Teriarch is an ancient Fire-type Brass Dragon that lives in a cave located in the High Passes.

Appearance Edit

In his true form Teriarch has a height similar to that of an Airbus A380.[6] He looks like a dragon depicted in Western culture, but instead of horns on his head he has a luminous mane that looks like molten bronze turned into some kind of living hair. His scales are deep golden bronze that glow and glint in the light.[7] His eyes have mismatched colors of heliotrope and cerulean, with celestial lights shimmering within the moving pupils.[8]

In his Human form he looks like an over 6 ft tall old man well into his sixties or seventies, with a lined face and a beard like an elderly statesman,[9] with a pair of eyes that are both heliotrope and cerulean, pointed upwards ears and a veritable luster mane of silver-gray hair. His body looks like a an Olympian athlete past his prime but with the same body, with a moderate olive brown whitened skin. His clothing looked like magical robes that look like silk and shine, like it was the most expensive stuff, on par with Lady Magnolia’s attire.[10]

Personality Edit


Seal of Teriarch, inspired by Ryoka's banner by Raoul Solomon.

Background Edit

Teriarch knew the fourth incarnation of the Quarass - while they were sworn enemies, they struck a deal to work together.

Teriarch was the protector of the Empire of Iltanus once, feared by the Walled Cities who held fast against the Empire. Teriarch protected the Harpies until their last city fell.[11]

Teriarch knows Magnolia Reinhart since she was a girl, that is since thirty or forty years in the past if his memory serves him correctly. They didn't lose contact, but she managed to hide the secret of his existence from the world.[12]

In the past, Teriarch occasionally appeared using a fake persona, for example as Grand Mage Eldavin, and used to make quite an impression each time.[13]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Teriarch is a very skilled mage, with power and knowledge superior to an [Archmage]. Unlike the modern mages of Wistram, Teriarch does not categorize spells into tiers, and even seems to find the idea to be silly.[6] Regardless, if one were to categorize his spells, it is implied that he can cast at least tier 6 - 7 spells.[14]

Teriarch is capable of creating a projection that he can control over a distance. However, the greater the distance between his real body and said projection is, the less powerful spells he can cast with it. For instance, he was limited to Tier 2 spells when he was fighting at an area that is located somewhere between Celum and Liscor.[15]

Spells: Edit

  • Tier 1-2:
    • [Call Object]
    • [Create Snow]
    • [Flame Jet] (Tier 2)
    • [Flash]
    • [Frozen Wind] (Tier 1)
    • [Mud Slap]
    • [Stone Dart] (Tier 2)
    • [Snowball]
    • [Tripgrass]
  • Tier 6:
    • [Restoration]
  • Unknown Tier:
    •  ??? - Appraisal / Identification Spell (Allows the Caster to see the Classes/Levels of his target).[10]
    • [Greater Geas]
    • [Lesser Teleport]
    • [Mend]
    • [Open Portal]
    • [Reconstruct]
    • [Repair] (presumably Tier 1 or Tier 2)
    • [Scrying]
    • [Silence]
    • [Snowstorm] (strongly implied; presumably at least Tier 4)
    • [Summon Object]
    • [Teleportation]

Possessions Edit

Current: Edit

  • Teriarch possesses a massive broadsword, which previously belonged to a Giant until Teriarch took it from him.[8]
  • A pile of ruby gemstones, each one larger than a fist.
  • Baneblade[16]
  • An Original Wadeir.[16]
  • Magical Trident that vaporize whatever it hits, even Wyverns hide.[16]
  • Keyblades
  • Transforming Weapons
    • Maia Whitforgers' Concealed Spoonblade. A Spoon that transforms into a Rapier.
  • Armoire of Holding
  • Around 700 pounds of Prime Beef from a breed of magical cows that had extincted 800 years ago.
  • Jade Throne that confer unto the person sitting on it the power of an ancient empire until their death.
  • Drathian porcelain teacup set.
  • Dragonclothes
  • Cursed Books
  • Ring of Greater Health
  • Necklace of Protection
  • Earthers Electronics
    • Copy of Ryoka’s iPhone.[8]
    • Copy of Kevin's Laptop
    • Copy of 2 Smartphones
    • Copy of Tablet[17]

Former: Edit

  • Orb of Scrying. It’s embedded in pure jade and enchanted with several enhancing spells that increase the range and scope of the spell itself. = Shattered it in irritation.[8]
  • A first-edition tome of Rihal; three hundred years old and in perfect condition. This book was a crystallization of the Rihal Imperium’s knowledge of six hundred years, which was merely a book the apprentices and novices would study. = Given to Ryoka.[6]
  • Grave Rot Scroll. = Burnt.[16]
  • Magical Arrowheads that explode into a rain of magical crystal that are so sharp and propelled so fast by the explosion that they can pierce even Wyvern hide. = Used all against Ice Wyverns.[16]
  • Vial glowing like starlight - Cures Vampires sickness symptoms only.

Trivia Edit

  • Teriarch seems to have known elves, who vanished tens of thousands of years ago, implying that he is at least that old.
  • He incinerated two Antinium armies sent against him in the Second Antinium War.[18]
  • When Teriarch curses he sometimes says: "Tamaroth’s beard!"[8][19]
  • Thus far, Teriarch has never flown to the twin moons.[6]


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