Thompson Green, also known as ayan, is one of the many Earthworlders that arrived in Innworld.

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He expressed strong convictions: His statements revealed that he was opposed to Donald Trump, christian fundamentalism, and racism in general.

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Thompson's appearance is currently unknown.

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He arrived in Innworld while the 2016 US primaries were still ongoing, but after Donald Trump was announced to be the Republican candidate (which means that he was abducted on Earth between May 3 and July 28, 2016).

He arrived in Innworld 78 days before he received BlackMage's call.

If his statements are accurate, this would mean that he arrived in Innworld about a month before Erin, and also that days in Innworld are about four to five times longer than on Earth.

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  • [Traveler] Lv. 4
  • [Trader] Lv. 1

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