Taimaguros is a kingdom of Terandria.

Overview Edit

The [King] of Taimaguros is able to quickly mobilize a force of 13'000 [Riders], which speaks towards Taimaguros being a military powerhouse at least with regards to cavalry.[1]

To reach the Order of Seasons from Taimaguros by horse, the above mentioned cavalry of 13'000 horse fighters would need six days with the best movement skills available to them.[1] Depending on how the movement speed of such a large force is judged, and depending on the baggage and equipment of these riders, that could mean roughly a distance of at least 300 and at the most 800 miles.

The Taimaguros Dominion has a defensive alliance with Ailendamus and is considered a major power of Terandria.[2] It is also called a "shining kingdom".[1]

Chronology Edit

When the Order of Seasons cornered Belavierr, she used some kind of pressure to let the [King] of Taimaguros mobilize the force mentioned above. Since Belavierr survived her engagement with the Order in much less time than the riding force needed to arrive at the Seasonal Headquarters,[3] it is possible that this army returned home without a fight.

References Edit

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