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The Putrid One was one of the greatest and fearsome [Necromancer] in the past.


In death, he took the form of a rotting half elf with a missing ear. He wore torn regal robes with decay seeping down his left side. He could also take some sort of larger noxious form where his rotting flesh engulfed his original half-elf body.[1]


In life, he committed countless atrocities and plagued the world as a villain. After countless eons of half-death though, he did end up sacrificing his soul to save others even those he would consider enemies.[1]


TBA From Chapter 8.11 E + Interlude – Pisces + Chapter 8.19 H


TBA From Chapter 8.11 E


TBA From Chapter 8.17 H + Chapter 8.19 H

Powers and Abilities[]

According to Pisces, the Putrid One is one of the most powerful individual necromancers, thus able to command a small horde of undead finely.[2] It is presumed that his Level is around 80.


  • [Necromancer] Lv. ? (around 80)


  • He was mentioned for the first time in Chapter 2.04
  • He met his death in the village without rest,[3] which might refer to the zombie village Rags encountered.[4] In Volume 8, this theory would be revealed to be correct.
  • The Putrid One died before Crelers were known to exist, implying his death occurred at least 6,000 years before the current time.


  • To Erin:
    • “Hope is a terrible thing, girl. Perhaps you will never wake. Like me, you will stay here. Neither dead nor alive. Waiting for one or the other. And that is worst of all.”
    • “So even my legacy is lost. Well. You stand before the Putrid One. At least, so they knew me. A legend of death I thought would never be eclipsed. Which was true until the next [Necromancer] appeared.”
    • “Countless eons, Erin. Did they tell you to regret your follies in life, those ghosts? They should have told you to regret that you had not fully died. For you may suffer here forever.”
  • (To Erin & Yderigrisel) “To one trapped as I am, yes. But I will not be lectured on how I lived. Not by a lizard who dreamed of being treated as a [Knight] and knelt to every kingdom and [Lord] he could find.”
  • To Erin:
    • “Human girl. Mortal woman. I loathe you. If you have a second chance, if you could recognize your mistakes, I hate you. I envy you. And if I could take that away from you…”
    • “I am like you. Yet when the time of my return comes, it shall be the moment of my death. So. I wish I had another chance. I wish I had seen more clearly.”
  • (To everyone) “Of all the ways it should end, like this? Defending a silver Dragon. Yet it is an end.”
  • (To Erin) “We have power in this place. Look, friend of [Necromancers]. This is what I was.