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Therrium Sailwinds is a Drowned Man merged with an Eel. He is one of the Depth Captains of the Undersea Crews, and his ship, The Passing Shadow is feared above and under the sea. He has 3 sons,[1] one of them being Seborn Sailwinds.[2]


He has rubbery skin on his Eel-side and sports a beard. One of his eyes sparks with electricity. He dresses like an old drowned [Lord] of Terandria, with old, thick brass on worn velvet.[3]



Therrium has killed people since he was six years old.[3]


Powers and Abilities[]

As a half-Eel Drowned Man he can walk through lightning and generate it. He also has a rubbery consistency to his fish-half.[4]


  • [Depth Captain] Lv. ?




  • (To half-starfish [First Mate]) “Everyone and their seadogs have heard the rumor. They’ve got a map of sunken treasure. If it’s Seagrass or an entire armada of storm-ships, we follow. Tell the other Undersea Crews this is our quarry.
  • (To half-Shrimp [Depth Captain]) “We wait! A final shipwreck awaits and I will have the entirety of it or naught at all. The landfolk’s luck is running strong. We wait.”
  • (To The Emerald Signet) “I am Captain Therrium of The Passing Shadow. The ship behind you is The Sinking Light. We are the Undersea Crews. Surrender the treasure to us and you will live. Resist—and die.
  • (To Wil) “It’s nothing personal, Lord Kallinad. You did much that even seafolk acknowledge. But your adventure was failed from the start. Thank yon friends for it.
  • (Cursing) “Damn you landfolk! Damn your Drakes! Damn your Walled Cities!