dozens upon dozens of Tier 5 comets, and they can keep going until they can no longer channel power into the Spell.
Like its lesser version the comets explode when they hit something big enough or with an equivalent amount of power, as anything lesser will not detonate them.
8.04 T
[Arrow of Winter: Glacius Pillar] 7 7.35 C
[Cage of Pallass] 7 A City-Wide Defensive Spell.
It is strong enough to even resist hits from a regular [Mage] capable of casting Tier 7 Spells.
[The Thousand Gateways of Orlaey] 7 7.36 C
[Absorb Recollections] Unknown
[Accelerate Spell] Unknown
[Acid Orb Volley] Unknown
[Acid Spray] Unknown
[Acid Wave] Unknown
[Aerial Burst] Unknown Conjure a shockwave that blast the target off their feet and into the air. 6.22 D
[Ailendamus’ Lancearrows] Unknown
[Air Volt] Unknown
[Amplify Hearing] Unknown
[Amplify Sound] Unknown Amplify Sounds.
[Ancient Form] Unknown
[Animate Dead] Unknown Reanimate a dead body into an Undead.
[Appraisal] Unknown Allows the Caster to see someones Classes, Levels and Skills. 7.07
[Arc of Midnight] Unknown Enchantment that turns a plain blade into a pitch-black, massive magical blade, that can cut a person in half. 4.46
[Arlell’s Articulation] Unknown
[Armor of Thorns] Unknown Conjure vines covered in huge thorns from the ground, to engulfed the body of whoever the Caster wants into an armor of razor-sharp thorns and twisted vine. 5.08
[Arrow of Fire] Unknown
[Arrow of Light] Unknown
[Arrows of Lightning] Unknown
[Arrow of Stone] Unknown
[Astral Binding] Unknown
[Aura Detection] Unknown An Aura-based Detection Spell that sense the presence of auras in the Caster's vicinity. 8.04 T
[Aura Mute] Unknown Hides the Caster's aura from Aura-based Detection Spells / Skills. 8.04 T
[Aura Reader] Unknown See the Target Classes/Levels from their Aura. 8.04 T
[Aura Shield] Unknown Blocks the effects of Auras. 7.13 K
[Barkskin] Unknown Enchant the skin into a bark-like to make it durable enough against daggers and to an extent swords, to give a degree of cold resistance due to the thicker exterior and to take in light to provide for energy. 3.36
[Barrier of Air] Unknown
[Barrier of Scintillation] Unknown
[Barrier of the Wind] Unknown
[Barrier of Thorns] Unknown Conjure a wall made of thorns.
[Bear’s Strength] Unknown
[Beguiling Aroma] Unknown
[Binding Cords] Unknown
[Binding Cords – Iron] Unknown Conjure a series of thin Iron cords from the Caster fingertip that binds the target. 5.60
[Binding Ropes] Unknown
[Black Burst] Unknown
[Black Shroud] Unknown
[Blackflame Fireball] Unknown
[Blade of the Earth] Unknown Conjure a sword out of the ground.
[Blindness] Unknown
[Bloodbat Swarm] Unknown Conjure a swarm of magical glowing black bats with red eyes, that fly to the target to tear and absorb their blood. 5.56 G
[Bloodcaller’s Curse] Unknown Enchantment that turns a weapon red and causes every bleeding wounds inflicted by it to not heal, even with a Healing Potion. 5.62
[Bloodfury] Unknown Enchantment that slightly grows people and creatures, and propelled them into a battle madness. 5.31 G
[Blooming Fireball] Unknown 8.04 T
[Blue Lightning] Unknown The Caster conjures a blue lightning bolt. Chapter 7.58
[Blue Lightning Bolt] Unknown
[Blue Ray of Lesser Disintegration] Unknown The Caster shoots a blue ray that vaporize what it hits. Chapter 7.58
[Blur] Unknown Blurs the targeted area. The Hangover After
[Bolt of Spite] Unknown
[Bone Claws] Unknown Grown sharp, wicked bone talons, around the tips of the Caster fingers.
[Bone Fracture] Unknown Fracture Bones, even enchanted ones. 4.30
[Bone Rapier] Unknown Conjure a Bone that takes the form of a Rapier.
