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The Stone Spears Tribe was a Gnoll tribe led by Urksh. In a clash with a Goblin Lord army, they are mostly wiped out.


They resided in the southern half of the continent of Izril. They occupied the northernmost lands below the Blood Fields, and mainly roamed the rocky slopes close to the mountain range that separates the continent in two.[1] A substantial portion of the tribe were miners.

Stone Spears’ markings consist of slashes of gray markings on their shoulders and arms. These markings are only for older Gnolls, not the children.[2]


Ryoka ran across the Stone Spears during her delivery of Teriarch's present to Az’kerash. The tribe sheltered her from the Winter Sprites, and Ryoka told both the tribe and the Frost Faeries stories from her own world, including some about Superheroes. She made a good impression on both the Chief Urksh and the child Mrsha who had found her buried in an avalanche.[1]

As Ryoka returned from the same delivery run about a week later, the tribe was in uproar because Mrsha was missing.[3] Urksh also was clued in on something strange happening in the area - which turned out to be a staging area for the necromantic Goblin Lord. Zel Shivertail went against that army, but could not prevent the whole tribe being slaughtered, except for Mrsha who had been found and rescued by Ryoka.[4]

It was the Frost Faeries who rescued Ryoka and Mrsha. While it seems like the Stone Spears Tribe would have been badly decimated or totally eliminated in any case, the Faerie's actions caused Zel to abandon his primary goal: killing the Goblin Lord. So he survived, which drastically changed the course of events in Izril.

Magnolia's [Informants] believed shortly after the disaster that some tribe members might have survived and gone with Zel's army.[5] Saliss later tells Erin that Zel had saved several Gnoll children and given them to Drake cities.[6]

Known Members[]

  • Urksh - Chieftain (Deceased)
  •  ? - [Shaman] (not high-leveled, able to help with healing and fighting)[3]
  • Several dozen adults, and at least a dozen children
  • Hekra (Deceased)
  • Mrsha
  • Mrell (Exiled)
  • Prha (Exiled)



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