Tallis, also knows as Tallis the Stormbreaker, was not just one of Velan's nine Goblin Lords but his right hand.

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When Archmage Balkizat, one of Wistram's archmages, sailed against the Goblin King’s army with a small army of [Mages], determined to sink the Goblin King at sea where his army was weakest, Tallis the Stormbreaker faced him in a magical battle that lasted for nine hours. On the ninth hour, Balkizat was slain by the Goblin King’s [Shaman] and the forces of Wistram retreated, hiding behind their magical walls until the Goblins had passed.[1]

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  • [Shaman] Lv. ?

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  1. [S02 – The Antinium Wars (Pt.3) ]
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