[Bone Shiv] Unknown
[Bone Wall] Unknown Conjure a wall made of Bones.
[Bone Wheel] Unknown
[Bound Fireball] Unknown Bound a complete [Fireball] Spell to be immediately used later. 8.04 T
[Bound Compression] Unknown Bound a Compression-style Spell on something so that it can be uncompressed later. 8.04 T
[Breath of Life – Extended] Unknown
[Bridge of Light] Unknown Conjure a bridge of solid light.
The design and features of the bridge can be altered so that the Casters can make its look different from others like making it look semi-transparent, with gently molded colors along the vein of yellow such that they turned to green twining tendrils like vines around the railings, orange where the bridge met stone or wood, blue down the center and etc.
8.04 T
[Brisk Breeze] Unknown
[Bubble of Air] Unknown Compresses the air into a bubble to suddenly uncompressing it at once on the Target. 8.04 T
[Bubble of Silence] Unknown
[Burning Blades] Unknown Enchantment that sets blades on fire. The flames last for at least 3 minutes. 5.47 G
[Burning Floor] Unknown
[Burning Lightning] Unknown Conjure lightning that sets whatever it struck in flames. 4.13 L
[Burst Arrows of Light] Unknown
[Burst Speed] Unknown
[Bursting Arrow] Unknown
[Calm] Unknown
[Camouflage] Unknown
[Candle] Unknown
[Caustic Acid] Unknown
[Cenidau’s Complete Chill] Unknown 7.56
[Charm] Unknown
[Chameleon Skin] Unknown 8.00
[Charming Visage] Unknown
[Chaos Flamewheel] Unknown
[Cleanse] Unknown
[Cleansing] Unknown
[Cleansing Wind] Unknown
[Clear Weather] / [Clear Skies] Unknown Delays and other bad weather like storms and typhoon from happening by suppressing localized rains and winds.
Has the side-effect of making the delayed weather worse when it does hit.
Multiple and/or over use of this Spell over time can cause a Magical Typhoon and a Sympathetic Storm to occur.
[Clone Person] Unknown
[Cloud of Darkness] Unknown 7.60
[Communication] Unknown
[Complete Grief] Unknown 7.02
[Complete Hush] Unknown
[Complete Silence] Unknown
[Concealed Presence] Unknown
[Cone of Silence] Unknown Solstice (Pt. 1)
[Contained Room] Unknown
[Contained Sound] Unknown
[Create Water] Unknown
[Curving Blades, Blood Torrent] Unknown
[Cushion] Unknown
[Darkness] Unknown Dims light to make the effected area more dark. Can also literally dim the sun shining down from above. 7.21 KQ
[Darkness Pool] Unknown
[Deafness] Unknown
[Deathblast] Unknown Conjure & Project a black wave of death magic.
A stronger version of the [Deathbolt] spell.
[Deathbolt] Unknown Conjure & Project a black bolt of death magic.
Depending on the Caster strength, it can instantly kill anyone below Level 15 to 30.
Armor and Shielding Spells can't defend against this Magic.
5.55 G
5.56 G
[Delain’s Fist] Unknown 7.31
[Detect Aura] Unknown
[Detect Heat] Unknown 7.52
[Detect Lies] Unknown Detect when someone lies.
[Detect Life] Unknown Detect the presence of life.
[Detect Truth] Unknown Detect when someone is truthful.
[Diamondshard Spray] Unknown Conjure & Project glittering shards of diamonds, with some as long as daggers. 4.49
[Directed Compressed Burst of Air] Unknown
[Dirt Spray] Unknown
[Dispels] Unknown Negates weak Spells and Enchantments. 8.05 I
[Dispel Magic] Unknown 7.52
[Dispel Phantasmal Warriors] Unknown 7.36 C
[Distant Vision] Unknown
[Doppelganger] Unknown
[Downpour] Unknown Call/Summon a heavy, drenching rain.
