Temile is a Human and a member of the Players of Celum. Starting in Volume 6, with Wesle, Jasi and the other senior [Actors] touring through Northern Izril, he is currently directing the rest of the [Actors] in Celum, plus the new cast of Drakes and Gnolls [Actors].

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He was a member of the Players of Celum for longer, but not one of the most prominent ones. When the biggest part of the Acting Troupe under Wesle went north to Lellisdam during the Siege of Liscor, he stayed behind and was contacted by Lyonette who wanted the Players of Celum performing in the Wandering Inn again.[1]

This lead to him reforming the group on stage, and integrate actors from Liscor into the plays.[2] He himself also still plays his part, for example as Benvolio in Romeo and Julia.[3]

He has leveled and became a [Producer], but wants to improve further and tackle new plays or projects. For that reason, he and Erin started to plan horror shows in the inn.[4]

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  • [Producer] Lv. ? (low-level)[5]
  • [Stage Manager] Lv. ?[6]
  • [Actor] Lv. ?[1]

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  • (To Yimur) "It’s meant to be a metaphor. Look, Erin explained it to me once."
  • (To Yimur) "Cut!"

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