Thomast Veniral is a [Chevalier] and Lady Bethal’s husband.

Appearance Edit

He has a mix of yellow and green eyes, black hair and a mustache.[1]

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Thomast was a famous [Duelist], before Lady Bethal eloped and married him. Then together with her, they went back to her family, established their own branch of [Knights] and took control of the family.[2]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Chevalier] Lv. ?
  • [Duelist] Lv. ?

Skills: Edit

  • [Affair of Honor]
  • [Double Cut]
  • [Flicker Onslaught]

Possessions Edit

  • [Fencer]’s Silver Bell. It is much worn and has scratches on the side.[1]

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To Assassin) “Turn, murderer. There can be no retreat until this matter is settled by blade.”
  • (To Bethal) “I trust you implicitly. Your word, not one bit. Swear to me on our wedding vows, or on House Walchaís’ name.”
  • (To Bethal) “I am not much of a man for words. I don’t know anything else but how to fence. And I am no master at that, just a student. But I do love you. If you go to war, I will be your sword. If you seek the stars, I will learn to fly. That is what I’ve always pledged.”
  • (To Pisces) “Excuse me. My wife insists I show off. May I join you?”
  • (To Erin) “My name is Thomast Veniral. Lady Bethal’s husband. I apologize for the misunderstanding, Miss Solstice.”

References Edit

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