[Draug Strength] Unknown
[Dual Binding: (Spell)] Unknown
[Dust Arrow] Unknown
[Dust Storm] Unknown
[Eagle Eyes] Unknown
[Earth Cannon] Unknown
[Elemental Suppression: Air] Unknown Renders any Spells, Skills and other Air related Abilities, ineffective. Chapter 7.58
[Enhanced Flame Spray] Unknown
[Enchantment: Flashfire] Unknown 7.36 C
[Enchantment: Leaden Weight] Unknown 7.36 C
[Enhanced Strength] Unknown
[Entangling Vines] Unknown Conjure thick, green ropes of plant matter from the ground, to engulfed the target and anchor them into the ground to rendering them immobile. 4.19
[Erase Memory] Unknown
[False Sound] Unknown
[Far Chat] Unknown
[Far Speaking] Unknown
[Faraway Voice] Unknown 7.54
[Farsight] Unknown
[Fast Fireball] Unknown
[Fear] Unknown
[Fear of the Mighty] Unknown
[Featherfall] Unknown
[Featherweight] Unknown
[Field of Suppression] Unknown
5 or 6
[Fire Arrow] Unknown Conjure & Project an arrow made of fire.
[Fire Bolt] Unknown
[Fire Wall] Unknown Conjure a wall made of fire.
[Firefly] Unknown
[Firestorm] Unknown
[Fivefold Arcane Barrier] Unknown
[Flame Arrow] Unknown
[Flame Rapier] Unknown
[Flame Ray] Unknown
[Flame Salamander’s Skin] Unknown
[Flame Snake] Unknown
[Flame Swathe] Unknown
[Flame Veil] Unknown
[Flame Wall] Unknown Conjure a wall made of flames.
[Flameshield] Unknown 7.57
[Flare] Unknown
[Flare Orb] Unknown
[Flare Wyvern] Unknown Conjure a a fiery form that flys at the Target. 7.42 M
[Flash Fireball] Unknown
[Flash Foot] Unknown
[Flash Move] Unknown
[Flash Rain] Unknown 7.34 C
[Flash Stepped] Unknown 8.04 T
[Flashfire] Unknown
[Flesh Regrowth] Unknown
[Flight] Unknown
[Flying Bone Club] Unknown
[Flying Wheels] Unknown
[Fog of Apathy] Unknown Conjures a mist that dampen emotion. 7.31
[Force Beam] Unknown
[Force Shield] Unknown
[Forcewalls] Unknown Conjures a wall of force that can block multiple [Fireballs] or people pounding on it, before going down. 7.31
[Forcewall: Bubble] Unknown A [Forcewalls] added on, that Conjures a force bubble around the Caster or their target for their protraction. 7.44
[Forest of Stone] Unknown Raises huge expendable pillars of stone out of the ground around the Caster, with ‘branches’ shooting out of the central pillars, which decreases their mass, to sacrificing only miniscule bits of themselves to block incoming attacks, like Spells. 8.04 T
[Fortified Body] Unknown
[Fortified Material: Steel] Unknown Makes materials like leather, as strong as steel, but not as hard. 7.26
[Fortress of the Ice Queen] Unknown
[Frictionless Surface] Unknown
[Frost Arrows] Unknown Conjure & Project arrows made of ice.
[Frost Bloom] Unknown Conjure & Project a bubble of hoar frost that detonates into a freezing blast. 5.13
[Frost Ray] Unknown 8.00
[Frost Wyvern’s Breath] Unknown
[Frostbite] Unknown
[Frostdart Swarm] Unknown
[Frozen Armor] Unknown Conjure & Engulf the Caster into an armor made of ice.
[Frozen Shield] Unknown Conjure a shield made of ice.
[Furry Spiders] Unknown 7.41
[Galewinds] / [Gale Winds] Unknown
[Gateway] Unknown
[Gauntlet of Force] Unknown
[Gazelle’s Dexterity] Unknown
[Glacial Spear] Unknown
[Glitterdust Storm] Unknown
[Glorious Radiance] Unknown
[Gnawing Hunger] Unknown Overwhelms the Target with so much hunger, that they eat even if they don't want to. 8.03
[Grand Fireball] Unknown Conjure & Project a blazing fireball that explodes.
