Stalker was one of the 3 guardians that protected Liscor's Dungeon, in the name of the Mother of Graves.

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Stalker had a vast body. On top of it he had a long, angular head with very wide eyes and a tongue that hung with apparently no mouth.[1]

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At some point in the past Stalker seemed to have had a confrontation with Snatcher, which led to the former's demise. When Ceria, Calruz, and his army entered the city that is located in the center of Liscor's Dungeon, she saw Stalker's dead body curled around the base of the monolith, on top of which the heads of the three guardians were carved into.

Most notably was the missing head of the former guardian, leading to the assumption that Snatcher, who is known for collecting heads, was the one who caused it.[1]

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It appears that he had the ability to camouflage his body.[1]

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