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The System or the Grand Design[1] is a working of the Gods that governs Innworld and Kasignel.


There is an intelligence in the system, but it is not quite sentient or alive.[2]

The system takes inspiration from everything it comes into contact with. It copies the capabilities of immortals such as Sprigaena into skills and allows mortals to perform acts that would otherwise be far out of their reach.[3] Known functions of the system include Skills, Classes, Spells, Horror Ranks, Miracles, Conditions, Aspects, Synergies, Inheritances, Memories, Songs, and Quests (see pages for more information). New skills and classes and presumably every other sort of function can be created and added to the system.

The system was designed to change and account for new things it encountered. The system has functions that no mortal knows, and interconnections that can surprise even the creators. When Emerrhain worked on the system, he included a backdoor override to account for the the possibility of coming into strife with the other architects.[4]

The Fae call those with levels "playthings" and "slaves" with chains on their necks. They imply that there are negative consequences for those who choose to accept levels.[5] Nerrhavia calls someone with no levels "one of the Rulebreakers" and implied Drakes were smart to have them around.[6] With strength of will and focus, levelless or classless individuals can resist even high-level skills.[6]

It has been shown that the System by its nature restricts true understanding and skill by virtue of how it bestows Skills and classes. As such, Innworld lacks advancement in advanced concepts such as mathematics and engineering due to Skills being an easy shortcut.

As Ryoka and Sprigaena have shown, even without the system they could still accomplish feats that would normally require skills to do.

Sprigaena and the other immortals have complicated views on the system. But on the general level, they don’t disagree with its principle to help Mortals and those with too little time to learn and acquire the mastery that only immortals had the privilege to gain.


Long ago, the creation of the Grand Design was the impetus of the God War that drove Elves and other races extinct. Since that time, the System has existed and brought Classes and other functions to Innworld.

In the present day, a backdoor included in the system by Emerrhain during its construction allowed him to override the authority of Kasigna and alter fundamental laws of Kasignel[4], after Sprigaena lured the Timewalker to the surface of Kasignel with the sacrifice of Elfbane.[4]


The ultimate purpose of the system is possibly to provide entertainment to Gods or allow mortals to match immortals. There may be active functions of the Grand Design that require a god to utilize. The System may be a part or all of the Grand Design, and the grand design may, by its nature, have negative consequences for other worlds.[3]

Kasigna called the people of Drath in Kasignel "part of the Grand Design"[7], possibly indicating that the phrase "Grand Design" encompasses Innworld, its' peoples, and everything otherwise facilitated by the system or created after the system was instituted in addition to the system itself.