[Grand Tempest] Unknown Turn the air in the sky into lightning and wind. 7.59
[Grease] Unknown 7.38
[Greater Frostward] Unknown
[Greater Geas] Unknown
[Greater Invisibility] Unknown A Greater version of the [Invisibility] Spell that renders not only oneself unseen, but also undetectable from certain Skill and Spells as well, like [See Invisibility] and [Heatsense]. 6.48 T
[Greater Lightning Bolt] Unknown A Greater version of the [Lightning Bolt] Spell.
It's destructive power can blow apart a coach.
[Greater Spellshield] Unknown A greater version of the [Spellshield] Spell that erects a barrier that dissipates at least any Attack Spells up to Tier 3 that cross into it. 8.04 T
[Greater Teleportation] Unknown
[Grounded Wheels] Unknown
[Gust of Air] Unknown
[Gust of Wind] Unknown
[Hammer of the Obsidian Giant] Unknown 7.36 C
(Tier 4 or 5)[22]
[Heart of Darkness] Unknown
[Heat Vision] Unknown
[Hex Eater] Unknown 7.55 E
[Homing Spell] Unknown
[Hush] Unknown
[Ice Dart] Unknown Conjure & Project a dart made of ice.
[Ice Floor] Unknown
[Icy Grasp] Unknown
[Icy Shard] Unknown
[Impact Shield] Unknown 7.38
[Impact Shockwave] Unknown
[Implosion Well] Unknown 7.36 C
[Improved Featherfall] Unknown
[Incendiary Darts] Unknown
[Insanity] Unknown
[Intangible Snatch] Unknown
[Invisible Arrow] Unknown
[Invisibility Field] Unknown Renders every thing in a small area unseen.
[Ironskin] Unknown
[Isolation Bubble] Unknown
[Karas Duststorm] Unknown
[Lancearrow of Light] Unknown
[Leaden Weight] Unknown Enchanting Spell that Adds Weight to objects. 7.10 K
[Lesser Barrier]

(Tier 1 or 2)

[Lesser Resistance to Ice] Unknown
[Lesser Teleport] Unknown
[Lesser Teleportation] Unknown
[Lesser Twister] Unknown
[Levitation] Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
[Life Leech] Unknown
[Light Beam] Unknown
[Light Bridge] Unknown Conjure a bridge of golden solidified light. 5.13
[Light Orb] Unknown
[Light Spear] Unknown
[Light Wall] Unknown A Wall-Defensive Spell that Conjure a wall of solid light. 8.04 T
[Lightning Jolt] Unknown
[Lightning Shroud] Unknown Conjure & Contain an aura of lightning around the Caster. 5.08
[Lightning Storm] Unknown
[Lightning Tempest] Unknown Conjure countless bolts of lightning. 8.04 T
[Lightsand Arrow] Unknown Conjure & Project a bright arrow that bust into a shower of sand to blind an opponent. 6.13 K
[Lightweight] Unknown
[Long-range Teleportation] Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
[Long Range Fireballs] Unknown
[Loudness] Unknown Amplify someones voice.
[Magic Anchor] Unknown
[Magical Field: The Somber World of Blue] Unknown Engulfed a radius of a thousand feet around the Caster into a Blue barrier, which renders any attacks into it that are not coloured Blue, be it from weapons and spells, ineffective. Chapter 7.58
[Mana Disruption] Unknown
[Mass Featherfall] Unknown
[Mass Calm] Unknown A mass variation of the [Calm] Spell that is used on multiple people.
Fails if their emotions are to strong.
[Mass Silence] Unknown 7.36 C
[Mass Silent Sickle] Unknown
[Mass Stone Lances] Unknown
[Mass Teleportation] Unknown 7.36 C
[Mend] Unknown
[Mend Bones] Unknown
[Merda’s Push] Unknown
[Message] Unknown
[Mind Blank] Unknown
[Mind Scene] Unknown
[Mindhaze] Unknown
[Minute of Speed] Unknown
[Mists of Madness] Unknown A Mental Spell that conjures an insanity-causing mists. 4.30
[Mites of Slumber] Unknown A higher-Tier variation of the [Sleep] Spell that involves Mites as a living vector to use a partially magical and partially a magically-induced sickness as a soporific effect.
