Terandria, the continent north from Issrysil, is generally referred to as the "Human continent". Much like its nickname, it is indeed most commonly populated by humans. The cities are similar to what you'd expect to see in a medieval Europe. It is a very violent place, as the many kingdom located there constantly fight one another.[1]

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During the Goblin Crusades, 10 years ago, multiple armies of Goblins rampaged throughout the north of Issrysil and sailed across to the Human continent, Terandria. There were at least a hundred thousand Goblins in each army, and their king had a million Goblins at his back when he was defeated in the Blood Fields.[2]

Generally, Antinium are considered to be nothing more than monsters in these parts. Gnolls, Drakes, and other non-human races are looked down upon, and are considered to be secondary to humans.

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  • In a certain city, there's an arrest warrants and a small bounty for a certain half-Elf kid, for theft, property damage and something else.[3]

References Edit

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