A sketch of Baleros with Talenqual and some nearby cities placed at its southeastern coastline.

Talenqual is a city on the southeastern coast of Baleros.

Overview and Geography[edit | edit source]

While the city is mainly populated by Lizardfolk, there are also prominent minorities of Humans, Dullahans and Centaurs, who all seem to enjoy the same rights as citizens, without any apparent restrictions.

Talenqual is not a capital city of any nation. It is a port city and just large enough to find its place on continental maps. The City Rower Luan can make the distance from Talenqual to the city of Ravelm in two days.[1]

It doesn't sit on rich resources, and is a relatively peaceful spot, which lead to the port becoming prosperous.

The nearby city of Bolandus is led by a Dullahan [Mayor].[2]

A nearby dungeon found recently in the jungle, turned out to just be a snake pit without treasure.

History[edit | edit source]

The United Nations company chose to make the city its headquarters[3], where they live in the rental houses of the Centaur [Landlady] Hastel.[4]

The United Nations founded the adventurer team of the Bushrangers here and affiliated itself with the Rustless Guard[5].

As Luan was hired by Venaz to participate in the games of Daquin, he met several pupils of Niers Astoragon, and also solicited the skills of [Doctor] Geneva, who he claimed capable of healing Shailt. This might have gained the city some interest by Niers Astoragon himself.[6]

Talenqual is one of the many towns that got hit with the Yellow Rivers disease, and Geneva Scala could convince The Glorious Fezimet to take some action against the quickly spreading illness. Her presence there has also piqued the curiousity of Niers Astoragon.[2]

Government[edit | edit source]

The city is under the control and protection of the Featherfolk Brigade company, whose leader is the Quexal Fezimet.[7] That company can be considered one of the upper middle tier companies of Baleros - so not in the big league of the Four Great Companies, but powerful enough to hold and defend a large port city.

Their central government building is six stories tall and rises in the center of Talenqual. Fezimet likes to keep up to date on all business and events that occur in the city - not only because this helps him determine possible threats and impose his taxes justly.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Talenqual is probably the home city of Umina.[8]

References[edit | edit source]

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