This Spell is perfect to use on the unwary, and even Gold-rank adventurers are not unsusceptible to its effects.
[Motionless Vortex] Unknown
[Mud Ball] Unknown
[Muddy Ground] Unknown
[Mudpit] Unknown Conjures on the ground a deep pit full of muddy, heavy liquid. Lifting Ants
[Muffle] Unknown
[Multiplied Stone Fists] Unknown
[Muscular Restructuring] Unknown
[Numb] Unknown
[Ogre’s Strength] Unknown
[Open Portal] Unknown
[Orb of Air] Unknown 7.26
[Panic] Unknown
[Paralysis] Unknown
[Paralyzing Touch] Unknown
[Pebbleshot] Unknown
[Perfect Muffle] Unknown
[Petrification] Unknown
[Piercing] Unknown
[Pillar of Earth] Unknown 7.62
[Pillar of Flame] Unknown 7.36 C
[Pillar of Frost] Unknown 7.36 C
[Pillar of Lighting] Unknown 7.36 C
[Platform of Air] Unknown Conjure a suspended transparent disc to stand on it, up to 10 feet above the ground. 4.19
[Poison Cloud] Unknown Conjure poisonous gas clouds at the Targets. 8.06 RT
[Polymorph] Unknown Completely turn someone into a different form. 7.17 S
[Portal] Unknown
[Powerful Digestion] Unknown
[Preservation] Unknown
[Primal Fear] Unknown
[Prismatic Barrier] Unknown
[Protection from Arrows] Unknown
[Purify Water] Unknown
[Quake] Unknown
[Rain] Unknown Call/Summon rain.
[Raise Skeleton] Unknown Reanimates Skeletons.
[Raise Dead] Unknown Reanimates dead bodies into Undead ones.
[Raven Eyes] Unknown Enchant ones eyesight so that they can se nearly a 100 miles away. 7.49
[Ray of Force] Unknown
[Ray of Frost] Unknown Conjure a beam of shimmering light that forms intense cold ice to whatever it touches. 2.22
[Ray of Shattering] Unknown Conjure a pale ray that can shatter whatever it strike to pieces. 8.04 T
[Recall Memory] Unknown
[Reconstruct] Unknown Reconstruct any non-magical creation.
[Reduce Weight] Unknown
[Reduced Fireball] Unknown
[Regeneration] Unknown 8.00
[Remove Blindness] Unknown Restores the eyesight of someone who was temporally blinded by an intense flash light.
Unknown if it can restores other types of blindness.
8.04 T
[Remove Fear] Unknown
[Remove Intoxication] Unknown Removes toxins, like alcohol intoxication, from someone's body. 7.26
[Remove Stain] Unknown 7.51
[Repair] Unknown Repair any non-magical creation. It can also recharge any electronic objects.
The Spell fails to work if the damage is too great or the material too advanced.
The Spell can also recharge any electronic objects, like phones.
1.07 R
[Repulsion Barrier] Unknown Conjure a barrier that push away anything that comes in contact with it.
[Repulsion Wave] Unknown Conjure & Project a wave that push away anything that comes in contact with it.
[Resist Element: Acid] Unknown
[Resistance to Lightning] Unknown
[Roving Silent Sickle] Unknown
[Salamander’s Embers] Unknown
[Salamander’s Skin] Unknown
[Sand Arrow] Unknown Conjure & Project an arrow made of sand.
[Sand Spray] Unknown Conjure the sand around the Caster in a single point.
[Sand Sprite] Unknown
[Sand Veil] Unknown
[Sanctuary of Light]
(Tier 1 or 2)
[Sanctuary of Protection] Unknown
[Scribe Thoughts] Unknown
[Scry] /
Unknown 7.59
8.04 T
[Sealed Space] Unknown
[Searing Flash] Unknown
[Searing Light] Unknown
[Seas of the Everflowing Grass] Unknown
[Second Skin: Film Weave] Unknown 7.38
[See Heat] Unknown Allows the Caster to see heat sources, like body heat.
The Caster eyes flashed crimson when used.
