String People are one of the Races of Innworld. They are native to Chandrar.

Physiology Edit

String People are very unique in that their body parts are detailed pieces of cloth. Once attached, these body parts become real flesh and blood. Stitch People can feel, smell and bleed like the other races, but if they think it’s a bother, they can remove their body parts until later use. That makes them formidable foes, although their species is deathly afraid of fire, which can mean a swift end.

Appearance Edit

Stitch People look exactly like Humans, with the exception of having stitch marks on varus part of the body. Their bodies vary depending on the quality and craftsmanship of the cloth from which their parts are made. Poor-quality cloth means rough skin or deadened reflexes. On the other side of things, exceptional goods like silk can produce otherworldly results.[1]

Physical Qualities Edit

String People can't be killed by swords, even if they are cut in half.[2]

Magical Qualities Edit

Special Abilities Edit

Weaknesses Edit

Fire Edit

As String People are mostly made of clout, they succumb to fire.

Behavior and Culture Edit

String People value their own highly.[3]

History Edit

Ancient Origins Edit

String People originate from Cloth Golems that were made by masters of the craft, such as [Golem Artificers], [Weavers], [High Mages] and [Witches].[4]

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References Edit

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