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Takhatres is one of the Seven, thus making him one of the most loyal and powerful supporters of Flos.


As a Garuda he has a bird-man like form, with blue and green feathers mixed with light clothing and a bird’s face with a long curved beak. His ‘arms’ are two long wings with long feathers and nimble talons at each end.[1]


He speaks informally and directly to others, even to his own King, Flos. He is also stubborn and would not relent even if he ends up at a lose.

He has a strong aversion on eating eggs of any kind, due to Garuda laying eggs for birthing, and would react negatively to anyone eating egg-based dishes in his presents, even if that person is Flos himself.[2]


Before entering the service of Flos, Takhatres had been a [Cursed Outcast]. Flos removed that class with his power as a [King].[3]

TBA From Chapter 8.25 KH

Takhatres has several sons and a daughter with his wives.[1]


Takhatres returned to Flos about a week before Gazi and Mars did (on the same day).[1] He was then sent to establish a Garuda guerilla warfare against the Empire of Sands, so that it could not strike at Flos' capital Reim for three seasons.


TBA From Chapter 8.25 KH


TBA From Chapter 8.26 FK


TBA From Chapter 8.43


Powers and Abilities[]


Removed Class:[]

  • [Cursed Outcast][3]


  • [Burst of Strength]
  • [Hundredfold Stab]
  • [Lightning Sprint]

Combination Skills:[]

  • [Bolt from the Heavens][4]


  • Takhatres' class level is below 66.[1]
  • Despite being a Garuda, he is incapable of flying. However, he is the fastest person in Chandrar.[5]
  • He dislikes eating eggs, which he compares to eating unborn children.[6]



  • (To Gazi & Mars) “Do you two intend to exchange insults the instant you meet? Or am I so invisible that you don’t wish to ask me about how I have been, Gazi?”
  • (To Amerys) “I will lead my kin into the left as you attack. Try not to hit us. We’ll take out the mages; you just engage their front for a few minutes and then you can do what you want.”
  • To Flos:
    • “…Are you eating eggs for breakfast?”
    • “You’re still running poultry farms? Gah. I’ll have them make their own food. This is why…”
    • “…thoughtless. We fought for five months against the Empire of Sands and you try to feed me eggs on a holiday.”
    • “Do you eat unborn Human…whatever they are? Or humanoids? Why don’t I host you at my camp and feed you half-Elf? Or monkeys?”