[See Invisibility] Unknown
[Seeking Arrows] Unknown Conjure & Project shining arrows that seek the Caster targets. 4.08 T
[Sense Life] Unknown 7.40 ER
[Shadow Leap] Unknown
[Shadow Scythe] Unknown
[Shadow Walk] Unknown
[Shape Earth] Unknown
[Sharpness] Unknown
[Shock Orb] Unknown Conjure an orb that shock the Target. 8.04 T
[Shock Veil] Unknown
[Sightless Winds] Unknown
[Silence] Unknown
[Silenced Agony] Unknown
[Silent Air] Unknown
[Silent Sickle] Unknown
[Silverglow Enchantment] Unknown Makes a sword capable of cutting Spirits, Undead, Djinn and Non-corporeal foes. 7.16 L
[Siphon Luck] Unknown 7.36 C
[Sky’s Blessing] Unknown
[Sleep] Unknown
[Slippery Floor] Unknown
[Slumber] Unknown 8.00
[Snap Freeze] Unknown Conjure a freezing cold blast.
[Snow Flume] Unknown
[Snowstorm] Unknown Conjure a snowstorm.
[Snowy Blast] Unknown Conjure & Project a blast of snow.
[Soothe] Unknown
[Soothing Presence] Unknown
[Soporifics Dust] Unknown
[Speak] Unknown Two or more [Mages], and those who they allow, can speak with each other over long distances.
The background sounds are also audible from each other side.
7.32 D
A Meeting of Druids
[Speech] Unknown
[Speed Spell – (Spell)] Unknown 7.40 ER
[Spell Purge] Unknown 8.04 T
[Spellbreaker] Unknown 7.36 C
[Spellshield] Unknown Erects a barrier that intercept and dissipates all low-level Spells that cross into it. 8.04 T
[Spellward] Unknown 7.36 C
[Spray of Needles] Unknown
[Stasis Field] Unknown 8.00
[Steel Body] Unknown
[Steel Hide] Unknown
[Steel-Barb Dart] Unknown
[Steelcage] Unknown
[Step of Light] Unknown 7.37
[Sticky Feet] Unknown
[Sticky Ground] Unknown
[Sticky Webbing] Unknown
[Stinking Cloud] Unknown Conjure a cloud of putrid, foul brown air at the target. 8.07 L
[Stomach of the Cow] Unknown
[Stone Armor] Unknown Coverer the Caster into an armor made of stone. 8.04 T
[Stone Barrier] Unknown Conjure a barrier of stone.
[Stone Lance] Unknown Conjure & Project a massive lance made of stone.
[Stone Shaping] Unknown
[Stone Sphere] Unknown
[Stone Spires] Unknown
[Stone Sword] Unknown Conjure out of the ground a sword made of stone.
[Stone Wall] Unknown Erects from the ground a thick wall of stone.
The Caster can keep widening the wall after erecting it.
8.04 T
[Stoneskin] Unknown
[Storm Arrows of Light] Unknown Conjure & Project a 100 arrows made of light, that blasted outwards in a spiral. 6.22 D
[Stun Bolt] Unknown Conjure a bolt that paralyzes the Target. 8.04 T
[Summon Object] Unknown
[Summon Spectral Skeletal Warriors] Unknown A Summoning Death Spell that calls from the ground, several Spectral Skeletal Warriors armed with energy blades, to attack the target.
They are also able to kept reassemble themselves when blown to bits, until they are completely destroyed.
8.04 T
[Summon Water Elemental] Unknown 7.35 C
[Superior Camouflage] Unknown
[Suppressed Aura] Unknown
[Telehop] Unknown
[Telekinesis] Unknown Manipulate objects without touching them.
[Telepathy] Unknown
[Teleportation] Unknown
[Terror] Unknown A Mental spell that paralyze weak-willing targets in terror. 1.02 H
[The Bindings of Belavierr] Unknown
[The Light of Shali’vere] Unknown
[The Midnight Veil] Unknown A Darkness Spell that erects a dark dome around the Caster that is able to absorb and negate attacks that hits it, even from a Tier 5 Spell like a comet from the [Valmira’s Comets] Spell.
