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|[Cleansing Wind]
|[Cleansing Wind]
|[Detect Truth]

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Level Requirements

Tier Level
Tier 0-1: below 16
Tier 2: up to 24
Tier 3: up to 32
Tier 4: up to 40
Tier 5: up to 48
Tier 6: up to 56
Tier 7: up to 64
Tier 8: up to 72
Tier 9: up to 80

However, lower-level mages can cast higher Tier magic with enough practice and time.[1]

Tier 0

Spell Caster
[Light] Pisces/Ceria/Ryoka/Rags
[Flashbang] Ryoka
[Flashlight] Ryoka
[Noise] Ryoka

Tier 1

Spell Caster
[Frozen Wind] Ceria

Tier 2

Spell Caster
[Chameleon] Ceria
[Flame Jet] Ceria
[Ice Shard] (a derivative spell from [Ice Spike]) Ceria
[Illumination] Ceria
[Stone Dart] Ceria

Tier 3:

Spell Caster
[Detect Magic] Ceria/Pisces
[Ice Spike] Ceria
[Icy Floor] Ceria
[Shock Volt] Pisces

Tier 4:

Spell Caster
[Call Lightning]
[Restoration] Teriach
[Ice Lance] Illphres
[Invisibility] Pisces

Tier 5:

Tier 6:

Unknown Tier:

Spell Caster
[Amplify Sound] Lir
[Animate Dead] Pisces
[Barrier of Air]
[Cleansing Wind]
[Detect Truth]
[Earth Cannon]
[Far Speaking]
[Firefly] Pisces/Rags
[Flame Rapier] Pisces
[Flame Snake]
[Flashfire] Ceria
[Flashstep] Pisces
[Glacial Spear] Ceria
[Greater Geas] Teriach
[Haste] (Tier 4 or 5)[2]
[Icy Grasp] Ceria
[Invisible Arrow]
[Lesser Barrier] (Tier 1 or 2)
[Lesser Resistance to Ice] Ceria
[Lesser Teleportation]
[Mend] Teriach
[Muffle] Lir
[Open Portal] Teriach
[Raise Skeleton] Pisces
[Ray of Frost] Ceria
[Reconstruct] Teriarch
[Repair] Pisces/Ceria/Teriarch
[Sanctuary of Light] (Tier 1 or 2)
[Scrying] Teriarch
[Shadow Scythe]
[Silent Sickle] Az'kerash
[Silence] Teriarch
[Slippery Floor]
[Sticky Webbing] A'kerash
[Snowy Blast]
[Teleportation] Teriarch
[Translate] Ceria
[Wall of Flames] Lir
[Ward of Safety] (Tier 1 or 2)


  • According to Pisces, there are seven, or eight tiers. Apparently there is the speculation of the ninth tier , but no mage has ever cast or discovered a spell of such magic.[3]


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