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Theofore is an [Assassin] trained from the Assassin’s Guild. He lives in Magnolia Reinhart’s mansion and works for her, after he was caught in a war between Magnolia and the Assassin’s Guild.


He is described as being "so ordinary looking he was forgettable", perhaps due to some sort of skill. He has been referenced wearing nondescript dark clothing.


Theofore in each of his POV moments seems to be very confident in his abilities and dismissive of others (especially Ryoka). This has led to missteps on his part and he typically expresses a chagrin thereafter.



Ressa throwing Theofore out the window, by Demonic Criminal

Theofore was part of a small team Magnolia hired from the assassin's guild in order to shadow and inform on the movements of Ryoka.[1] In this capacity he acted as a liason between Magnolia and the guild. After an attack on the children from Earth residing in her estate, resulting in 2 dead assassins, Theofore was asked to deliver a message of displeasure to the guild.

After the unpleasantness with the Circle of Thorns, a bounty is put on his head and at least some of the members of the guild assume that Magnolia has had him killed. We later learn that he has taken employ with Magnolia and regrets the circumstances that have led to this result.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]

He is perfectly able to take most lives with a single flick of his concealed blades.[1] Evidently many of his combat ablities rely on poison and paralysis. He tends to favor a fighting style that involves twin knives but has confidence in his close quarters combat abilities. He was unsuccessful at defeating Ryoka during a brief scuffle however. He believes himself faster than most city runners.


  • [Assassin] Lv. ? (between 10 and 20)[2]


  • [Nerve Strike: Paralysis]



  • (To Magnolia) “…Lady Reinhart? Lady Reinhart, are you sleeping?”
  • (To Magnolia) “She wounded Gazi.”
  • (To Magnolia) “I can assure you Lady Reinhart, the Guild would never seek to go to war with a member of the Five Families—”
  • (To Ressa) “This is not how [Assassins] are meant to be used!”
  • (To Ressa) “None of my Skills work on Ghouls! I can’t poison or paralyze something that’s already dead!”
  • (To [Assassins]) “You know I’m better than all three of you. And these two could kill an entire training team without breaking a sweat. Surrender. You’ll live. But you won’t like it. Don’t, and you’ll die. Either way.”