Light Spells like [Light Orb] crossed with some unknown other types of Spells, can take down this Spell.
8.04 T
[Thorn Spray] Unknown Conjure & Project wooden thorns as large as a person hand. 5.29
[Thorny Fist] Unknown Conjure & Engulfed someones hand into a thick brambles of dark wood, with dark and grey huge thorns. 4.19
[Threefold Barrier] Unknown
[Thunder Step] Unknown
[Thunderclap] Unknown
[Thunderstrike Volley] Unknown
[Tidal Wave] Unknown 7.35 C
[Time Slow] Unknown 7.36 C
[Translate] Unknown Translate a foreign language into the Caster own language.
It doesn’t work unless there are enough words to read at once.
1.02 H
[Tremor] Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
[Tremor Impact] Unknown Shatter whatever the Caster hits.
[Tremor Wave] Unknown
[True Lightning] Unknown Conjure a bolt of lightning as powerful as the kind that struck from the heavens. 7.42 M
[Unlock Door] Unknown 8.00
[Vacuum Sphere] Unknown
[Venomous Snow] Unknown
[Void Room] Unknown Vacuum all the air in a room.
[Volcanic Smokescreen] Unknown Conjures in an instant a cloud of black smoke over a wide area.
Does not work well with high-leveled people.
[Wall of Flames] Unknown Conjure a wall of flames.
[Wall of Ice] Unknown
[Wall of Light] Unknown
[Wall of Steel] Unknown Saliss the Adventurer
[Wall of Stone] Unknown
[Wall of the Damned] Unknown Conjure a twisted wall of glowing bodies, capable of withstanding a Dragon’s fire breath. 4.31
[Wall of the Winds] Unknown Conjure a one-way wall of swirling winds. 5.08
[Ward of Repulsion] Unknown
[Ward of Safety]
(Tier 1 or 2)
[Warlock’s Leap] Unknown
[Warming Touch] Unknown
[Water Arrow] Unknown Conjure & Project an arrow made of water.
[Water Colossus’s Grasp] Unknown
[Water Geyser] Unknown Conjure & Blast a huge column of water. 6.22 D
[Water Orb] Unknown
[Water Resistance] Unknown
[Water Shot] Unknown
[Water Walking] Unknown Able to walk or run on the surface of water. The Gecko of Illusions
[Water Wall] Unknown Conjure a torrent of water upwards.
[Weatherchange] Unknown
[Weight] Unknown
[Whirlwind Leap] Unknown Propel the Caster in a massive gust of wind.
[Whisper] Unknown
[Wind Blast] Unknown
[Wind Shield] Unknown
[Wild Growth] Unknown
[Wind Orb] Unknown 7.55 E
[Windward] Unknown
[Word of Death] Unknown A Death Magic Spell that kills the Target, by bursting their heart.
It is activated when the Target say anything forbidden by the Caster.
[Zelkyr’s Emergency Golem] Unknown A Summoning Spell that uses evaluable materials like splintered wood, broken plates, bits of food, and other detritus around the Caster, to rise up in a whirling arc to immediately constructs a ten-foot-tall scrap Golem to attack the target. 8.04 T
[Zone of Frost] Unknown

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Pisces, there are seven, or eight tiers. Apparently there is the speculation of the ninth tier , but no mage has ever cast or discovered a spell of such magic.[23]
  • There are currently at least 6 known archmages, "the rarest of spellcasters". "One in the Human lands to the north. Two more in other continents. But at least three have homes in Wistram, the Isle of Mages.” However, none can be found in Izril.[24]
  • “You fly through the air like the greatest of [Archmages] I am told.”[25] This might mean that usually mages that can fly are rather restricted and only [Archmages] can fly as high and fast as a plane does.
  • “Long distance teleportations usually require a spell circle and time. If a person teleports instantly, it means that they haven't travelled very far, and are going to appear at a prearranged destination, making it rather easy to locate them.[26]
  • Platinum becomes a very powerful metal when used with enchantments and spells. It can also be used as a conductor for them.[27]
  • While the [Illumination] spell is technically only a Tier-2, in truth its complexity is around a Tier-3.[28]

References[edit | edit source]

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